Best Portable Beds For Adults – Indoor And Outdoor

Best Portable Beds For Adults – Indoor And Outdoor

There are many portable beds for adults and it can get pretty confusing on what type of item you should buy. There are indoor, outdoor and air beds that you can get. It depends on the type of situation or circumstance that you are in. Each type of portable bed is completely different. Cots are different from pads. Memory foam are completely different from air beds. All of these features are meant to give people a comfortable place to sleep. One of my tasks is to narrow your search and provide you the best possible information that you need to make a good decision. I am going to list a couple of portable beds for adults that you will certainly need to take a look at.

I am certain that these portable beds for adults are amazing. They have lots of customer feedback and user reviews. These items are a few of the finest that I am aware of that can provide lots of comfort. The greatest part is that these beds have a great deal of features, positive consumer feedback, and created by popular companies which mean you can have the peace of mind knowing that a great deal of people are happy with their purchase. These items often have a great deal of magnificent capabilities and that’s why I am recommending them to a great deal of people.


Indoor And Outdoor Portable Beds For Adults

Portable Air Beds

These beds are great for indoor and outdoor use. If you are going on a trip and you are staying in a house or going to the outdoors also then a bed that can handle both situations would be ideal. These beds are air beds. They are easy to inflate and deflate. You can set them up easily as well as pack them up. Great for everyday use while in a camping trip. You can also use them inside the house if there is a shortage in beds and couches.


Indoor And Outdoor Portable Beds For Adults Website’s Assessment – Reasons We Chose These

portable beds for adults SoundAsleep

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

Whenever my relatives visit, I always want them to have an amazing impression of my home. I think it is the same for everyone else. We all want them to leave with a good impression and good sense of our family. A bad impression can lead to drama and unpleasant things. A great bed is a must for a good impression to happen. SoundAsleep is one of the best guest beds that I have ever used. It is very comfortable that my guests often felt at home or they felt they were sleeping on their own house. I get a lot of compliments from many people that slept in my home as well. They have always come back because they felt great and always had fun. A good bed allows them to have energy, have a good night sleep and be more open to activities the next day. SoundAsleep helps a lot. This bed is very popular as well that a lot of people have already discovered the amazing benefits this bed has. This is very comfortable and have not found any other air bed that can even come close to this bed.

  • Easy to inflate, deflate and setup that I can have a comfortable bed ready for my guests in a few minutes
  • Very comfortable, and feels good on the skin that I get compliments about this bed
  • Popular bed due to qualities and characteristics not found anywhere else
  • Extra thick, waterproof flocked top for added comfort and durability with multilayer, puncture-resistant material.
  • Easy to deflate and pack up. Effortless and no frustrations at all that I have experienced.
  • Feels good on the back and most people have back problems. Having a bed that feels great to sleep in gives my guests a sense of care, kindness and hospitality coming from me



portable beds for adults Intex

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

I love this indoor and outdoor portable bed which is why I am recommending it to you. The price of this bed is very affordable and the comfort it brings is amazing. We often think about the price and comfort whenever we are choosing a bed. I have tried a great deal of portable beds. A lot of them are just terrible and they break easily. Some are very hard to use and clean as well. But this one works incredibly well. It is easy to inflate, easy to clean and easy to transport as well. It feels good on the back and on the skin. Even after some time has passed, this is still one of the best that I have ever used.

  • Duffel bag included for easy storage and transport
  • Waterproof flocked top raised 22 inches from floor with indented sides to keep your fitted sheets from slipping
  • Built-in, high-powered electric pump for hassle-free inflation and deflation, inflates mattress in approximately 4 and 1/2 minutes to the desired firmness
  • Inflatable Queen airbed for home use engineered with Fiber-Tech™ Construction



portable beds for adults Coleman

Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

I am constantly looking for some incredibly good indoor and outdoor portable air beds like this one. This has one of the most affordable price that I know of which explains why I recommend it. The price tag of this bed is very affordable and the capabilities that this bed has are also excellent. I am always in search of a good portable bed and I am very satisfied I can find this bed on the web. Coleman is one of the best companies when it comes to air beds. It is difficult to find a great bed that can provide comfort as well as a good price as this one. The best part is that this particular air bed has many positive consumer feedback therefore you don’t have to do a considerable amount of research.

  • For use outdoors while camping or indoors as an extra bed
  • Durable, comfortable, and convenient, the Coleman Double High QuickBed is the air mattress you can depend on.
  • Heavy duty PVC construction plus the leak-free guarantee of the Coleman Airtight System provide unequalled reliablitiy.
  • Waterproof flocked top with wave beams can be cleaned easily
  • Soft plush top creates a velvet-like sleep surface for more comfort



portable beds for adults SoundAsleep

Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

There are quite a bit of men and women that bought this air bed due to the fact this is incredible. This bed is pretty popular and looks great also. It is very user friendly and I doubt that you will experience any problems when using it. I like this item, it comes just as it says in the description and functions just as well. I like the fact that this has a lot of compliments from the people who bought it. I got this when the price was very low. It was well worth it. I highly recommend this air bed.

  • This PVC-free air mattress is more temperature stable, abrasion resistant, and is more durable than regular PVC air beds
  • Superior durability from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material construction that packs up small and lightweight
  • Sleep better on this two-person Phthalate and PVC-Free air bed; adjust firmness thanks to the two-way Boston valve and patented stabilizer system
  • Comes with battery operated pump and an oversized storage bag (batteries not included)



portable beds for adults Serta

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

This indoor portable bed for adults is really good. There are air beds that are hard to use but this one is easy to set up and pack. If you want an incredibly effective air bed and very comfortable then this bed is perfect. One of the best that you can get. Serta is a great company and they have lots of mattresses that I love as well. I have nothing but success using this! I like that it can provide a comfortable place to sleep. A lot of online shoppers will always be trying to find a good deal and this one is a great buy. It provides lots of comfort, functionality and the price is not bad as well. One thing to note is that this item is for indoor use only.

  • Convenient auto-shutoff feature on primary pump automatically turns the pump system off when the airbed is fully inflated or deflated
  • Secondary neverFLATpump monitors and silently maintains the air pressure to your desired comfort level while you sleep
  • Primary pump automatically inflates and deflates your airbed in less than 4 minutes
  • 21 circular coils create a supportive and level sleep surface




Here Are Some Of The Best Portable Beds For Adults

Indoor Portable Beds For Adults – Guest Beds

What I am going to talk about in this section are indoor portable beds for adults. These items are great if you need a bed for guests that are visiting your place. If a family member is visiting your place then you can just use one of these beds. They will provide lots of comfort and they are easy to set up and repack. Most of these beds are memory foam beds. Memory foam are very comfortable. They provide lots of benefits to the body as well. Memory foam are very common these days because of their durability, versatility and comfort.

Click on the IMAGE to see customer reviews, feedback from shoppers and for more information.

Indoor Portable Beds For Adults Website’s Review – Reasons We Chose These

portable beds for adults sleep master

Sleep Master Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed

This is one of the best indoor portable beds for adults that I know of. Sleep Master is a great company. They produce a lot of beds from babies, kids, girls, boys and adults. Your guest will definitely have a great sleep on this bed. You want your guests to feel good and say good things about your home, best way to do that is to give them a great sleep so they can have fun the next day. The price tag is a big factor whenever we buy. The price of this bed is definitely worth it. Overall, I like the bed and it seems to do a great job on its primary task. It is very easy to fold and unfold. Very comfortable to sleep on as well.

  • Features a 5 inch mattress with 1 inch of memory foam and 4 inches of High-density Base Support Foam
    Strong solid steel foldable frame
  • Plenty of features come with this product
  • Matching fabric on mattress and frame designed to look like a box spring and mattress set
  • Lots of people purchasing from this company
  • Strong solid steel foldable frame



portable beds for adults ibed

iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed

Just by looking at the positive customer testimonials, I am certain that this is one of the best portable guest beds. This is one of the best and most sturdiest portable beds that I have come across. This is absolutely the product to have due to the price. I have already been making use of this iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed for a couple of years or so and I just love it. There are a lot of portable beds that are very fragile and they will just end up wasting your money. Some have their legs breakdown, some do not work properly, some are not comfortable and etc. This iBed guest bed is amazing and a lot better than most beds out there.

  • Great for condos, vacation homes, guest bedrooms, camping and rv’s
  • One of the least difficult products to clean
  • Rewarding purchase that you won’t regret
  • Spring supported sleep surface for comfort



portable beds for adults Milliard

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat

This is one of the best indoor guest beds that you can get online. They are very easy to set up, and fold back down. The memory foam mattress is very comfortable and feels great. This guest bed can provide a comfortable place to sleep much better than most items. One of the best guest beds that I have seen. It is compact, portable and easy to use. It is also very comfortable.

  • Great for apartment dwellers, college dorms, family dens and when your traveling or anywhere else space is limited.
  • Superb design
  • Made out of CertiPUR-US® Certified high density Foam so your bed dosn’t sag and is light and portable enough for use while travelling.
  • Useful



portable beds for adults Lucid

Sleep Master Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed with Bonus Storage Bag

You need to take a look at this indoor guest bed before this is sold-out. I like this item because it works well and can provide a comfortable place to sleep. This portable guest bed has a very good design. It is very effective, comfortable and it does the job very well. I discovered that this looks excellent and are rather tough. The price of this item is not bad either. Well worth buying it. Sleep Master is one of the best companies also when it comes to beds.

  • 4 Inch mattress features premium cover
  • 1 inch top layer of fiber padding plus 3 inches of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam for support
  • Casters are uniquely positioned on the frame, so when it is open the legs do not move around on the floor



portable beds for adults Serta

Serta 39-inch Portable Rollaway Guest Office Spare Bedroom Bed

This portable bed should be one of the items that you take a look at. I like Serta beds when it comes to babies but didn’t know they make amazing beds for adults as well. This is very comfortable. Great guest bed. I am certain your visitor will find it very comfortable. This is an excellent product never to be out of. I thought it would be awful and difficult to handle, but discovered that was not the case. If you get this bed, you will definitely be blown away at how comfortable and amazing it is.

  • Set includes: 39-inch rollaway bed frame and mattress
  • Support: Medium Materials: Steel
  • Well designed




Outdoor Portable Beds – Pads For Camping, Hiking And Backpacking

Pads are very comfortable. They are also not that expensive and lightweight. If you are planning on hiking, camping, backpacking or walking a great distance while carrying lots of stuff then a pad is a great choice rather than a full portable bed.

Click on the IMAGE to see customer reviews, feedback from shoppers and for more information.

Portable Beds For Adults Editor’s Analysis – Reasons We Picked These
portable beds for adults ALPS pad
ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Series Self-Inflating Air Pad

This is a wonderful portable bed for adults that you will find over the web. The price of this one is very affordable and I highly recommend you get them as soon as possible. One of the things I love about this item is that it has a lot of feedback from people who bought it. Most of them are also compliments. Probably the best place to purchase this pad is online because of the price tag. This is great and would love for people to make use of them to experience how great this is.

  • Strong and lightweight; See sizing chart for dimensions
  • The shape is extremely attractive and goes well with other items
  • Faster inflating and deflating
  • Comes with a great deal of choices
  • Abrasion resistant; Long-term durability


portable beds for adults Coleman Pad
Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Attached Pillow

This is simply one of the best portable beds and it is extremely affordable. I recommend this outdoor sleeping pad to anyone for the reason that this is very comfortable and incredibly user friendly. The design and materials used to create this item are both amazing. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this. I found this bed when I was searching the Internet and doing my research. This is very comfortable and great for outdoor use. The guidelines are incredibly easy and the product is not complicated.

  • Self-inflating/deflating free-flow valve, no pump needed
  • Great structure
  • You’ll find this to be user friendly and not challenging to make use of
  • Compression straps for compact storage and easy transport


portable beds for adults TETON pad
TETON Sports Camp Pad

There are lots of camping pads in the Web however this is extremely good and remains one of the best. A lot of people do not like complicated and hard to use products which is why I love products that are simple to use such as this bed. I purchased TETON Sports Camp Pad simply because it has a great deal of positive customer ratings. I had been using another brand name for many months and did not feel as effective as this one. One of the best purchases that I’ve done so far.

  • Material: EVA Foam and Aluminium Foil Surface
  • Expect lots of awesome functions
  • Durable, Portable, Lightweight, Waterproof, Convenient Storage
  • Not going to provide you with challenges when making use of it


portable beds for adults Intex pad
Intex Inflatable Fabric Camping Mattress with Built-In Pillow

There is no denying that this is one of the best camping mattresses that is available right now. The design of this outdoor pad is extremely good and it is the reason why this particular bed is excellent. It doesn’t matter how you perceive it, the cost of this bed is very inexpensive. This product is incredibly sturdy and durable. Works incredibly well and can provide lots of comfort. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it has been wonderful. I love it and I know you will also.

  • Extraordinary item with plenty of satisfied consumers
  • The comfort and design of a traditional airbed, but in an ULTRA lightweight, compact package!
  • Laminated material for extra Strength. Ultra Lightweight and Compact.
portable beds for adults STANSPORT pad
Stansport Pack-Lite Pad

You simply will not be disappointed with this portable camping pad. I am recommending this item since it is well made and it’s incredibly inexpensive. If you find yourself purchasing a hard to use portable bed, I propose returning it and purchasing this one. This is easy to use, easy set up and very comfortable. I am extremely pleased when I bought this item. I know that you will be also. You should give it a try or at least look at its features before buying any other outdoor sleeping pads.

  • Stansport – Pack lite Portable Camping & Backpacking Pad
  • Lightweight camping/backpacking pad made of closed cell foam insulation
  • Still works after a lot of time have passed




Camping Cots – Best Portable Beds For Adults

Camping cots are often used outdoors instead of an air bed or outdoor sleeping pad. Camping cots are great because they can also become chairs. They give lots of comfort and will protect you from insects that are crawling in the ground. If you do not like sleeping pads, or air beds then you should give camping cots a try.

Click on the IMAGE to see customer reviews, feedback from shoppers and for more information.

Camping Cots Website’s Assessment – Reasons We Chose These

portable beds for adults TETON cot

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot

I am suggesting this camping cot due to the fact I am positive you will like this. There is an enormous likelihood that you will feel disappointed about your choice if the product that you got is too challenging. This is very easy to use, setup and pack. The price is fantastic taking into consideration the top quality materials that are used in this product. This can be used indoor as well. It is very portable and very comfortable. If you want a well-made item with lots of functionalities and a good price tag then you do not need to look any further.

  • Constructed with an Aluminum frame, patented steel legs, and Heavy-duty 600D Poly Canvas top
  • Good construction that works absolute well
  • The Outfitter XXL Cot has an oversized sleeping area that supports up to 600 lbs.; one person setup and take down is quick and easy
  • It is ok if this gets dirt for the reason that it is effortless to clean
  • Compatible with Outfitter XXL Camp Pad, Outfitter XXL Quick tent, Gun sleeve, Under Cot Storage and Cot Organizer



portable beds for adults Coleman COT

Coleman ComfortSmart(TM) Cot

I can easily state that this is a rather good camping cot. Generally, we do not want to buy products that are very complicated or have challenging guidelines. There are a lot of products in this category however I am recommending this simply because it is incredibly durable. At this time, this is one of the finest items in the industry. I trust this company and have been using their items for many years. This is incredibly resilient. It is easy to tell because they are made of high quality materials.

  • Superior comfort, thick foam mattress and spring coil suspension
  • Spectacular form and wonderful colors
  • One of the most durable items I know of
  • Compact, folds up to fit inside most car trunks



portable beds for adults Mountain Trails cot

Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot

I love this camping cot which is why I am recommending them to you. The design and features are very one of a kind and versatile. This portable bed has stability, usefulness and beauty simultaneously. I buy online constantly. This is one of the best due to the selling price. This arrived quickly, I began using it just as directed. This provide lots of comfort and easy to carry and pack. I frequently favor portable beds that are certainly simple to use.

  • Rugged powder coated steel frame holds up to 200 pounds.
  • Well-built
  • Polyester top can be wiped off for easy cleaning.
  • You’re going to get a great deal of performance from this



portable beds for adults KAMP-RITE

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot

This is definitely an extraordinary camping cots. The design is amazing due to the fact the designers must have put a great deal of effort into this protable bed for adults. If you’ve done your research, then it is easy to see why a lot of people love this bed. This is among the finest I have tried, without a doubt. I’ve tried many. I will acknowledge that my expectations for this item were perhaps a bit too great to start. But I have been using this for some time and I have nothing but praise for it.

  • 2 drop down storage pouches for cell phone wallet keys etcetera
  • When folded the 2 pouches form a carry handle for easy transportation
  • No unwanted side effects



portable beds for adults Magshion

Magshion* Portable Military Fold Up Camping Bed Cot + Free Storage Bag- 5 Colors

This camping cot is incredibly good. There are numerous people who are very satisfied and glad when they bought this bed for the reason that this is very durable. This portable cot is incredibly simple to use so that is one thing that is less to be concerned about. I am quite pleased because this received a great deal of compliments. This is an incredible deal. This provide lots of comfort and well-built for the price. This portable bed has such beautiful design that I do not mind recommending it to anyone. A great bed that is suitable for most people and most situations.

  • Portable Cot With A Quick And Easy Fold Up Design(included Free Bag)
  • Material: Steel/Oxford Cloth Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs
  • Worth every penny






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  1. I have the Teton Camp Pad and Intex. Not sure it is the same model. But they are very comfortable. I heard a lot of nice things about Sound Asleep. Going to try it one of these days. The company Intex is really good though. They have a lot of air beds.

  2. So glad I found this website. I bought an air bed and it got holes after a week. I tried the first airbed and it is working well. Thanks!!

  3. I bought the soundasleep one except I bought the camping model. My friend was sleeping on it. he slept like a baby. It is very comfortable.

  4. I had a couple of family members visited me. Good thing I had two air beds which came from Intex and SoundAsleep. I moved the sofas in the living room area and inflated the beds. They were so impressed at how comfortable the air beds were.

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