Best Portable Dog Pens | 15 Amazing Pet Exercise Playpens

Best Portable Dog Pens | 15 Amazing Pet Exercise Playpens


We could use portable dog pens that are pretty good. There are many cases when we want to deter our pets from moving around or we want them to be confined for their own safety. There are also lots of times when we want to just block them from going to a room because of a baby. Whatever the case is, we often need barriers for our pets. You’ve got a higher possibility of getting what you want if you make use of the info in this web page. There are numerous discounts at the moment therefore acquiring a product right away is a very good idea.

The simple fact is that some of the very best portable dog pens that do not get enough spot light or attention which is the reason not a lot of individuals know about them. These products below are a few of the very best that I am aware of that can secure and contain the pet. These product have the qualities that plenty of folks are looking for which is the reason they have a great deal of positive customer reviews. These are quite a few of the finest items that have a low price which is why I strongly recommend them in my website. One thing I know is that you will certainly be satisfied with your order due to the fact they are that incredible.


I Really Like These Portable Dog Pens I Am Going To List

Portable Dog Pens Site’s Critique – Reasons We Selected These

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IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen

This is definitely a superb portable dog pen. The designs of this item is quite excellent which is why there are a great deal of people getting and recommending this dog pen. If you want to secure and contain the pet, then get this product since it is exceptionally durable and works well. One of the best ways to confine your pet and have the peace of mind that your pet is safe. I don’t know what else to say about this. This product worked so well and I got so much positive results that it was well worth all the research and time I put into it. This product is very durable and is probably the best in its price range. This should last for many years to come.

  • IRIS 24” Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, is perfect for puppies, small to large dogs, and other family pets.
  • The IRIS Exercise Pet Playpen can be utilized indoors or outdoors; the pet playpen is portable and provides 8 square feet of exercise space for pets!
  • Each panel measures 33.6″W x 24″H; door measurements 14.5”W x 16.5”H; the distance between bars is 1.5”. The IRIS Playpen is made in the USA of durable, heavy-duty molded plastic, the playpen will last for years and will never rust!
  • The panels interlock securely with full-length connecting rods, and the pens can be positioned in different shapes to suit your pet’s needs best.
  • Each panel features a non-skid rubber foot to protect flooring.
  • This 4-panel pet pen can be used both indoors and outdoors. Made of heavy-duty plastic, this pen features double steel door latches for added security and interlocking panels for easy assembly.

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MidWest Exercise Pen

I am excited to recommend this portable exercise pen because this is wonderful. This is also very durable and should give you plenty of years of usefulness. Toughness is among the main factors why we love this item. I purchased this to replace the other one I owned. This is very good. This really is what I wanted. This product is sure to please. I really like mine. You’ll really like yours. I believe that this product is incredible due to the fact the designer put plenty of thought into their creation.

  • This 40″ High Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for your dog, it is easy to set up and you have tons of way to set it up both indoor or outdoor.
  • You can connect multiple playpens together and set up as a rectangle or octagon
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog
  • 8 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly included with Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog


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Oxgord Dog Animal Heavy Duty Playpen

You need to have a look at this heavy duty playpen before this is out of stock. Ease of use is one of the solid points of this pet pen. The design is extremely gorgeous and wonderful plus the price is incredibly affordable. This has great workmanship and truly a brilliant design. I have no problems with the item. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to own a good portable pet pen. This is a very good product! I acquired it as a gift for my friend and he really likes it. If you really like tremendously inexpensive items, then the low price tag of this will make you really like it.

  • If you have a massive family and is too busy to keep eyes on your pet, the Oxford play pen is the perfect solution that gives you ease of mind.
  • Create an area where she can play and be active with other pets.
  • This versatile play pen can be configured in different shapes and use in so many different ways.
  • Even better, you can get more than one and put them together to create a pet zoo!!!
  • It’s light, foldable, and easy to set up and break down so you can bring your pet anywhere you want to go. It even works with bunny rabbits! However cats that jump high are not recommended!


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Pet 45″ Playpen Foldable Portable Dog/Cat/Puppy Exercise Kennel

I am constantly amazed because this portable exercise kennel continue to satisfy a whole lot of individuals. It is exceptionally easy to see that this product is very highly effective. A pretty effective pet pendoes not mean it will also be tremendously expensive also. This is very affordable compared to most products out there. This works exactly as it is outlined, we have had no troubles with it. This is an incredible product. I have been using this for a while. It can secure and contain the pet. It is a wonderful gift to give to pals too. There are plenty of people that are looking for good deals and this is one of them mainly because of the cheap price. This is very durable and should be able to handle a lot of punishment.

  • The Zampa playpen can go wherever you and your pet’s adventures take you.
    This foldable play pen sets up and collapses very simple, so it’s ready whenever you are.
  • 4 Steaks so you can take it outdoor and be sure your pet is save, stick it to the ground
  • Spacious interior gives your pet room to play


pet crate for outdoor
BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen

This portable dog pen that you’re going to look at is extremely good. There are plenty of products that I have tried. This one is exceptionally budget friendly and it can secure and contain the pet. I have discovered a lot of fragile products in this category so you should be careful. I stumbled upon this product while I was checking out another one. I am thankful I went for this one instead. I truly wasn’t expecting much from this item because of the inexpensive price but when it came in several months ago, I was surprised on how similar it was to some of the top end products. There are quite a few characteristics that make this item extremely good and one of them is sturdiness.

  • This 40″ High Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is the must have for your dog, it is easy to set up and you have tons of way to set it up both indoor or outdoor.
  • You can connect multiple playpens together and set up as a rectangle or octagon
  • One easy to open door




Portable Dog Pens Editor’s Analysis – Reasons We Selected These
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ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth

If you want to get hold of a fantastic portable dog pen then you need to try this out. This has a very affordable price and it can provide a barrier that can secure the pet. These are several important reasons why this is on my web-site. It is pretty easy to make use of products which are not difficult. This product is rather nice for the price. Whenever I am searching for a very good item, this always appears. This is very solid, remarkable, and capable product. Possibly the best things I love about this is that this extremely durable.

  • Your little ones will love this portable puppy dog playpen exercise pen kennel from esk collection.
  • While they run around and have fun in a safe and contained environment, you can keep an eye on them through the mesh screens on the sides and top of the playpen. Setting up the unit and tearing it down is simple and takes a few short seconds.
  • With the included travel tote, you can bring this with on all of your trips to provide your pet with a contained play area wherever you go. The storage compartments on the side allow you to keep your pet’s toys and supplies all within reach whenever they are needed.
  • The durable material is also easy to clean, with a removable bottom for easy washing.Treat your pet to the playpen they deserve with this easy to use esk collection portable pet playpen!


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Pet Trex Playpen for Dogs Eight High Panels

This is an incredible portable pet playpen that I know you will like. There are so many individuals who are trying to find discounted deals and this is one of them mainly because of the low price. The items that are fairly inexpensive are always enticing us to buy them. As for this item, it is incredibly easy to use. I am not unhappy at all with the results. Probably the number 1 place to acquire this product is on the internet due to the price tag. It is highly likely that you’re going to be pleased with your purchase since this product is tremendously durable.

  • Pet Trex has done it again with their 2300 Series Exercise Playpens. These premium quality exercise pens are constructed from heavy gauge wire and incorporate all the bells and whistles of units selling for 3X as much.
  • The 2300 Series Exercise Playpens can be set-up indoors in minutes without tools. It can also be folded up for easy storage or for transporting to another location. The set-up includes 8 panels which are designed for a variety of pets. Our latest design incorporates our new “Doggie Door” feature so you can quickly enter/exit the pen. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations…
  • Some of the features of these quality cages include: Innovative Step-Through Door Access: Convenience and comfort. Instead of taking apart/out to place your pet in the pen, simply use the doggie door. Slide bolt latches and Ground Stakes: Safety and security is of the utmost importance.
  • These heavy duty latches and stakes secure your pet inside so they don’t get out. Innovative Fold Down Design: The unique fold and carry configuration allows you to transfer the pen from your home to vehicle quickly if you need to transfer your pet to another location. Further, the exercise pen can be stored in a smaller area when not in use.


Best portable dog pens
Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

There are many portable baby and dog playard that I like however this is one of my favorites. An extremely hard to use product is not a properly designed item. This is one of the best items that can provide a barrier that can secure the pet. It is also incredibly budget friendly. This is an extremely good product! I bought it as a present for my good friend and he likes it. In my experience, all products from this manufacturer are superlative and this is no exception. I received this today and I think this just amazing. This can provide a barrier that can secure the pet a lot better than most products. You need to be careful with your internet shopping for the reason that there are many items which are incredibly fragile.

  • Lightweight, folding metal frame comes fully assembled and unfolds in seconds
  • Mesh sides for easy visibility and weather resistant canvas floor for use indoors and outdoors
  • Compact fold and travel bag with strap for easy portability
  • Freestanding and portable for use inside or outdoors


best portable dog pen
BestPet Metal Wire Playpen

This portable pet playpen is extremely budget friendly and it has lots of content consumers. It is best to think about the price of the item and its features. The price tag on an item is one of the determining factors involved while shopping online. This product obtained a great deal of praises and it is justified. Consequently, we’re able to accomplish our goal which is to provide a barrier that can secure the pet. I only bought this because this was on sale and thought I would try it out. There are a lot of choices and alternatives that we don’t have to acquire an unsightly piece.

  • Set up and take down in less than 1 minute – take it anywhere
  • Can be used for training, as a kennel, or for other purposes, both indoors and outdoors
  • Pens are finished with an ultra-durable epoxy coating
  • This finish is rust, corrosion and fade resistant, even in extreme climates.


top portable dog pen
Oxgord Dog Animal Heavy Duty Playpen Large Metal Hammigrid Wire Folding Exercise Yard Fence

This portable dog playpen is amongst the greatest that I know of. Making use of this along with other items will bring out better results. I really like the simplicity of this item. This was recommended by a good friend who really really likes this product. Bought this mainly because it gets such amazing reviews, it was low-cost, and I desired to give it a shot. This is a wonderful product that can provide a barrier that can secure the pet and it comes in an extremely cheap price tag.

  • Rust-Resistant coating ensures durability and longevity
  • Durable pet crate great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Collapsible: Easy to Set Up, Break Down, and Transport




Portable Dog Pens Website’s Analysis – Reasons We Picked These
Wonderful exercise kennel
Petsfit Zipper sealed bottom Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen Exercise Pen

This portable dog pen is exceptional that I am loving making use of it. There are lots of products which break apart easily nonetheless, this is not one of them. You can only see the photograph of a product online. There are many items which are fragile because of this weakness. I can only say good things about this item because I have no problems regarding it. I will continue to use this item and recommend to others. It’s also essential that the product to be unique in design and objective.

  • Two doors and zip-off top panel for easy access.
  • Removable and zip-off bottom prevent pet from escaping.
  • Waterproof bottom; Keeps pets out of mischief;Ideal delivery room
  • Condensed well into a manageable holdall carrier bag,the folded size
  • Zip off base;8 panels mesh windows;made from duarable Material


Great kennel for pets
Allmax Metal Pet Fence

I am recommending this portable pet fence simply because I am confident you will like it. Understanding which this item works, can help you get what you desire along with saving some cash. Plenty of folks really like this item mainly because this is very good and the design is fantastic. This is a great price tag for the amount received. You’ll pay a fortune in your neighborhood stores for one little item. The final results are easy to see. After a couple of use, it is easy to see the good results. The design and the use of high-quality materials made this product among the best.

  • Portable design travels easily to parks or camp sites
  • Durable metal construction with rust-resistant, black powdercoat finish
  • Instantly creates a safe, secure play area for your pets
  • Premium quality metal pet fence sets up easily – no tools required
  • Folds flat for easy, space-saving storage


Very Good dog kennels
16 Panel Heavy Duty Cage Pet Dog Cat Barrier Fence Exercise Metal Playpen

This portable dog cage is magnificent and I know you will like it when you try it. Nobody wants to pay for items which are too costly. I recommend this since this can provide a barrier that can secure the pet and this is also rather budget friendly. Initially I thought it was sketchy, but then I saw the retail price. It was a fantastic deal. I recently discovered this product and I can’t imagine I never heard about it before. This is a truly simple item that also works exceptionally well.

  • Power coated Black vein finished Ground stakes to secure the playpen in place
  • You can connect multiple playpens together Steel panel with hinged door
  • Door latch for locking door Metal stakes for easy panel arrangement
  • Dimension for each pannel: 31″ WIde x 24″ Tall x 8 Pannels Includes: 16 x Steel Panel all together 2 Steel panel with hinged door 16 8 x Anchor Stakes


Very Good dog exercise kennels
Dog Animal Playpen By COSYHOME Portable Large Metal Wire Yard Fence

I really like this portable animal playpen. One of the primary things I like about this item is their price and their usefulness. It is just remarkable because the selling price is incredibly good however has a great deal of functionalities. I am not sure why it took me so long to hear about this item. I’ve heard a few great things about this item from a friend and made the decision that it couldn’t hurt to order. There are plenty of very inexpensive items on the web, and this is one of them.

  • Assembly is tool-free and takes mere minutes when following the included installation instructions. We trust that you will be impressed with this aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The black steel wiring with matching heavy duty plastic connectors provides long lasting protection which can keep your pet safe and secure, inside or outside.
  • This interactive and expandable habitat for small pets provides over 13 square feet of enclosed area for pets, ensuring that they have enough room for play and exercise.


Amazing outdoor pet pen
Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen Large Metal Wire Folding Exercise Yard Fence

Among the finest portable dog pens is this. The design is incredibly simple and it is the reason why this product is easy to use. This item generally has a wonderful design. I’m really happy with this item. It is just the outstanding quality that you would expect from this company. I ordered this brand because this was a little cheaper than my previous order. Good thing I discovered this. I cannot believe how well this item has improved my situation. I really needed something that can provide a barrier that can secure the pet. There are numerous options and alternatives that we don’t have to purchase an ugly piece.

  • The OxGord Black E-coated Exercise Pen, Available in 3 different sizes made of durable steel and an E-coated finish for long lasting protection from corrosion and rust.
  • It’s easy to set up with no tools required. Included with the playpen are ground anchors for extreme durability. Folds flat for convenient storage.
  • The OxGord newly designed playpen features a built in door for easy in out pet access.






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