How To Be A Rock Or Mountain In A Relationship

How To Be A Rock Or Mountain In A Relationship

A Man Has To Be A Rock Or Mountain

The roles of men have not faded from ancient times to now. When weapons were just sticks and stones, we were the protectors of the family. We protect our loved ones from being eaten by wild animals, taken by savage tribes, and other similar dangers. Our family members can feel safe knowing that we were there to protect the house and everyone in it. It is the same thing today. We provide a safe haven for them where they could let their guard down emotionally and physically. Our loved ones can feel secure that they can breakdown, be an emotional mess and we are still there providing a pillar of strength to everyone.

They know that we will keep the house safe from intruders and danger. They know that if things go wrong in the house then we will be the ones that will fix it. They know that we are going to provide them with strength, encouragement, and support to take on the world. We will not blame them, mess them up or put them down like their friends, school, work and etc. Being the rock or mountain means that we are going to provide our loved ones a place where they can find love, understanding, acceptance, growth, emotional safety, physical safety, and be able to take on the world while we have their backs in case they fail.

When in a relationship, women will rely on you and you need to be their strength especially when they are weak.


Being A Rock – Creating A Place For Security, Safety And Growth

There will be a lot of cases when your girl or lover will not feel well and she will want to cry. There will be a lot of cases where she will try to hold back because she doesn’t want you to see the dark side of her. She doesn’t want you to get turned off. One of the man’s job is to tell your lover that she can cry and just be herself. You have to tell her that you will love her no matter what and that you will accept her for who she is. You can’t be cold, and make fun of her. You can’t say things like, “what’s wrong with you this time?”, or “don’t bother me with your bs” or anything like that. You need to be her best friend, and not just her lover. If you can do this, then she does not need a girl friend to confide in. You can be everything she needs.

You have to drop a lot of things like video games, chores, playing around and etc. to talk to her. She needs to know that she is the most important thing in your life. You need to be her crying shoulder. You need to be a man that is calm, cool, collected, strong, and understanding. She needs to feel safe and secure whenever you are holding her. You need to communicate to her that her feelings are part of her and it is ok to feel sad. You have to give her all of your attention without being judgmental.


Being A Mountain Creates Strong Bonds And Relationships

One of the most important things in a relationship is trust. She needs to be able to trust you or else the relationship will crumble and fall apart. The only way to build trust is by being reliable. The people in your life needs to know that they can rely on you. It does not have to be in the toughest of times, it can be something simple like keeping your appointments, keeping your word or promises, doing what you tell them you will do. Being able to keep your deadlines is very important.

You need to be the same person that they enjoy their time with every day. You are not going to be moody or raging every other day. If you are going to be like this then the people around you will hate you. They won’t like hanging out with you because they will feel like they always have to be on guard or else they may say something offensive that may put you on a fit of rage.


Being A Rock Means Delaying Your Emotions

There will be times when life is going to happen and kick the crap out of you and your lover. You will both experience distress, sadness, grief and sorrow. Any number of things can happen like a death of a love one, disease, and even work related problems. A man has to be able to delay his emotions. If your lover needs to grieve or express her emotions, you need to be strong.

You need to be able to tell her or the people around you that everything will be alright and that you and her will get through it. You need to understand that people look up to you and people rely on you which is the reason you cannot be emotional when they are. When the world is falling apart, and everyone else is in fear and in disarray, you need to be the pillar of strength that people can look up to and rely on. It is the same thing for your lover. I don’t mean that you need to bottle up your feelings forever. This is unhealthy. You need to grieve also but you have to let others do it first. You need to make sure the world, and your environment are somewhat in order before you can let your emotions out. You can also let it out in private.


Do The Little Things

It is easier to become a man and recognize what you need to do in big moments or big tasks but it is far harder to do it everyday with mundane tasks or little things. But it is the little things that count the most. It is the little things that allows your lover to forge a deeper connection with you and allow her to have confidence in the things that you do. If you can be a mountain in the little things then it is far easier to recognize your role when the big things happen.


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