Best New Hampshire Hikes

Best New Hampshire Hikes

Best New Hampshire Hikes

Best Hikes In New Hampshire

Amazing Mountains To Hike In New Hampshire

One of the best things that I look forward to when going to New Hampshire is hiking the White Mountains. The white mountains are a mountain range covering about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in the United States. The hikes offer different types of trails, scenery and experience. Any person who loves to hike must go to New Hampshire at least once in their lives to experience what it is meant to hike the White Mountains. I will discuss 3 hikes that I did that I extremely loved. I brought along other people to these hikes and they all loved them as well. These hikes are very popular and very strenuous as well but they are worth doing. I picked trails that are approximately around 10 miles long so most people will be able to do them. These hikes offer wonderful vistas or overlooks. Any landscape photographer would be amazed at the opportunity to photograph the scenery.


List Of Best Hikes In New Hampshire

Mount Washington Hike Mount Washington Hike – This is most likely the most popular hike in New Hampshire. It gives people the option of driving up to the summit and driving down as well. I often recommend people to just hike upward then drive down. The best experience is when you are hiking up, you will appreciate the view and the trails more this way. When I went here, I was greeted with a nice undercast of clouds that provided me with an amazign experience. I was already amazed with the fall colors of the leaves and forests but the undercast of clouds definitely took my breath away. This hike is still one of the best that I have ever done.


Franconia Ridge HikeFranconia Ridge Hike – This is definitely one of the best hikes in New Hampshire. It is also one of the most beautiful hikes that I have ever done. The ridge just provided a wonderful 360 degree view. I can just stay on the top and appreciate the beauty of nature. The Franconia Ridge looked amazing in photographs. It is one of the top 20 hikes listed in National Geographic. After doing this hike, I can definitely see why that is. The hike is very strenuous but offers amazing views and an amazing experience. You can even bring your pet dog. I saw a lot of dogs in this hike and they all seemed so happy to do it. The best part is that the Falling Waters trail and Old Bridle Path trail offers a lot of exciting views and scenery. There is hardly a dull moment.


Mount FlumeMount Flume, Mount Liberty Via Flume Slide Trail – One of the best hikes in New Hampshire that offers great views and difficult rock scramble. This hike is one of the most strenuous and dangerous hikes I have ever done. I’m not saying that you can fall off a cliff but the steepness and wet surface of the Flume Slide trail made this hike very dangerous. There is a good chance of injury if you are not careful. Having said that, Mount Flume and Mount Liberty offer such amazing views and scenery. I loved every second of my time on the overlooks. The views that they offer were amazing. I could enjoy nature’s beauty just by looking at the overlooks. The hike is also very strenuous. I do not recommend this as a family hike. I definitely recommend to not bring your kids on the Flume Slide trail.


Hiking Tips – Eat Breakfast, Bring Water And Eat Lunch

When I brought my group to New Hampshire, I planned it very well. I made sure that they have breakfast, plenty of water and be able to bring lunch to the hikes. It is very important that people feel good and have lots of energy when they are going to hike up a mountain. Keep in mind that these hikes are very strenuous. A good breakfast can definitely help. A good lunch can replenish and revitalize people. Bringing plenty of water can make sure that people do not get dehydrated and will be in good condition to keep moving. Never underestimate the value of breakfast, lunch and water. They can break or make a good hike. People will definitely have more fun and appreciate the hike more if they have good breakfast, lunch and plenty of water.



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