Best Camping Lanterns | 6 Tips To Choosing A Lantern

Best Camping Lanterns | 6 Tips To Choosing A Lantern

Tips To Choosing A Camping Lantern

One of the main camping equipment that you need to get is a camping lantern. There is just no denying that a camping lantern is very important. The first time I went camping, none of us had a camping light. It was hard to navigate and cook food. It was very hard to go to the bathroom also.. If you are going to go camping then you will need some form of light in order to navigate and just plain see during the night. It doesn’t matter if you are camping in the woods or in a state park. Light is very important. The food that you are going to cook and eat requires that you have access to a light source. A camping lantern is one of the best choices instead of a flash light or head lamp. There are a lot of camping lanterns out there and most of them are not really that good. Some break apart easily and some do not deliver enough light. I have tested quite a few of these items whenever I go camping or hiking and glad to have found some very good ones.


Head Lamp Or Camping Lantern

Most of the time, you will wonder whether you would like to buy a head lamp or a camping lantern. Both have their uses, weaknesses and strengths. A camping head light is very versatile in terms that it is always with you. You do not have to think about carrying it or misplacing it in any place. The light is often strong and powerful. The light is often a straight beam illuminating all the things in front of you. A camping lantern would illuminate all the things around it. It is meant to be standing on one spot and it will illuminate all things near it. The light is often easy on the eyes and not very strong. It is ideal for cooking, preparing food, and finding your way around the tent.



Brightness is a big factor in picking the best camping light for your needs. You do not want a very bright lantern if your purpose is just to illuminate a certain area all the time. A very bright one can blind people for a few seconds. It can also attract animals if you are camping in the woods. A very bright lantern can also annoy other campers if you are camping in a park. One complaint from your camping neighbors can definitely ruin your camping day. At the same time, you do not want a camping light that does not illuminate properly. You do not want to have lanterns that also have terrible brightness. You will still be in the dark and searching for things if you have a camping light that is very weak. A weak camping light is practically useless. Something in the middle that can illuminate a wide area and not hurt or impair people’s visions would be ideal.



One of the most important factors that we need to consider when looking for a camping lantern is its durability. The sturdier the object, the better. It should come to no surprise that a lot of camping lights are not very sturdy and some are. The durability of a camping light varies. Some last for 1 week and easily destroyed while others offer years of services. It is very hard to find out which one is good or durable. You maybe paying for a lot of features on an item but at the same time, that particular item may not have any worth while durability. It is important to know which items will last for years and which ones will not.


Features And Functionality

There are many different types of camping lights and each one offer different features. There are lights that are bright, portable, rechargeable, can be split into different parts, waterproof, and etc. Camping lights also come in different shapes and sizes. It is important to know what type of item you want and how it will work for your particular needs. You will have to ask if the extra features or built in features are worth the time and money. If they are going to work for your type of camping. We have to consider the shape and size also. Some items are pretty good to be sitting in a table while others are pretty good when they are hanging from a rope.


Easy To Use

We all want to have easy to use items. As much as possible, we just want to click on the power button and the light will turn on. We do not want to be hassled with a difficult to use items. It is already hard enough to plan a camping trip. Having items that are hard to use will make the camping even harder and not fun. The items that I will recommend are very easy to use. They will provide usefulness without any difficulties or stress. Well at least when I used them, they performed flawlessly. They should be good enough for your camping needs and easy enough to use. It is just very annoying to work with a very difficult camping light.




The price is a significant factor when choosing a camping lantern. We often look at the price first before looking at the features or anything else. The camping light must be affordable while being able to perform its duties. Most people will only use their camping light a couple of times during the summer. It is not wise to spend a lot of money on items that we do not need to use all the time. We have better use of our money. A camping light is no exception. We are in luck though since due to competition and online stores, camping lights are now cheaper than ever while providing even more features than before.




Best Camping Lanterns

If you browse below, you’ll find several fabulous camping lanterns. These items are a few of the very best that I am aware of that can illuminate a large area while camping. The items I’ve listed have great deal of positive ratings which is one of the key points why they are listed in this website. These products are my top picks and I normally highly recommend them because they are pretty comfortable to use and I enjoy using them. There is certainly very little concern because I doubt you will regret your choice to buy the products I recommended.



I Know That You Are Going To Love These Camping Lanterns That I Am About To List

Camping Lanterns Website’s Critique – Reasons We Selected These
 coleman camping lantern
Coleman Quad(TM) LED Lantern

This is one of the best camping lanterns that I know of. It has excellent features and the price is not bad either. It is a little bit on the expensive side but you get 4 individual camping lights instead of 1. It is really 4 individual light panels that are combined into one single outdoor lantern. You can easily split each panel to serve as a portable camping light. It is easy to use and very portable. One of the best lights that I have ever used. If you need a cool, ingenious light that will get a lot of praise from your friends or camping buddies then I highly recommend to get this one. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever recommended this year.

  • Very versatile and easy to use
  • Cool-running LEDs are safe to touch
  • Four individual light panels that can combine into one single camping lantern
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
  • Water resistant against rain and splashing


Goal Zero 32001 Lighthouse 250 Portable Battery Charger USB Power Hub and Lantern

You simply will not make a mistake if you choose this camping light for your next trip. It is very bright. Extremely bright. I loved it. It illuminates a very big area. It is rechargeable also. You can recharge it at home and take it to your camping trip. If you are going to be in the outdoors for a long time, you can use a generator or converter to recharge this.

  • Adjust brightness levels to save on power; maximum run time – 48 hours on low
  • Smartly designed
  • Power up from Goal Zero solar panels (solar panel not included), plug into any USB, or turn the crank for light anywhere
  • Boost a tablet or recharge a smartphone to stay connected
  • Great for emergencies, adventures or nightstand lighting


Black Diamond 2015 Apollo Lantern

This camping light is one of the greatest that you will find on the net. WOW! It is bright and it can be dimmed if it is too bright for your eyes. It looks very futuristic or space ship or star trek kind of thing. They are good to hang on the tent, put it on the table so that you can eat your foods and be able to cook foods at night.

  • QuadPower LED with 200 lumens (max setting) is enclosed in a frosted globe to provide bright, ambient light
  • Power meter displays charge status or battery level for rechargeable NRG battery kit or 4 AA batteries
  • Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output
  • Distinctive, fold-down legs increase lantern’s height and maximize light dispersion, Collapsible, double-hook hang loop


UST 30-Day Lantern

I highly recommend at least considering these camping outdoor lanterns simply because these may be the ones that you would like. These look wonderful and they are also incredibly reasonably priced. The designer or company did an excellent job with the development of this product. The design is smooth and exquisite. Incredibly versatile! You cannot go wrong if you go with this.

  • Lasts an amazing 30 days on low setting which is a bright 29 lumens, runs 32 hours on high setting at 300 lumens
  • 4-Mode electronic switch, high, medium, low, and SOS flashing
  • Removable globe, rubberized housing, built in recessed hook on lantern base
  • Very effective for its price tag
  • High quality, field tested surival gear


Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern

This camping lantern is very good. We do not wish to buy products that fall apart easily, right? It is one of the reasons I recommend this item. It fell on the floor and it still works. It is very durable. The designers did a tremendous job at these products for the reason that they are superb. I’ve had this for a few months now and it looks excellent. This one have plenty of functionality and the price tag is just right. It has lots of positive customer reviews as well if you want to check those out for more information on this item.

  • Features Four White C4 LED’s And One Red C4 LED To Preserve Night Vision
  • Ergonomic Handle Designed To Lock In Upright Or Stowed Position
  • Incorporated D-Rings On Top And Bottom Of Lantern To Hang It In Either Inverted Or Upright Positions
  • High (340 Lumens), Medium (175 Lumens), Low (33 Lumens), Red (10 Lumens), and Red SOS flashing modes.




Camping Lights Website’s Evaluation – Reasons We Selected These

Coleman Northstar Duel Fuel Lantern

Just by going through the positive customer reviews, I know that this camping lantern is amazing. One thing to note is that this is very expensive. But I love coleman products. I have lots of them. I really like the feel and the weight of this plus it is effective. This is an excellent product as usual from an incredible company.

  • Battery InstaStartTM ignition for fast, dependable matchless lighting (includes one AAA battery)
  • Insta-Clip tube mantle (item 95-132C) ends your string-tying days
  • Powered by 2 pints of Coleman Fuel or unleaded gas
  • 7 hours burn time on high, 14 hours on low



camping lights

Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern

Rayovac is one of the best companies that create amazing camping lights. The level of positive customer reviews that Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern  has makes it very tempting to buy. The brightness of this item is phenomenal and it is also very durable. It will last for a long time. Totally fantastic! This product has blown my mind. I’ve used some other products before. This is one of the better products. This product looks like it will last for many years.

  • Characteristics are incredibly wonderful
  • It uses LED bulbs with an output of 300 lumens
  • Very good on the eyes

Gama Sonic Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern and Work Light #DL-713LS

We are constantly trying to find some pretty good camping lanterns like this one. This is created more for emergencies though but it lights up a wide area so it is perfect for camping. It is durable, powerful and amazing. What else can I say other than a superb and well made light.

  • Emergency lantern and work light provides exceptional illumination from 40 super bright LEDs
  • Leave plugged into any 110-volt electrical outlet for charging–turns on automatically if power goes out
  • Lasts up to 7 hours on a full charge
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy portability



backpacking lantern

Camping Lantern TaoTronics® Collapsible Flashlight Led Lantern light weight

I highly recommend at least looking at this camping lantern considering that this may be the one that you need. I would not be concerned if you are considering the price tag is going to be high. Very affordable. It is also very small. This item is versatile and can be hanged from the top of your tent or from a rope. The extremely affordable price of this particular item is something that always amazes me. This item is just great. It is simple to use and never had any troubles. I made the decision to try this product due to the good reviews but I was still a little bit skeptical.

  • No difficult guidelines so that you can use
  • Lightest and most portable collapsible Led lantern
  • Functions really well


ThorFire LED Camping Lantern

This is an amazing camping lantern. It is pretty good and the price is one of the lowest I know of. The brightness will not compare to the high end models like the ones above but it does illuminate a good area. You can charge it using a usb powerbank. It is portable, it can be recharged easily and very versatile. It deserves to be one of the best camping lights that I know of.

  • 2-IN-1 Mini Flashlight :Unfolded as a LED camping lantern; folded as a mini flashlight
  • Hand Crank Rechargeable: Can be either charged via regular 5V USB charger or hand cranking when you are out of power supply
  • Gratifying purchase that you won’t regret





* I hope you found what you were looking for.

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