Best Home Tanning Beds

Best Home Tanning Beds

These home tanning beds are very good that I suggest them all the time. These items are a few of the very best that I know of that can create beautiful tanned body. If you read through the positive customer feedback, then you will realize the reasons why lots of men and women are purchasing these. I tend to recommend these products in the first place because these products should provide you with a lot of things you are looking for. I am extremely certain that you will be glad since these are a few of the greatest products that I know of.


I Am Certain That You Will Find Out Eventually That The Home Tanning Beds Below Are Quite Good

Home Tanning Beds Site’s Assessment – Reasons We Picked These
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Solar Storm 24 Bulb Wolff Systems Tanning Bed with Face Lamps

I know that you will love this home tanning bed given that it is excellent. I have been using this and I feel it is an amazing one that will last for a long time. The low price tag alone should be adequate enough for people to try this product. I am pleased that I was able to discover this. The affordable price tag is impressive. If you love budget friendly items, then the affordable price tag of this will make you love it. One of the greatest products I know of simply because of the high quality materials that the company used to create this product. The design maybe simple however the item is really good because of it.

  • High-performance acrylic sheets maximize UV light for a faster, darker tan.
  • 6 extremely efficient high-output dual facial lamps shower your face with extra UV light for faster tanning with maximum results.
  • Durable aluminum frame ensures minimal maintenance and a longer life.
  • High-glossed aluminum reflectors engineered for maximum tanning power and efficiency.
  • Tunnel design completely surrounds tanners for all-over tanning results in less time.
  • 18 extremely efficient high-output lamps in the bench and canopy of the bed. Comes standard in black color.


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Solar Wave 24 Lamp Residential Tanning Bed

There is absolutely no question that this household tanning bed is really good. It appears that this is one of the greatest and most inexpensive items out there. This is one of the very best that I have ever tried and this works incredibly well. I am happy that I found this item due to the fact I love using it. I have discovered this item to meet my needs and have so far found no difficulties with it. We all have been looking for products which are quite budget friendly like this one. We all want durable items such as this.

  • Enjoy the relaxation of a warm soothing tanning experience in the privacy of your own home. This cost efficient residential tanning bed is easy on the budget without skimping on high-end features.
  • High-glossed aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning results and efficiency
  • Extremely durable aluminum frame to ensure a long life with little maintenance
  • High-performance Acrylic sheets maximize the amount of UV light for a darker tan in less time
  • Standard 110V/20Amp electrical service Required. (Dedicated circuit)
  • 12 extremely efficient high-output lamps in the bench and canopy of the bed. (24 total lamps)


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Tanning Bed JADE 24 ProSun Home Tan Body

This tanning bed for indoor use is awesome and I know you will definitely love it. A benefit of getting this product is the low price tag. A big selection usually indicates affordable prices. This has a low selling price. This is extremely good. This remarkable product is certain to make men and women satisfied. This terrific item is what I was looking for and it is well worth the time I put into researching it. You should save your money and time. This is a really amazing item. You will not regret it.

  • Constructed with an open frame and a deep, curved bench, it offers excellent exposure for attractive, all-around tanning.
  • Includes head pad and goggles – Reflector system designed to provide even tan
  • 2400 Watts/20 Amp Outlet/120V/20 Amp Breaker – 24 RUVA Commercial Grade Lamps
  • Among the most popular and reliable residential tanning beds in the industry, the ProSun® Jade 24 home hybrid can’t be beat in terms of comfort and features. The Jade series also boasts the largest tanning surface area on the residential market, with a slightly curved acrylic surface to offer additional comfort.
  • JADE Series 24 by ProSun International – Home Hybrid Tanning Bed
  • Bronze – Dial timer – Adjustable gas spring lifts


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Solar Storm 32 Lamp Residential Tanning Bed

The way I view it is that this tanning bed for indoor use is a very good deal. The durability of this is remarkable and that’s why a lot of people are purchasing it. There is no sense in worrying about the price simply because this has an incredibly low price. It is so challenging to find a functional product. It is an excellent thing I found this. This is among the finest that you can obtain and I know this mainly because of the positive customer feedback. This item is wonderful and long lasting and that’s why this has a whole lot of positive consumer feedback. The resilience of this item is fantastic.

  • 28 100W body lamps and 4 facial lamps. Provide even, highly efficient exposure for a darker tan in less time
  • Durable aluminum frame ensures hassle free maintenance and longevity
  • High-performance Acrylic sheets are engineered for a faster, darker tan by providing the maximum amount of UV light


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Sunfire 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed

You are going to love this residential tanning bed for the reason that it is excellent. I really like the fact that this is pretty resilient and can handle a great deal of punishments. If you would like a good and well built item that can create beautiful tanned body while having a fantastic price, then you should check out this product. The design is extremely simple and it is the reason why this item is user friendly. Worth the price tag and will last for a long time. I certainly recommend this product to anyone. You can certainly see that a great deal of people love this fantastic item by examining the positive consumer feedback. This is great for the price and just the right item that I was searching for. It undoubtedly can create beautiful tanned body.

  • Manufactured with Smart Design Technology that makes you feel like you are in a commercial bed without spending thousands of dollars.
  • The SunFire 32 Deluxe Tanning Bed is manufactured with built in cooling technology and is designed to maximize airflow so that you will tan in comfort.
  • Sunfire beds costs only pennies per session because of our energy efficient electronic ballasts. With easy assembly and maintenance you will wonder why you didn’t purchase your own home tanning bed long ago.




Indoor Tanning Bed Editor’s Review – Reasons We Selected These
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E3 Legend 448-4F 12-Min Tanning Bed

I am usually impressed simply because this home tanning bed is extremely fantastic. I received this quickly and it was exactly as described. This has a fantastic design. If we don’t think about the design, there is a huge chance that we will end up with a terrible item. I love that products such as this one are quite affordable. I like this product mainly because I was looking for something that can create beautiful tanned body with an incredibly low price tag. A really crucial factor is the design. You don’t want to have a dreadful design or products that break apart easily. This arrived sooner than expected and I am happy that it did.

  • Ergonomic elements and energy saving principles
  • Escape your mind to a peaceful, tranquil utopia; allow the alluring warmth of UV light to intimately surround your body while experiencing an unforgettable, whimsical, dark tanning adventure.
  • The NEW ETS Tan Legend Collection offers the “stuff Legends are made of” and much more! Engineered with revolutionary e3 technology incorporating eco-friendly lamps
  • The Legend Collection is unmatched in tanning intensity, performance and beauty
  • 3 Phase, 220 VOLT (preferred) 4 wire dedicated circuit
  • Re-energize with an extraordinary, tanning escapade


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Tanning Bed RelaxSun 24 Plus by ProSun

I love using this home tanning device and I know you will also. For the reason that we do not have plenty of money at times that the price is pretty important and that’s why I love that the price is very low. I suspect that this item is fantastic given that the designer put a great deal of thought into its creation. I often encourage people to check out the features of this item mainly because they will find out that this product is incredibly sturdy. There are a lot of things that we take into consideration when we shop online however the positive consumer feedback are definitely the biggest. This remarkable item helps create beautiful tanned body. The positive consumer reviews will assist you to become familiar with this product better.

  • The RelaxSun has a total of 24 main RUVA Commercial Grade 100W lamps. RUVA lamps EACH have their own built in reflector.
  • Curved canopy for side to side tanning – Reflector system designed to provide even tan
  • Constructed with an open frame and a deep, curved bench, it offers excellent exposure for attractive, all-around tanning.
  • It plugs into a heavy appliance 20 amp electrical outlet (requires dedicated 20 amp line). Why should people buy a ProSun home tanning bed
  • Among the most popular and reliable home tanning beds in the industry, the ProSun® RelaxSun 24 Plus can’t be beat in terms of comfort and features.
  • Easy timer access during tanning session – Superior electronic ballast – Parabolic reflector system (PRS) for even golden tanning


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Tanning Bed 24 XS Power 110 Volt Facial

This household tanning bed is extraordinary and it has lots of positive consumer testimonials. We all would like to obtain a product that will last for many years such as this one and not a really fragile item. This company developed a versatile and useful design that customers would like. This product is made use of by me and a buddy of mine. We both like it. It is true that I find this as just about the most gratifying items that I have ever tried and it can create beautiful tanned body. This item has a great deal of features like it can create beautiful tanned body while being really low-priced. This item can $MYRESON4 and it is also pretty stunning mainly because of its extraordinary design.

  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time
  • 15 Minute Tanning Session, Delivered 98% Pre Assembled
  • Protective canopy grid
  • Home Tanning Bed Sunco 24 XS 110 Volt Facial Tanning bonus, 12 Dual Tone Twister Lamps and 12 Extremely high efficient Wolff Lamps
  • 24 Extremely high efficient lamps, 15 Minute Tanning Session
  • Customizable Color Choices


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Lifesmart Compact 16RL Tanning Bed with 16 High Output Bulbs

There are a lot of people who love this household tanning bed. If you want a very good item that is well-crafted and it comes with price tag that is inexpensive, then this is a great choice. I generally obtain the product that has a great deal of positive customer feedback. Needless to say, this item has plenty of them. The resilience of this item is because of the high quality materials and the design. I wasn’t even looking for something like this, however it came up in the results and I saw how high the rating was. I always enjoy items that last for a long time because they are really sturdy such as this one. What you should look at is the selling price. This is quite good with a low price.

  • Indoor tanning bed with durable, long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Establishes exposure times for each session to minimize risk of sunburn
  • Tunnel configuration with 16 high-output lamps for fast all-over tan


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Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed

We are often looking for some quite great home tanning beds such as this. This is absolutely what I expected and for the right selling price as well. This is rather well made for its price range. It is one of the greatest that I am aware of in this price range and that’s why I like to recommend it. This is incredible. We should always listen to what lots of men and women are expressing about items we are thinking about. This has a great deal of positive consumer feedback. This item does its job incredibly well.

  • 20 Minute Tanning Time, 16 High-Efficiency Lamps
  • Power Window Facial Lamps, Body Cooling Fan
  • Sunfire 16 Deluxe home tanning bed will help you achieve that goal. Equipped with Wolff Bronzing bulbs and a user friendly timer it won’t take long for you to see amazing results and get you ready for that tropical vacation or upcoming swimsuit season




Home Tanning Appliance Site’s Critique – Reasons We Picked These
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Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed

I suggest at the very least thinking about this home tanning bed for the reason that this could be the one that you need. This thing will last for quite a while. If I take into consideration the functionality, price tag and durability of this product, then I can safely state it is extremely good There are many items that have an incredibly low price tag but this one is also pretty well-crafted. I discovered that this is outstanding and it is really sturdy. Absolutely like this. I used it to create beautiful tanned body and I don’t have any complaints. This item has a great deal of features like it can create beautiful tanned body while being very low-priced.

  • The 16RL series offers state of the art tanning performance and industry leading durability.
  • Home tanning bed designed to provide soothing home-based tans
  • Plugs into traditional 110-volt household outlet; extruded aluminum construction
  • High-performance acrylic sheets; comes 90 percent preassembled
  • The New Solar Wave 16RL tanning beds redefine the tanning industry.
  • 16 high-efficiency, high-output lamps on both top and bottom of bed produce quicker, more uniform results


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Stand-Up Tanner SunDream Tanning Full Body

I am certain that this is an astonishing home tanning device that you will ever find. The high quality materials gave the opportunity for this product to look superb. Among the finest things I like regarding this aside from the affordable price tag is that it works incredibly well. You will not be dissatisfied simply because this item is extremely durable. There are plenty of reasons why I recommend this, but one of them is certainly because of its durability. I cannot ask for anything less costly that can match the quality of this product. This is very beautiful, has a very affordable price and so much more to offer.

  • Use it to ease into tanning by gradually building a base tan, to supplement your salon tanning experience by maintaining your tan between studio visits, or to transfer all of your tanning sessions to the comfort of your home.
  • A swivel frame that allows you to adjust the intensity or target specific areas – A timer that permits sessions of as long as 30 minutes enables you to regulate tanning times to suit your needs.
  • This expertly manufactured portable system allows complete tanning satisfaction.
  • The Sundream eliminates extra elements to create a streamlined, space-saving and comprehensive home tanning system.
  • It comes with 12 Wolff 71″ bronzing tanning lamps at 100 Watts each. ProSun, is an industry leader in professional tanning beds.
  • This new compact SunDream ProSun Welproma Stand-Up Tanning unit is designed to be used in your own home.


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Sperti Fiji SUN Table Top Tanning Lamp

You will not make a mistake when you purchase this indoor tanning lamp. I love that this product is pretty great and this has an affordable price tag. If you wish to be satisfied with your purchase, then I suggest obtaining this because a whole lot of people are pretty satisfied with it. I pretty much got what I paid for, and the delivery was quick. Very little else to say regarding a simple product. Satisfied consumer here! I love that this is incredibly resilient for the reason that an exceptionally fragile product will just waste the money of the shopper. This is a fantastic item that can create beautiful tanned body and it comes in a very low selling price. If you browse through the the positive customer reviews, you can obviously see why a lot of people like this product.

  • Top UV technology with custom Sperti Fiji Sun Reflector Bulbs made exclusively for our Sperti Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp, included & installed.
  • The bulbs are easily replaced when the time comes to put fresh bulbs in.
  • Auto shut-off timer dial with any exposure time setting from 1 to 15 minutes. 12 month Sperti Factory Warranty on the unit, 6 months on the bulbs.
  • This FIJI Sun uses four bulbs and is delivered ready to use. A full set of replacement bulbs (not needed now) are are easy to change.
  • More than a facial tanner with enough size & power to be a ‘sectional tanner’.
  • The Fiji Sun is a larger sunlamp with more area of coverage.


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CalSun Facial Tanning Sun Lamp / Face Tanner 110v by Clever Home

I like making use of this home tanning device and I know you will also. This is absolutely what I expected and I like everything about this. If you like items with gorgeous design, then you will definitely really like this. I have read this article which recommends this item. This product is high quality and it is also extremely inexpensive. I usually want the cheapest price possible and this has an incredibly inexpensive price I don’t feel you will regret your decision if you buy this mainly because of the affordable price.

  • Complete with UV blocking eye wear, simply place the lamp on any smooth surface, plug it in and let it begin to give you that youthful glow.
  • With the help of our Facial Tanning Lamp, you will be able to keep that healthy, youthful glow even in the dead of winter.
  • Its four 15w UV fluorescent tubes will enable you to keep your face tanned year round; no matter what the weather is like outside.


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I love this tanning bulb a good deal. This awesome item has plenty of positive consumer feedback given that this has a good amount of incredible capabilities. The affordable price of this item combined with high quality materials makes this a good deal. The design is extremely good and this is the reason why this item is incredible. The positive customer reviews are some of the reasons why this is very popular. The positive consumer feedback that this item has is an excellent method to learn how fantastic this is. Now that I’ve tried this for myself I can report that it’s very much precisely as described in the article. This is awesome.

  • The Osram ULTRA-VITALUX lamp produces a mix of radiation very similar to that of natural sunlight and can have the same positive biological effects on the body as the sun.
  • This blend of radiation is generated by a quartz discharge tube and a tungsten filament. The bulb is made of special glass which allows only that part of the output that is contained in natural sunlight to pass through.
  • Medical Tanning Bulb





* I hope you found what you are looking for.

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