Azure Mountain Hike

Azure Mountain Hike

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Azure Mountain Hiking Guide Important Information

Trail Map: Trail Map 1, Trail Map 2
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Due To The Climb
Distance: 2 Miles
Elevation Gained: ~743 feet

Trail Breakdown
1 Mile Going Up
1 Mile Going Down


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Note: The information here is just an approximation. This is a guide about Azure Mountain in Adirondacks at St Regis Falls, NY 12980.





Start Of The Journey

start of the hike

Today was the day that a million dreams would die and a single dream would be born. I somewhat knew it was going to happen. It was the second week of October, the autumn wind gently made the tree branches dance, caressing the grass, winding through my body cooling it, as it softly lay the falling leaves gently to the ground. The light blue sky paints the horizon with barely any sign of fluffy white clouds as the sun shines down, warming my body and illuminating the trail. It was a day in Adirondacks with a perfect weather, a little too perfect if you ask me. It was in the middle of October, stormy clouds that block out the sun, piercing cold winds, and maybe even snow would have been more normal.

They came falling down like a myriad of colorful rain drops. It was nothing short of breathtaking, and utterly beautiful. Gold, red, brown, rust, yellow and whatever color you can imagine; the leaves waltz in the air as they embrace the earth, glowing through the rays of the sun shining through the cracks of the forest. Before they lay to their grave, they perform an amazing spectacle for a mere moment and I was there to witness it.

Dreams are like falling leaves in a way. They fall down or come to us in a mere moment. They never shout, they barely even whisper their message. For some reason we already know what they were saying or what the message was. We already know that the message was beautiful but often times we are too scared to even listen. We slowly rot away when we do not listen to things that matter most to us. In that day, a simple dream came to me. “Be valuable”, that was what the message was. I wanted my life to have value.

hiking upwards

Azure Mountain Fire Tower

azure mountain fire tower

The tower rose out of the thickly laid trees of the forest. It stood dignified, standing like a tall giant on the summit. It must have survived thousands of frigid winter days and scorched in another thousand summer days. I stood there watching people climb a skeleton of metal jutting to the sky that was quickly becoming very blue. I stand in awe of the stories it could tell if it was alive. Tales of adventure, friendship and laughter or perhaps lives that were lost, wildfire that blazes through the earth or agony no one should ever feel. Stories of freezing winters, stormy weather or pleasant days such as today. So much to say but no ears that can listen, no soul willing to take the time and history that was never written.

A great woman once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I have no idea why I remember such words at a time like that day. But it echoed through my soul, felt it deep within my bones, and gave me a thirst for life that could not be quenched. The very least I can do is figure out what my dream is. The best and most I can do is live inside that dream. It should not be something I wish for from a distance but live right inside it; live inside that dream like it is a house and I am under its roof.


Inside The Fire Tower

fire tower selfie

The scent of fall infused into the strong gust of winds that pushes impetuously to the tower walls. The tower shook and I grabbed on whatever I can, feeling every beat of my heart as I stood there cautiously waiting for the tower to fall. It didn’t. There was only silence. Peace only came for a moment as the metal walls rattled making a deathly scream as they vibrated with the wind, and even then I could still hear my heart beating faster. My stomach felt uneasy, breathing shallow and deep as if I was hyperventilating, pulse racing, chest tightening, and my skin felt something I can only describe as fear in its most primal form. But the tower stood tall and dignified, as a sense of relief came rushing through my body.

As I ate my lunch and relaxed inside the tower, thoughts about my dream ran through my mind. If I would have died in that tower, who would remember me? Who would cry, and who would feel the loss of my passing away? I knew who they were. My family, friends, and people I became close to. The number of people is very normal. It is not big or huge in any way. It is to be expected, I have not done anything great, I have not used my life to make this world a better place, I have not done anything to give my life lots of value. I want my life to be very valuable that if I pass away, the whole world would feel such a loss. I want 7 billion people to cry because the world lost a person of such great value. It is the type of life I want to lead. It was a simple dream before but now I realize it is bigger than anything I have dreamed of.

fire tower insideinside fire towerazure mountain view pointazure mountain tower vista


Walking At The Ledge

azure mountain fall foliage

It was one of those days where it is pure, solemn, lucid and clear blue that swept across my line of sight. The sky has always amazed me; it is filled with so much wonder but at the same time has so much space devoid of anything. Lakes, shrubberies, trees, hills, and mountains granted my eyes deeply rich shades of green, brown, gold, red, yellow and blue. They sparkled brightly with the afternoon sun like a bed of glittering jewels. Everything that I could see was imprinted with the season of fall and all of the beautiful colors has not yet faded and was there for me to admire. The edge of the cliff was long, more likely 0.3 miles worth of views and I was enjoying every moment of it.

I wanted my life to be as beautiful as the nature in front of me. I can definitely understand if people want their life to be like everyone else. A life of comfort, where everything they do is easy. If anything hard comes their way, they can just walk away. If they experience pain, or hardship, they can just turn around. A life where you will never leave your comfort zone. Where a person can fail and they do not need to try again. However, such a life is very ordinary as such no one will remember who they are, no one will know their name, the world will not miss what they do or care if they are gone. It is still a good life. It is a choice that you can make and it is not wrong in any way. But such a life is no longer what I want. I want my life to be very beautiful. If I am truly loving myself and who I am, then I owe myself that much.


azure mountain fall foliage 2azure mountain cool view
azure mountain great viewazure mountain viewsazure mountain ledge


Hiking Back

hiking trail back

The fallen leaves in which the ground was clothed with cushioned my feet as they combine with the trees, green leaves, withered branches and soil to form a thousand pleasant earthen aromas diffused all around me for my senses to enjoy. The noise of cars, wheels, horn and sense of urgency that the city makes could not be found on this trail. Only the symphony of chirping birds, scurrying little animals, and rattle of the leaves passed through my ears. My stomach growled, my throat dry, as I thought of food along the way. Dreams and ideas could wait. I am a man with a mission. The mission is a good surf and turf. Health first before dreams, I always say. The sweet taste of surf and turf would not be bad at all. The taste of beef in my tongue as the juices leak and the savory mouth watering lobster tail would be so good. If I combine that with matcha bubble tea, it would be heavenly.

Still I want my life to have a happy ending. The introduction could be gloomy, the chapters could be filled with trials and hardship, but as long as the end is beautiful, happy, I get the things that I want and everyone has a smile on their face, it would not be bad at all. I want to have a smile from deep inside me. A smile that says I am happy and content and not like a smile that is influenced by the outside world. Something beautiful and natural like nature or the views I see in hiking. A smile that is a burst of pure happiness from within and not like a smile that people wear out of obligation like the way I see others do.





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