Best 30 Hiking Hats | 30 Outdoor Hats For Your Head And Skin

Best 30 Hiking Hats | 30 Outdoor Hats For Your Head And Skin

best hiking hats

Tips On Choosing An Outdoor Hat Or Hiking Hat

1. Style Of A Hiking Hat

The style or how the hiking hat looks on you is very important. I usually hike with 20+ people. I don’t want to be the weird guy that looks like he is protecting himself from nuclear radiation while everyone else just wants to have fun. As much as I hate to say it, we are influenced by social interaction. It is one of the reasons why style is very important. If I am hiking with my close friends and only 4 of us then I do not mind. I can wear the ugliest of ugliest of things. I can even look homeless. But if I am hiking with new people then the first impression is very important. There are plenty of fashionable and cool looking head gear for men and women that offers a lot of protection.


2. UV Protection

The UV protection of an outdoor sun hat is one of the main reasons why we buy one in the first place. The sun’s rays can damage the skin over time. It can cause skin diseases, spots and other unwanted skin defects. One of the best ways to protect our skin is with uv protection clothes such as an outdoor hat. There are also different levels of UPF in a clothing. They usually range from 30 to 65 from what I can tell. The higher the UPF protection the better. While it is true that we can use a sunscreen spray or lotion, they tend to disappear in time. I highly recommend clothing as a first line of defense against the sun instead of a spray or lotion.


3. Insect Protection Of An Outdoor Hat

While not a lot of people buy hiking or sun hats for insect protection, I tend to look at this feature also during the summer. Clothing is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, flies, bees and etc. In the summer, there are a lot of mosquitoes that just wants to suck all of the blood out of you. These mosquitoes are not even scared of approaching us during the summer. They smell blood and they buzz around trying drink from us. One of the best ways that I can think of to deter these annoying bugs is with an outdoor hat. Most of the insects I encounter often buzz around my head. A hat can definitely make a difference. I also often use an insect repellent bracelet and attach it on my backpack to deter them.


4. Backpacking Hat Durability

We all want our hiking hats to be very durable. We can easily test the hat’s durability by crushing them with our bare hands. A hat that is very durable will fold back into place after being crushed. A hat that is not very durable will get destroyed or will have holes or torn up spots. We spend a good amount of money on items so we should get something durable that will last for a long time. We also need to remember that these hats are going to be used outdoors. They will go through a lot tests from the environment and weather. It is best that they are very durable or constructed with durable materials.


4. Comfort Of The Hiking Hat

One of the most important factors that we look for in a hat is how comfortable it is. There are a lot of head gear that are not comfortable. You need to keep in mind, you will be wearing a hat for the whole hiking trip which is often around 8 miles. Some of us hike multiple days or around 3-7 days. A hat that is not comfortable is just a useless item that gives us burdensome weight. Not to mention that we payed money for the item that we will not even use if it is uncomfortable.


5. Breathability Of An Outdoor Hat

There is no question that a lot of us are going to sweat while hiking or backpacking. The heat and exercise should be enough to make our body produce a lot of sweat to cool us off. Unfortunately, if the sun hat that you bought is not breathable, the sweat is going to accumulate inside the hat. It will smell bad and make your hair look like crap. We need to allow sweat to evaporate or be released rather than be trapped inside the clothing. Breathability of a piece of clothing is very important in hiking. It is the same for jackets. We all want sweat to be able to get released so that our clothes or ourselves do not smell.

Hiking Adventure

Some Of The Best Hiking Hats You Need To Consider

The sun’s rays can definitely do a lot of damage to our skin. I often urge people to wear a hiking hat as this will protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You have a wide selection of hats to choose from and the style is all up to you. It is also important to wear a hat when it is cold also. A simple cap can help our head and body feel very warm.

You can just scroll down below to see various amazing outdoor hats. These items are a few of the very best that I know of that can protect the head from the harmful rays of the sun. These items have a lot of positive customer testimonials which should be a superb indication on how good the hats are. If you find a superb and reliable head gear, you will recommend them to everybody also. One of the things I know is that you are going to be happy with your order simply because I did a great deal of research and tested the products I outlined thoroughly.


15 Amazing Hiking Hats – Bucket Hats – Cowboy Hats


Hiking Hats Editor’s Evaluation – Reasons We Picked These
hiking hats
Tilley Endurables LTM6 Airflo Hat

The sun can wreak havoc on your skin. You can get various skin conditions due to the ultra violet rays. It can be from something mild like sunburn to something life threatening like cancer. This Tilley sun hat comes with a UPF  50+ sun protection rating. This blocks the sun’s rays well. It is comfortable, stylish and it looks great. This hat is also breathable which means that your sweat will evaporate instead of being locked in the hat. You can avoid embarrassing smell coming out of your head and not turn off your hiking companions. This is hand-sewn and all seams are lock-stitched so they won’t unravel. It also comes with a secret pocket that I often use to put some money. What I really like is that this hat looks great. It is very cool looking hat. Almost movie star like.

  • 100% supplex nylon (nylamtium®), mesh from 100% polyester
  • Medium brim with 3/4-inch polyester mesh in the crown plus dark underbrim for glare protection
  • Constructed from water and mildew resistant from 100 percent supplex nylon tilley nylamtium
  • Maximum upf 50+ sun protection rating
  • Secret pocket in the crown for storing license, A20 bill, or room key
  • Hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle


hiking hat
Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

This particular hiking hat is very beautiful and it has a great deal of positive reviews. Columbia is one of the leading companies when it comes to outdoor and hiking apparels. This outdoor hat is just amazing. It offers a UPF 50 that is very good at protecting our skin or head from the sun. This outdoor hat exceeded my expectations. I have been using this all the time. So far I must say that I am very impressed! The company did a fantastic job at creating this item due to the fact it is stunning and works well.

  • Nylon. Omni-shade upf 50 sun protection
  • Omni-wick sweatband and mesh. Adjustable chin strap
  • Featuring upf 50 to block out 98% of harmful uva and uvb rays and carrying the skin cancer foundation’s seal of recommendation, the bora bora booney is definitely more than your average fishing hat.
  • An omni-wick sweatband combines with a mesh vent panel (which is non upf) to keep you cool and the sweat from dripping in your eyes.
  • Quick-dry properties mean that even if this hat takes a dunk with you, it’ll be dry in no time.
  • An adjustable toggle customizes the hat’s fit to your head. An adjustable chinstrap adds further security.


top sun hat
Dorfman-Pacific Weathered Cotton Outback Hat With Chin Cord

This versatile outdoor hat is incredibly affordable and it works nicely also. If you are searching for some wonderful hats for camping, hiking or backpacking which has lots of customer reviews then this is a good choice. It is very unique for an outdoor hat but it looks very good and very stylish. A lot of people use it for other outdoor events. This outdoor hat is of good quality and is meeting my needs. This has a lot of positive customer ratings which should be enough to allow people to make an informed decision. A lot of people also submitted pictures of the hat and how well it looks.

  • Weathered cotton gives the hat a rugged, broken-in look, fabric: 52% cotton/48% polyester
  • Adjustable chin strap secures the hat when the winds pick up
  • Interior brow band and lining absorbs sweat and provides a smooth surface next to the skin
  • Broad, shapable brim provides 360° of shade and protection for face, ears and nape, width of brim 2. 7 inches
  • All dorfman pacific hats with the upf 50+ hangtag have been raged with an ultraviolet protection factor of 50+.
  • With a upf 50+ rating, the hat provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays


top hiking hat
Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

I can safely express that this is an incredibly good hiking hat. Outdoor research is one of the leading companies when it comes to creating outdoor hats and outdoor gear. This item is very sturdy and made out of high quality materials. Modern design put together with durable materials made Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat, an extremely good item. One of the best sun hats that you can get and it is very affordable as well. The materials are very high quality and provide lots of protection against the sun. It also offers ventilation so that sweat can be released and not trapped in.

  • Solarshield construction offers upf 50+ sun protection
  • Vents and mesh lining in crown for cooling and moisture management
  • Lightweight, protective hat for use in intense sun, heat, and humidity


sun hat review
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat

You need to look at this outdoor hat before this is sold out. Sunday Afternoons is one of the best at creating affordable and high quality sun hats. This comes with a UPF 50+ sun protection rating which is great at protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. . I have read several great evaluations or consumer reviews about this item and it is incredibly affordable. It is made out of Nylon and Polyester. It features superb ventilation as well as UPF resistance. The hat is very stylish and it is used by adventurers and people who love outdoors all around the world.

  • Strategic mesh ventilation
  • Water repellent/stain resistant
  • Upf 50+ certified breathable sun rating (mesh vents not rated)




UV Protection Hat Website’s Assessment – Reasons We Picked These
top hiking hat
The Friendly Swede Sun Hats 2-Pack

If you are searching for an outstanding hiking hat then check this out. If you look at this sun hat very closely, you will notice clearly that this is an extremely durable item. People love it for its toughness and style. This can protect the skin from the sun and it is incredibly affordable. I have made a decision to try this outdoor gear after getting several high recommendations from people I know. It is a pair which makes it even cheaper if you are buying for two people. This hat is certainly worth obtaining as it can protect the skin from the sun incredibly well and it is very stylish also. This is one of the best products I know of and I am certain you will be satisfied.

  • Family value pack and adjustable size: you receive two functional and trendy outdoor hats which is a true value. The adjustable chin strap will ensure to keep the hat in place. The drawstring makes it easy to adjust size. Therefore, the sun hats can be used by the entire family and are suitable for men, women, boys and girls.
  • 19 cm diameter: the inner diameter of the outback hat is 19 cm and could be smaller if you decide to use the adjustable drawstring. The material of the hat is soft and will conform slightly to the shape of your head.
  • Mesh panel for air flow: the golf hats have also added a mesh panel that allows air flow for ventilation and will aid to keep you cool. All of this, plus a cotton panel on the inside of the hat will absorb any excess perspiration.
  • Multiple uses: the safari hats are so versatile that they can be used for various outdoor activities. They fit well, keep the sun off and are comfy for long wear.
  • A bonus feature includes a snap button on each side of the hat so you can decide if you want to wear the brim up or down.
  • Use the boonie hats as backpacking hat, fishing hat, hiking hat, gardening hat, while camping, driving, laying at the beach or hiking in the outback.


uv protection hat
Henschel 5310 Packable Mesh Breezer Hat

Just by going through the positive customer reviews, I know that this parituclar outdoor hat is extraordinary. I am very sure this hat is extremely well-built simply because of the materials that are used to create it. We don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on outdoor hats sometimes. This looks great, lots of capabilities and very affordable. I wasn’t sure whether this product was overrated and all just hype. But now that I’ve tried it, I have to say that this definitely extremely good. It’s hard to believe that people can get excited over a otudoor hat however I was pleasantly surprised I was impatiently waiting mine. I would not worry if you are thinking that the price is going to be high. This is very budget friendly.

  • Breezer hat composed of heavy duty upf material featuring three-inch brim and adjustable chin cord
  • Medium size fits head measurement of 22 1/4 inches.
  • Aussie breezer hat made from heavy duty upf material. It is a packable mesh breezer with a 3 inch brim.
  • 55% polyester/45% cotton
  • Made in the usa.
  • 16 ounces


top hiking hat
Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ boonie Hat Summer Sun Caps

This hiking hat is among the best that I am aware of. This thing will last for quite a while and it is very comfortable. I have tried expensive products before and I just ended up wasting my money. This one is very affordable. If you want protect the head and skin from the sun then this is perfect. Lots of women love this hat as well. It is unisex. It is much easier to purchase this on the web that in my local stores. The simple fact that this is extremely high quality and worth every penny are enough reasons why a good amount of people are purchasing this item. Like anything new, I was skeptical as to if this product would actually work. It works extremely well. The ventilation on the hat is very good. It allows sweat to pass through quite well. It is lightweight, and one of the most comfortable hiking hats I have ever tried.

  • Upf 50+ excellent sun protection
  • Great for hiking, camping, tourism, gardening or any outdoor activity
  • Anti-uv and vented
  • 100% polyester and the material is soft
  • Adjustable drawstring for fixing the hat, especially in windy days
  • Diameter(inch): 7. 5 inner, 13. 5 outer


hiking hat
Sun Blocker Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap with Neck Flap

Among the finest items that I have ever tried is this hiking hat. I love this item. I recommend this mainly because this is very comfortable and fits nicely. One of the best when it comes to blocking the sun and sun’s rays. We all really like high quality products like this one for the reason that there are way too many worthless products available today. The flap on the back provides superior sun protection on the neck. So if you are having problems or getting sunburn on the neck whenever you hike, this is a good choice. This is among the best items I am aware of simply because of the high quality materials used to build it plus the price tag is also very low. This comes in different colors to choose from.

  • Ventilation: two mesh side panel and moistue wicking sweatband design allow ventilation which makes your head breathable in sunny with strong sunshine.
  • Full protection: this flap hats featured large bill and neck flap will provide full protection for face, neck and ears, complete uv protection, 50+ upf
  • Great for beach, pool, park, camping, boating, fishing, hiking, gardening or any outdoor sports and activities


ultra violet hat reviews
Ddyoutdoor 07-281 Fashion Summer Outdoor Sun Protection Fishing Cap Neck Face Flap Hat

This is a terrific hiking hat that I know you will really like. I know that high quality items like this one always have a great deal of satisfied customers. Incredibly versatile! You can use this for work, hiking, backpacking, kayaking and other outdoor activities. It protects the neck from sunburn and has a face mask to protect your face from dirt. This product has a low price tag and it is able to make that happen without sacrificing very important capabilities. This item works really well and it will make you happy when you try it. One of the main reasons I like and recommend this product to all my website visitors is the beautiful design. I must admit this surpassed all of my expectations from the very start.

  • Mesh side panels with 2 large meshed brass eyelets for ventilation ,windproof / uv protection / quick-drying
  • New sun cap with flaps (flaps are removable), complete sun protection uva / uvb
  • Ideal for camping, boating, fishing, hiking or gardening ,large bill and back flap provides great protection from the sun




Sun Hat Website’s Analysis – Reasons We Selected These
best hiking hats
JFH Wide Brim Bora Booney Outdoor Safari Summer Hat

I have been testing lots of hiking hats, and this is astounding. This has a unique design that is unforgettable. This is just what I expected and what I needed. I like this bucket hat a lot. This is very good for the skin and protects the head very well. My friends really like this also. This is incredible. A lot of effort must have been used to design this product which is the reason this is marvelous. This amazing company consistently generate incredible items and their dedication to their customers is also wonderful. This comes in various colors as well.

  • High functionality: three inch brim ensure a high level of sun protection, providing shade for where it counts. Neck flap takes protection one step further by protecting neck from the elements.
  • Completely re-designed for 2017 spring. Available in solid & mesh crown styles: full crown styles feature side brim snaps functionality to hold brim up on the left and right side of ears.
  • Timelessly rugged: the hat is equally at home on that annual camping trip as it is at your backyard bbq.
  • The 4. 5” high mesh/solid crown ensures a generous fit profile for most heads while providing for excellent ventilation and sweat wicking. Chinstrap with cordlock ensures that the hat stays firmly planted on your head. Sizing available in small (7 1/8″) medium (7 1/4″) large (7 1/2″) & xl (7 5/8″).
  • High quality materials & hand crafted durability: imported 60% cotton & 40% polyester blend will ensure efficient moisture wicking, while maintaining hat crown shape. This outdoors piece is crafted to outlast!
  • These colors and configurations are classically styled, and provide a style statement while maintaining its functionality.


uv hat
Lenikis Unisex Outdoor Activities UV Protecting Sun Hats with Neck Flap

Among the best hiking hats is this. I will never purchase this product if it did not have lots of positive customer reviews. The neck flap of this hat is amazing. It protects the user very well. The quality of the material is very good. This hat is lightweight but also feels very durable. There are many times when I buy an item due to the amount of positive consumer reviews. I have no doubt recommending this product given that this has an incredible amount of positive consumer feedback. Out of all the items online that I’ve gone through, this is among the best and most comfortable hats that you can get.

  • One fits all: adjustable back band (22-24inches) and chin strap provide a comfortable fit and keep your hat from being blown away on windy days.
  • Full protection: features 50+ upf fabric which block 98% of uv rays.
  • This flap hats will protect your ears, neck and the back of your head from the scorching summer sun.
  • Functional: whether you are out walking, hiking, fishing, playing golf, gardening, sightseeing, on the beach, at a ball game or working outdoors, this hat has you covered.
  • Breathable: the mesh side panels allow ventilation which makes your head breathable in sunny with strong sunshine; the moisture wicking sweatband keeps sweat out of your eyes.
  • Light wearing: made of quality fabric which is lightweight, quick-drying, foldable, water and stain resistant.


top ultra violet hat
Home Prefer Unisex Quick Drying UV Protection Outdoor Sun Hat With Flap Neck Cover

One of the best items that I have ever tried is this uv hat. I was so excited when I received this product. I never thought I can be excited over an item. The neck flap provides excellet protection from the sun and wind. You can be sure that your skin is very protected from uv rays with this hat. This product has a lovely design that permits it to be pretty effective and low-priced simultaneously. The cost is wonderful and this is excellent. The design is what gives this item the attributes that I love. The fabric is durable, lightweight, fits perfectly and protects the head well. This is absolutely amazing. I recommend it for men and women who would like protect the head and skin from the sun.

  • Great for any outdoor activities: fishing, hiking, camping, travelling, hunting, safaring, gardening etc.
  • Hidden neck flap to be formed as bucket hat for daily use
  • 3″ brim and 11″ long neck flap, protects face and neck while out in the sun or cold winter winds
  • Polyester cotton blend, high quality, soft, quick-drying, lightweight and comfort wear
  • One size fits 22″-23. 7″ head girth with adjustable velcro and chin strap
  • High performance wicking fabric actively breathes and wicks sweat away from your skin for cool-wearing comfort.


uv protection hat
MG Men’s Brushed Cotton Twill Aussie Side Snap Chin Cord Hat

There are a number of men and women who like this uv hat. This item is one of the greatest that is available right this moment which is the reason why I know you will be happy if you get one. The item has holes to allow ventilation to the head. The item was sent very fast, packaged well. The good thing is that this product has a good amount of positive consumer feedback which imply you can have the peace of mind knowing that lots of people are satisfied with their purchase of this. This item is lovely and this is also very durable. The positive consumer feedback of this item are accurate that this is one of the greatest that you can get.

  • Crown measures 9. 5cm deep, brim measures 7. 5cm deep.
  • 100-percent-cotton
  • Made of 100 % cotton.


sun hat reviews

The reality is that this sun hat is very excellent. I like the camouflage design of this item. This hat protects the head very well. It can protect from uv rays and the wind as well. You can use this item to protect yourself from cold winds too. This is lightweight, and very durable. Great for hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. The price is wonderful and it is pack with lots of amazing characteristics. The selling price is pretty low and it can protect the head and skin from the sun. I love this, and lots of men and women like it just like me also. You can definitely see that plenty of people like this incredible item by checking out the positive consumer feedback. This is one of the finest items that has an incredibly wonderful design. One of the best that I’ve tried.

  • Mesh side panels with 2 large meshed brass eyelets for ventilation ,windproof / uv protection / quick-drying
  • New sun cap with flaps (flaps are removable), complete sun protection uva / uvb
  • Ideal for camping, boating, beach, bike cross-country,fishing, travel,hiking or gardening ,large bill and back flap provides great protection from the sun




15 Amazing Hiking Caps

For people who like baseball cap style hats while in the outdoors.


Hiking Caps Website’s Review – Reasons We Selected These
hiking caps
Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat

I am loving this awesome hiking cap. I like that this is precisely what I expected, a really good hiking cap. This is very popular which is what made me buy it. I love the company also. I love that the positive customer reviews that this item has and they are some of the finest information that you can get. There is absolutely no reason we should obtain something expensive when this product is pretty effective and low-priced. This product is amazing and long lasting this is why this has a lot of positive customer feedback. This is very durable, lightweight and has very good ventilation. It is a very good hiking cap, and definitely one of my favorites.

  • Plastic-stiffened brim
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Wicking transaction headband and mesh crown
  • Upf 30 sun protection
  • 100% nylon; 100% polyester side panels, woven cap
  • Wicking fabric


hiking hat
adidas Men’s Adizero Cap

A whole lot of men and women are often astonished at how amazing this backpacking cap is. The positive customer feedback that this product has are remarkable simply because you now have lots of valuable information in front of you. Adidas is an amazing company and they produce a lot of sports oriented items. This is a great hat for the outdoors. One of the primary reasons I love and recommend this item to all my website visitors is the wonderful design. I like everything concerning this product and it is exactly what I thought it to be. I am certain you will be pleased with your purchase mainly because this product looks fantastic and this also protects the head from the sun or uv rays.

  • Lightweight, 6-panel performance cap
  • Climacool mesh provides ultimate air flow and moisture-wicking
  • Non-glare under visor for best vision while running and training
  • Hook-and-loop back closure for adjustable fit
  • 87% polyester/13% spandex
  • Upf 50 sun protection included to guard against the sun’s most harmful rays


top hiking hat
Under Armour Men’s Shadow 4.0 Run Cap

This is an impressive hiking cap that I have grown to really like so much. Under Armour is one of the leading companies today when it comes to providing lots of functionality to their clothing line. This is a great cap and it looks great on a lot of people. It is very stylish and very simple at the same time. This is just what I was trying to find and it does what it claims to do. One of the best outdoor hats I have ever used and increased my standards on head gear overall. This is one of the finest items I have ever seen.

  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat & dries fast
  • Unstructured fit conforms to your head for a lower profile
  • 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility in any direction
  • Reflective front ua logo & rear wordmark for increased visibility & safety during low-light runs
  • 100% polyester
  • Mesh insets increase ventilation


top backpacking cap
Arcteryx Motus Hat

This is a very unique and stylish outdoor hat. Arcteryx is becoming one of my most favorite brands when it comes to outdoor gear. I am always in search of a good head wear. This is incredibly effective, and I am very satisfied. An exceptional design normally have many praises because of versatility and attractiveness. This has a great and stylish design. It looks a lot better than most caps out there. I highly recommend this one. The only drawback is the money or price tag. But if you do not mind spending a little bit more for beauty and uniqueness then I suggest getting this one.

  • Adjustable headband with rear keyhole
  • Reflective blade on the centre back increases visibility in low light situations
  • Upf 25+ sun protection for hot


hiking cap reviews
Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Ball Cap II

Another amazing hiking cap from Columbia. I love collecting caps and Columbia makes a lot of great caps. The structure is remarkable which explains why I like this item. I must admit this surpassed all of my expectations from the very start. I’m incredibly pleased with this item. I acquired two because I like it a lot. I gave the other one to a friend of mine and he loved it as well. This is a versatile hat that is great for hiking, camping, backpacking, running, jogging, walking and any outdoo events or activities. Nothing much else to say other than another great product from a great company.

  • Adjustable closure
  • Omni-shield advanced repellency
  • 88% polyester/12% elastane




Outdoor Hat Website’s Analysis – Reasons We Chose These
best hiking cap
Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Skin cancer and other skin conditions can happen with prolong exposure to UV rays. Skin conditions can cause us lots of money due to hospital bills, medications and help that we will need. A simple way to prevent our health from deteriorating is by using clothing that blocks UV radiation. This has UPF 30+ which blocks the sun’s rays pretty well. It has a skirt to protect your neck and you can remove the skirt also to make it a normal baseball cap. It makes me look cute and protects my skin. This is great for hiking and running. I have the peace of mind to know that my skin is protected all the time while knowing this makes me look more handsome as well. This is very unique, very versatile and has qualities that I cannot find in any other brands. I am just happy this hat is available.

  • Convertible design, light fabric, removable sun skirt snaps to bill and covers mesh for total protection
  • Upf 30+, transaction headband for comfort and moisture management, mesh side panels aid ventilation
  • The lightweight fabric provides upf 30 sun protection, and mesh side panels allow air to flow over the sides of your head
  • Features a supplex nylon
  • 100% nylon
  • This versatile sun hat has a removable, adjustable skirt that shelters you from harsh rays or can be removed when you need only ball-cap coverage.


backpacking hat
Juniper Casual Outdoor Cap

I am certain that this is an incredible hiking cap that you will ever find in the Internet. It is a baseball hat but it is also breathable. Excellent if your head sweats a lot. If there is one thing I really like about this item, it is undoubtedly the price tag. The purchase price is tremendously low and the functionalities are incredibly high. This is an exceptionally wonderful hat for the money. This is a great item. It truly is incredible that it can protect the skin and neck from the sun very easily. It is so difficult to acquire a functional item sometimes. It is a positive thing I found this and I can recommend it to a lot of people. I really like this item very much, which is why I am recommending it. The cheap price tag is a very good thing also.

  • Mesh side panels
  • Made with 100% nylon
  • 100% nylon
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Self-fabric strap with velcro adjustable
  • Uv protection & water repellent


best backpacking hat
Nike Mens Aerobill Elite Running Adjustable Hat

This outdoor hat is astonishing and I like it a lot. Even after many years of use, this continues to be one of the greatest due to the design, materials and durability. The high quality materials and the way this item is designed allow this product to be lightweight, versatile and useful. I am positive I will obtain one in the future again simply because this is both great and affordable. I would not worry if you are thinking the price is going to be high. This is incredibly affordable. This item is superb to work with and even better to look at.

  • Interior sweatband helps keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Flexible brim
  • The nike aerobill heritage elite hat is made with dri-fitto keep you cool, dry and light on your feet
  • Perforated, self-adjust closure offers a snug, customizable fit.
  • Nike aerobill technology combines lightweight construction with sweat-wicking fabric.
  • Reflective swoosh design trademark is printed on the front panel.


outdoor hat
Headsweats Race Performance Running/Outdoor Sports Hat

One of the greatest items which I have ever tried is this hiking cap. The company who built this product continues to create high quality products like this one. I have never heard of the company before but they continue to create amazing hats for the outdoors. I would like something that can protect the head and skin from sun and uv rays. Since this product has a good amount of customer reviews, I bought it. It is extremely difficult to make an error when purchasing any product if the item has a great deal of positive customer reviews like this one. This has a unique design which received lots of compliments mainly because of its usefulness and elegance. One of the best hiking hats that I have ever purchased.

  • 100% eventure polyester fabric, black undervisor reduces glare
  • Eventure grid race hats combine the moisture wicking eventure grid fabric with the eventure fabric terry sweatband, creating maximum air flow and moisture transfer
  • When you’re out for a training run, or finding your stride during a 5k, you want to make sure your head stays cool.


backpacking hat review
Mens UPF50 Quick-Dry Baseball Cap Free-Size Sun Hat Running Cap

You simply won’t make a mistake when you purchase this backpacking hat. The positive customer reviews are some of the reasons I know why this is one of the greatest. This exceptional item is what I was searching for and it is well worth the time I put into researching it. I have discovered this product to be fantastic and one of the very best that is available right now. I know that this is high quality and it has often surpassed my expectations. I find this as just about the most enjoyable that I have ever tried and it comes with a large amount of positive consumer reviews. I really like making use of this item and it is pretty impressive.

  • Quick-dry fabric:100% nylon / 100% polyester.
  • Free size: with an adjustable velcro strap in the back, one size fits most.
  • Well ventilated:the side-mesh / mesh-lining make it feel so breathable and lightweight in summer outdoors.




Backpacking Hat Website’s Evaluation – Reasons We Chose These
top hiking caps
TARTINY UPF50+ Protect Sun Hat Unisex Outdoor Quick dry Collapsible Portable Cap

There are a lot of people who love this hiking cap. Among the best things that this has is the affordable price. This is also easy to wash and clean. The high quality materials are also very good. It does the job it is supposed to do and can protect the head and skin from sun and uv rays. I am a satisfied customer. One of the finest and most appreciated products I have purchased in a while. I am rather happy with the usefulness and capabilities of this item. This is very stylish as well. It looks good and this protects the head from uv rays. It has an UPF 50+ which is amazing.

  • It is suitable for regular daily use and outdoor activities especially like bush walking, hitch-hike travel, outdoor research.
  • Quick drying&water resistant–moisture absorption and sweat discharge feature can keep you dry and comfortable . It is also has waterproof feature.
  • Material–special material with anti-uv coating which has passed upf 50+ test. and it will be not easily change shape nor change color.
  • Comfortable& adjustable–the adjustable strap is stretchy and has enough length. It can fit your head grith very well. You will not fill too tight or too loose. one size fits most.
  • Lightweight&portable–the cap crown is unstructured. Combine with 3-panel bill design, the hat can be folded and fit into any pocket or pack.
  • Extra mesh design enhance breathability. This hat can also dry out very fast after washing. Brings you a lot of convenience during use.


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Headsweats Go Hat

This astounding outdoor cap will surprise you. This works wonderful, just like this was supposed to. This is even better than I imagined. Another amazing hat from headsweats. This has pretty good ventilation and looks great. I like the way it looks. It is known that the best part is that this product has a lot of positive customer feedback which imply you can discover all the information that you’ll require just by reading them. The company is fantastic due to the fact this is very durable and lightweight. This is exceptionally well made.

  • Eventure knit shell and eventure terry sweatband for super fast moisture wicking
  • Black undervisor to reduce glare
  • Headsweats proprietary eventure fabric technology
  • Machine wash, air dry, does not shrink
  • Classic style, superior run hat fit *women’s sizing for white/hot pink
  • Adjustable rear buckle with ponytail opening


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LETHMIK Sport Cap Summer Quick-drying Sun Hat Unisex UV Protection Outdoor Cap

This is an incredible outdoor hat that I have grown to like a lot. This has a lot of amazing features and you can certainly see that for yourself by reading through the positive consumer feedback. I still find this to be one of the most awesome even though I have tried lots of similar items. This is very breathable or the ventilation is amazing. This comes in different colors but I like the black one the best. It looks great, the material feels good and durable. One thing I know is that if you read through the the positive consumer reviews, then you are going to get more info that you need concerning this hat.

  • The pre-curved, long shaped, keeps the sun from your face and offers great protection from the damaging rays. It is a perfect cap for hiking, camping, fishing, tourism, gardening, beach, pool, park, race day events or any outdoor sports and activities in the upcoming hot weather.
  • Adjustable closure – wonderful stitching process, convenient plastic-stiffened bill rear closure, quick-release buckle adjustment. Hat size available from 7-7 5/8 (22-24 inches), one size fits most adults head size. You can easily get a custom fit according to your head size.
  • 100% high quality polyester fiber.
  • Lethmik is not the cheapest, but it is the best. Lethmik – “let’s make it” . Scroll down to the product description for more detail.
  • Lethmik is tending to the men and women who seeks sleek style and high quality products at a reasonable price. We take a great pride in the quality of the products and the fact that it can be purchased at a price that makes everybody satisfied. Lethmik does a great design and quality of the products in the professional way.
  • Item weight 1. 7 ounces, very lightweight. Upf 30+ excellent sun protection. The brim length is about 3. 15 inches. Quick-dry, the perfect combination of nylon fabric mesh liner and breathable air vents, aids the ventilation. Please do not machine wash or brush wash.


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Unisex Snapback Taffeta Baseball Day Running Summer Mesh Quick Dry Hat Cap Visor

If you wish to get hold of an excellent backpacking cap then you need to try this out. I highly recommend this outdoor hat to any person. This is an excellent item. I have discovered a huge amount of uses for this and I will continue to think of more I am certain. I am delighted that I bought it mainly because this is one of the greatest that I have ever tried. We need to check out the price of this item and also its effectiveness. Amongst the best things about this product is that this is incredibly low-priced. The company did an incredible job due to the fact this hat is very durable, stylish, and affordable as well.

  • Material: 80% polyester + 20% cotton
  • The lightweight fabric is extremely breathable and absorbant to keep you cool.
  • Moisture wicking, comfortable and quick drying polyester mesh construction


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Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

I am convinced that this is an incredibleoutdoor headband that you will ever find. This is not exactly a hiking cap. This is more of a sports headband. I just wanted to mention it because this works rather well for sweat. If you are sweating a lot and you do not like hats then this is a great choice. This looks great and very versatile. I like that this is very high quality and this has helped a large amount of men and women already. I find this to be extremely satisfactory for my needs and it is exactly as advertised. The headband is extremely lovely and it works extremely well mainly because of the design.

  • Pullover headband featuring the patented sweat seal grip technology
  • The sweat seal channels sweat back and away from your eyes and glasses
  • Dryline fabric absorbs, wicks, and quickly evaporates moisture




* I hope you found what you were looking for.


12 thoughts on “Best 30 Hiking Hats | 30 Outdoor Hats For Your Head And Skin

  1. Nice list including hats that provide full / partial sun coverage, and considering breathability. Personally, I recently discovered Urban Canairie hats which offer sun protection with maximum ventilation. I like this lightweight hat that doesn’t make my head overheat!

  2. I love hats. I have a whole bunch of them. I have most of the hats here. The sun runner cap is good if you are jogging also or doing exercise in the park.

  3. I have been searching for a hat to wear while hiking. I could not decide between sun runner or bora bora. I bought the sun runner and it looks really cool. I will try the bora bora hat when it is summer again.

  4. You really need a hat in the summer. The sun is just too hot. I bought the Friendly Swede and Sunday Afternoon. Very good hats.

    1. For winter hats, you can check out this page for one. You can buy a ski mask to protect your ears, and face from the cold winds as well. I recommend that you get a hat for the summer sun and use winter gear for hiking when it is cold.

  5. The bora bora hat looks good. The adventure hat is better when it comes to sun protection. I use it a lot when I am doing archaeology work. For travel and hiking, columbia is the way to go because it looks more normal or stylish as you say.

    1. Yeah, I like the columbia hat for the way they look. You can try the sun runner cap also if you like something more normal.

  6. So many hats to choose from. A friend of mine has the sun runner cap and I do not want to buy the same thing. I feel I should get the Arcteryx one just because it is expensive. It looks cool also. I guess I will try the bora bora hat first.

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