Best 20 Motorcycle Dog Carriers

Best 20 Motorcycle Dog Carriers

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5 Tips To Buying A Motorcycle Dog Carrier

There are not a lot of companies making motorcycle dog carriers around. Most people have cars and not a lot of people use motorcycles for travel. Even then, people that live in places where there are lots of snow or cold weather can only use the motorcycles during the summer. However, there are still a lot of us that have motorcycles and use these pet carriers to transport our pets. They make everything easier especially if you do not have a car. If you acquire a superb motorcycle dog carrier, then I am certain it will help a whole lot in your circumstance.


1. Safety

One of the main things we need to consider is the safety of the pet. We need to make sure that the pet will not die during the transport. There are way too many instances when products are very fragile that our pets suffer from it. I have seen countless of items in the Internet promising comfort, ease of use, less effort and less price. But a lot of them are very fragile, does not work properly and has lots of possibilities of injuring the pet.

2. Weatherproof And Windproof

You will be traveling at very fast speeds. Your pet will need some sort of protection from the wind. The pet carrier should be able to block winds and other forms of debris. The wind can hurt their eyes. It is important for them to have some sort of protection. If your carrier does not protect from the wind, consider buying some eye protection for your pet like goggles. Lastly, a pet carrier should be able to withstand and protect from the rain. It is because if the insides of your pet carrier gets wet, your pet will get wet. Everything will smell like wet dog. It is just not a pleasant smell you will want to have every time you are transporting your pet.

3. Mounts And Ease Of Use

A lot of pet carriers can be latch on the motorcycle. They can be mounted easily on the sissy bars. Ease of use is a big factor. Most of the time, we are often in a hurry. We just want to hook the pet carrier on the vehicle and be ready to go. This is one of the reasons that the motorcycle dog carriers I am going to recommend are popular. They are safe and they are easy to setup.

4. Comfort

Comfort is something we need to consider. Our pet can get scared riding a bike. They can get scared of the speed, turns and noise of the bike. We need to make sure that they are comfortable. If they are comfortable, they will not be afraid and they can have a good time riding the vehicle. The inside of the item needs to be comfortable and have enough room for the pet to be in.

5. State Law

One of the most important things we need to consider is the state law. There are many laws relating to pets these days. People cannot even take their dogs in the subway in NY without some form of carrier. It is important that you know the law in your state regarding riding with your pet. You do not want to get a ticket as they tend to be very expensive these days. For example, the surcharge in NY for tickets is unbelievably expensive. It is almost as big as the fine itself.

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Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

If you’d like motorcycle dog carriers that will be ideal for your needs, scroll down to see my recommendations. These products are a few of the greatest that I know of that can transport the pet. These products help transport the pet and they have numerous positive feedback. These are some of the greatest items that have enormous amounts of functionality and that’s why I highly recommend them in my web page. There are several folks who are happy with their choice, I am convinced you will be also.


One Of These Simple Motorcycle Dog Carriers Should Be Right For You

Motorcycle Dog Carriers Site’s Review – Reasons We Picked These

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Kuryakyn 4141 Black GranTour Bag

This is an amazing pet carrier for motorcycles that I have grown to love so much. We undoubtedly don’t want to overpay for a product when there are fairly affordable ones that have exactly the same effectiveness. You can buy other products however this has lots of capabilities and it is very affordable. Kuryakyn has always been a great company that creates amazing motorcycle pet carriers. I have used this item for quite a while with noticeable good results. This is an amazing item that is created by an amazing company. This is a very good item and you can expect it to last for a long time because this has an amazing construction.

  • Materials utilized to build this are top quality
  • Large zipper pulls are glove friendly
  • quite lovely and well made


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Petego Universal Sport Bag Pet Travel Carrier

This is definitely an impressive motorcycle dog carrier. The resilience of this item is amazing and you can easily see this by checking out the features of this item. Petego is an amazing company and they continue to create amazing items just like this one. Transporting your pets should be easy and this makes it very easy. In the event you don’t listen to me, you may obtain a terrible product. In fact, terrible products regularly produce negative results for a number of folks. Your pet may get injured or you may drop your pet while driving. This is secure and safe. Durability and usefulness are the some of the key factors that people like about Petego Universal Sport Bag Pet Travel Carrier .

  • Water proof and UV protected
  • Colors looks rather gorgeous
  • Can be used as backpack
  • Functions extremely well


pet carrier

I really like this motorcycle pet carrier which explains why I am suggesting it to you. This is an exceptionally good product and the price tag is very low-priced that I don’t mind recommending it. I really like this carrier since it is very stable and secure. The design is sleek and works well. You can often check out customer reviews and it is an incredible sign of how awesome this is. You can see clearly that this product is very good and it has a great deal of positive consumer reviews. This has a good amount of characteristics that makes it high quality plus this is first-class and has impressive design.

  • Heavy duty mesh breathable panels
  • Durable pvc material
  • Double sided carry handles
  • Universal adjustable strap & clips for easy mounting
  • Three outside bonus storage pockets
  • Extra zipper top loader opening


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Tbags Pet Carrier TBU540

If you are looking for a wonderful motorcycle dog carrier then you need to think about this one. This is constructed very well with durable nylon with fade-resistant UV treatment. Products that are not complicated should be something we search for. I am confident that you will like the fact that your pet will be very comfortable inside this bag. Expandable mounting system adjusts to fit all backrest which allows this item to be very easy to mount or use. This is an incredibly good item! I purchased it as a gift for my friend and he liked it. This product seems like it will last for many years.

  • One side opens fully for easy loading
  • A lot of people enjoy this product
  • One of the best as a result of high quality materials
  • Top and two side zipper mesh panels have full weather covers


top transport carrier for dogs
Emanuele Bianchi Design Infinita Universal Sport Bag/Carrier for Pets

You will be astonished at how excellent this pet carrier is. We all love useful products. Pet is very comfortable and this provides enough ventilation to keep the pet nice and cool. It looks very stylish. Not meant to be attached to a motorcycle though but can be used like a backpack. I love this company and judging by this unbelievable item, a whole lot of people will really like this company too. The price is fantastic and this is marvelous. The first thing I noticed concerning this product is how well this can transport the pet while in a motorcycle. I am incredibly happy with this purchase. This is airline approved also and made out of hypoallergenic materials.

  • The smooth, continuous zipping action enables easy access to your pet and eliminates the need to unzip the top and one or both windows
  • Can be used with the universal carrier bike connection and the universal motorbike connection
  • Provides comfort and safety and made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Airline approved
  • New forma frame system provides a solid support for the new infinita bag; the metal support frame improves safety, usability and durability
  • Carry by hand, over the shoulder, as a backpack, attach to the car seat




Motorcycle Dog Carriers Website’s Assessment – Reasons We Selected These
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Saddlemen Pet Voyager

This is definitely a remarkable motorcycle pet carrier. This is one of the best mainly because of its resilience or durability and it can safely transport your pet. Everybody knows that complicated products can sometimes just waste our time and money. This is easy to use and setup. I’ve tried quite a few items and have always came back to this one. The company that created this is great. They have been creating motorcycle products for years. This carrier is excellent and that’s why I really like this company a lot. The gorgeous design is amongst the many things I really like about this item.

  • Two mounting systems included a saddlemen versa-mount seat harness
  • Includes a removable and washable bottom tray and resting pad for your pets comfort
  • Spacious pet compartment
  • Adjustable sissy bar strap system easily attaches the bag to your motorcycles seat, luggage rack, or sissy bar
  • Quick-disconnect mounting strapsincludes a plush back rest pad you can position for your, or your passengers, riding comfort
  • Multiple vents and access flaps let you vent fresh air to your pet while providing easy access to your pet or cargo


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Kuryakyn 4199 The Pet Palace Bag

One thing I know for certain is that this motorcycle dog carrier is rather good. This is very durable and the product has numerous features.  This is made out of a UV-rated weather-resistant 1200 denier textile material with removable rain cover. This is easy to setup, and take off the motorcycle. It protects the pet and keeps it comfortable while you the motorcycle is moving. It comes with Sissy bar strap, multiple D-rings and adjustable straps offer easy, and secure mounting options. I decided to try this due to the testimonials. You cannot tell how effective this is until you have tried it. It protects your pet from the weather such as rain. This mounts securely and easily as well.

  • Carrying handle for easy portability
  • Internal frame and rigid bottom provides support
  • Safe, stylish with reflective piping for visibility
  • Mount on a luggage rack (with or without Tour-Pak) or passenger seat
  • Highly water resistant fabric, no rain cover needed


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Infinita Universal Sport Bag Pet Carrier Travel Tote Airline Motorbike

I am confident that this is a superb dog carrier for motorcycles that you will ever find on the Internet. Is it not bizarre that this product is quite effective while being budget friendly simultaneously? Simple and straight forward are two characteristics that we all appreciate in a product. I trust this company and have been using their items for a long time. I love this product a great deal. I’ve been making use of it for quite some time. When it comes to effectiveness, Infinita Universal Sport Bag Pet Carrier Travel Tote Airline Motorbike is tremendously extraordinary. A great item that can transport the pet. This works very well plus it is not difficult to use.

  • Didn’t find any negative effects or unexpected situations
  • Airline friendly pet carrier.Attaches to motorcycle or bicycle with optional connect kit
  • Extraordinary item with a great deal of satisfied consumers


top motorcycle pet carrier
Petego Sport Wagon Bag Pet Carrier

This dog carrier can be one of the best things that you have ever ordered. I first discovered this item while searching the Internet. This is very good and comes in another color. Be sure to strap it down well and make sure this is stable. This product is budget friendly and pretty effective. There exist a lot of reasons why this is one of the best that I know of and the price plays a big factor. I am completely happy and I will certainly purchase again. This has a marvelous design and it is also full of a good amount of remarkable features. The selling price is just right and it can transport the pet while in a motorcycle.

  • Sporty and safe pet carrier
  • Wide opening and rigid bottom for pet safety and comfort
  • Large pockets all around for extra storage


motorcycle pet carrier reviews
Rockstar Puppy Motorcycle Pet Carrier

If you do your research, then it is simple to see that a great deal of people like this dog carrier for motorcycles. This is certainly one of the best due to affordability and it is also very safe. This is a very good item and you can expect it to last for a long time because its toughness is amazing. I discovered this product a short while ago and I can’t believe I never heard about it before. I’ve heard a number of excellent things about this item from a friend and made a decision that it couldn’t hurt to test it out. This is great for small pets.

  • This carrier works best for dogs that weigh up to 18 pounds.
  • Securely mounts to almost any motorcycle or scooter luggage rack
  • Hard Shell Fiberglass Material with chrome piping trim around the opening



A Few Of The Best Dog Carrying Backpacks

You can also use a backpack for dogs. This is a much more affordable way to transport your pet.


Dog Carrier Editor’s Assessment – Reasons We Picked These
top motorcycle dog carrier
NICREW Legs Out Front Dog Carrier

I am sure that this is an outstanding motorcycle dog carrier backpack that you’ll ever find. I wish I could say a good deal more about this item other than this is awesome for the reason that I am incredibly happy with it. It is wise to take into account the price tag of this item and its features. This came from a great company and I find this item to be really impressive. My small pet is very comfortable with this item. I wasn’t expecting much from this product when I ordered but I was very surprised when it worked incredibly well. This has a few mesh panels which allow accessibility and ventilation for the pet or puppy.  It is easy to see that many men and women really like this item due to how effective this item is and it can transport the pet while in a motorcycle.

  • Snap open and shut the buckles with ease.
  • 1. 5″ wide adjustable straps with comfort pads, the straps will never cut into your back/shoulders any more
  • Nice for walks, bike rides and other outdoor activities, never leave your puppy alone when you you’re out on an adventure!
  • Nicrew front dog carrier is designed for maximum comfort your dog and you. The front view gives you an idea of the details- the roomy neck, the spacious leg openings.
  • Easy in and out design. Two side zippers on the long sides of the carrier and velcro at the dog’s neck
  • Added mesh panels allow maximum accessibility and ventilation for your pet


dog carrier for motorcycles
Paws & Pals Dog Pet Carrier Rolling Backpack

This pet carrier rolling backpack is one of the greatest that I know of. I like this item, you can do so much with this. I like that this is a rolling backpack. If you have back problems or cannot carry a lot of weight then this is a great choice. It allows you to take a break while pulling the backpack with you. The company did a good job at making this product useful, sturdy and exquisite simultaneously. I really like this a whole lot and it is one of the greatest things I have obtained in a while. This is extraordinary and I am happy that I found it. It is simple fact that if you read through the positive customer reviews, you will have a better understanding of this item. This is awesome and constructed very well.

  • Zippered side pockets allow for storage of pet supplies, treats, and toys
  • Dimensions: 14″ (length) x 11″ (width) x 19″ (height)
  • Telescoping handle and dual wheels allow the owner a comfortable alternative to bring their pet anywhere
  • Features mesh side panels and front door to keep your pet in tune with its surroundings
  • Telescoping handle and dual wheels allow the owner a comfortable alternative to bring their pet anywhere.
  • Made from extremely durable 600d polyester which can be removed and washed


top pet carrier
Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers/Backpack

A great deal of people are frequently surprised at how awesome this dog carrier is. This has a padded back and shoulder strap which allows the user to have more comfort especially when the pet is a little bit heavy. I recommend this high quality item simply because this works well and I know a good amount of people really like it. The company who made this is outstanding and that is why this product is really popular. A number of people purchase this item mainly because of the low price and the positive consumer reviews. This is really gorgeous. I really like this product mainly because the design is incredibly clean and looks great. This is exceptionally high quality and I know that you will really like this too.

  • Four mesh window for ventilation and visibility
  • Padding adjustable shoulder stap with chest straps help secure the backpack
  • Removable bottom cover for easier cleaning
  • Plastic base to secure better and be off the ground
  • Fabric: 600d x 600d oxford cloth
  • For pets weighing up to 15-pounds and tether inside to secure pets


motorcycle pet carrier
Outward Hound Kyjen PoochPouch Front Carrier

This dog carrier that you are going to look at is incredibly excellent. This is meant for a hiking dog. If you take your pet hiking and the pet can no longer move then this is a great choice. This is an excellent backpack for pets. I was actually fairly amazed at the quality of this item based on the affordable price. It is easy to see that this item has a whole lot of positive consumer feedback which should be a great indication on how superior this item is. It is known that there aren’t many high quality products like this one in the Internet its no wonder that I know you will like this.

  • Keeping it cool: the pooch pouch front carrier from outward hound was made with warm weather in mind and is complete with mesh siding and a lightweight design that will allow you to pack up your pooch and keep them cool during the walking/hiking adventure you have ahead.
  • Perfect for small paws: not all legs move as fast as ours, but that shouldn’t keep them from experiencing all the fun!
  • The outward hound pooch pouch front carrier is ideal for carrying smaller to medium sized dogs who aren’t always ready for long hikes, but want to stick around for the view (and selfie at the summit).


transport carrier for dogs reviews
Petsfit Comfort Dogs Carriers Backpack

There is absolutely no denying that this pet carrier is actually rather great. Another great backpack from petsfit. This one provides lots of ventilation to the pet. If you want to be pleased with your purchase, then I suggest obtaining this mainly because a great deal of people are pretty satisfied with it. This is for dogs 13 pounds and below. I know that you will really like this product a good deal also. There is not much to say regarding a simple product. This is very pleasing to the eye and it can transport the pet while in a motorcycle. I think you will love the affordable price of this product as well.

  • Mesh sides for well-ventilated rides
  • Safety harness attachment and drawstring top for added security
  • Features mesh window for safety, ventilation and visibility, sturdy adjustable shoulder straps and comfort grip handle




Dog Carrier Site’s Review – Reasons We Selected These
best motorcycle dog carriers
Mogoko Pet Dog Cat Puppy Portable Airline Travel Approved Carrier

Just by looking at the positive user reviews, I know that this airline approved dog carrier is exceptional. This is one of the finest items I’ve ever tried and it is exceptionally budget friendly. This backpack is ideal for outdoor activities and a great way to transport your pet. This item has a good amount of positive customer feedback. I really like it. This is one of the best pet backpacks that you can get. I am glad that I can make use of this all the time and each time has been an amazing experience. I know that you will really like this item and I find this product to be very impressive.

  • Padding panels & removable bottom cover. — With epe foam padded back and sides, pup pack help your pet enjoy a nice nap. Removable bottom cover makes it easier to clean.
  • Adjustable straps & interior drawstring. — Adjustable padded straps help to reduce the burden. Extendable strap with buckle keeps the backpack stable. Interior rope with buckle prevents your pet from jumping out or hurt itself.
  • Airline approved & ideal for outdoor trips. — Airline compliant dimensions for pets. It’s great for sightseeing, camping or trips to the vet.
  • Zipped top entry allows for easy access. Mesh side pockets help store leash, whistle, water, snacks, treats and other necessities.
  • Remember to measure its dimension firstly; a carrier should be a comfortable house for your adorable pet.
  • Mesh design for ventilation & visible, mesh pockets for storage. — Mesh windows are ventilated and visible, making your pet breathe freely and relax.


motorcycle pet carrier
Hokonui Pet Dog Backpack Shoulder Puppy Pack

I am confident that this is an astounding transport carrier for dogs that you will ever find. This one is very stylish and looks good. Very comfortable as well. This is exactly what I was trying to find! It is simple and extremely good. I am extremely happy I found this for the reason that this is definitely one of the best. This is a high quality item that I know you will surely really like. I am grateful that you are in this web page due to the fact this is an extremely inexpensive item. The design is just amazing.

  • Two net bag besides for pet dog carrier can place umbrella, water bottle, dog food and other belongings, both beautiful and convenient.
  • Innovative anti-shedding design: innovative waist belts with a free stretching length can better place it with your shoulder or in the car.
  • Even the pet is moving, the pet dog carrier backpack won’t shake violently, and you can do various kinds of extreme sports without any concern. A rope of pet dog bag is attached to keep pet from jumping out or falling.
  • Updated space design: super large capacity design of pet dog carrier backpack could serve more kinds of pets. It can withstand huge ranges of pets up to 10kg! Super large storage space let your pets move and rest freely.
  • Animal-considered design: pet dog carrier backpack with 4 huge ventilated net mesh windows sitting in front increase air permeability, allow your buddy breathe freely, and enjoy tremendous scene with you. Extra food bowls can be folded into flying saucers, providing your pet with food & pleasure during the trip.
  • All-round material consideration: we adopt waterproof fabric oxford cloth and pvc fluorescence leather which is easy to clean. With 2 extra temperature retaining cushions in the bottom, your pet could get warm protection during all season, both warm in winter and cool in summer to prevent cold.


top transport carrier for dogs
PETS GO2 Pet Carrier for Dogs & Cats – Airline Approved Quality Expandable

There are a number of pet carrier in the World-wide-web however this is extremely outstanding. There are a whole lot of men and women who love the simplicity and design of this product. This is another airline approved pet carrier. This is among the finest and I know that you will agree with me when you test it. Provides lots of room and very comfortable for the pet. Remarkable and distinctive design are major factors why I recommend this product. This is one of the finest that you can acquire over the internet and I know that you will love making use of this.

  • Airlines approved: designed to fit under front cabin seat of major airline carriers – alaska, allegiant air, american, delta, frontier, hawaiian, jetblue, southwest, spirit, united, virgin america
  • There is a removable, hand-washable, comfortable pad in the main compartment that is sure to keep your pet feeling relaxed and comfy.
  • Made from 600d oxford cloth and #1 600 pvc. The hoops for the end openings and expanding sides are 100% steel, not plastic, to hold up properly and not sag on your pet like inferior products. The zippers and attachments are top quality.
  • Pet approved: animals of all sizes love this travel kennel; from your toy yorkie purse puppy to your bunny rabbit, guinea pig, doggy dachshund, dog or cat; foldable and expandable for the perfect fit
  • Easy travel: lightweight handbag with padded shoulder strap for easy traveling; use as sling, tote, top load on luggage stroller with rolling wheels or by car, airplane, motorcycle, or bike
  • Safe & secure: pets up to 20 pounds – lbs – feel relaxed while traveling; mesh sides for increased airflow and vision, solid outer construction for increased protection; top panel for easy loading


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Spaco Pet Travel Carrier Backpack Travel Carrier Bag

This pet backpack carrier is remarkable and I know you will like it when you try it. This is very spacious and has multiple ventilation meshes to provide a view and air to the pet. The design is simple but very effective. The number of positive customer reviews that this product has is extraordinary that there is a big probability that you’ll be enticed to obtain one. I just like the usefulness and elegance of this item. This high quality item will definitely impress you. I want to tell you that this has exceeded my expectations. The product is really low-priced while being extremely effective. The company did an awesome job with the design.

  • Buffering balance, dispersing the weight, easy to carry pets. folding storage, only a small storage space.
  • Comfortable design: high breathability fabric with breathable windows the front and the ceiling with high quality mesh material, superior ventilation. Cats and puppies have a comfortable rest.
  • Sturdy fabric and sewing the pet bag attentively. It looks like a simple design, but it’s more durable than imagined.


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COODIA Legs Out Front Pet Dog Carrier

This cute pet carrier is astounding and I know you are going to like it. I’ve used a large amount of costlier items and this is pretty inexpensive and just as good. This is one of the finest and I have little question that you will be satisfied with this. This is very cute and ideal for small pets. I usually pay close consideration to the design due to the fact it will show how well the product will perform. This impressive company manufactured another fantastic item and nothing I can do but recommend it to my website visitors.

  • More easier to wear with zipper on the two sides.
  • Head out design, to hold the whole pet and let your pet enjoy a soothing stroll while keeping your hands free.
  • Front pack design easier for you to take care of your pet. You can also take it as backpack.





* I hope you found what you were looking for.


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