Best Short Hikes In The Big Island Of Hawaii

Best Short Hikes In The Big Island Of Hawaii

Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park sunset

Natural Beauty Of Big Island Of Hawaii

The Big Island Of Hawaii will always have a place in my heart. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to and would love to go back again. I have compiled a lit of the best short hikes in the Big Island Of Hawaii. These hikes are very short and you most likely won’t need a lot of time to do them. It allowed me to see the wonders and beauty of nature and gave me a good exercise. I highly recommend doing these hikes as they will allow you to enjoy Hawaii and be able to see first hand how beautiful the island is. While there are many things to do in Hawaii, these hikes are free of charge. They do not cost any money to do at all. You will still have a great time doing them. It is one of the best things about nature, you don’t need to pay to see its beauty at least on most places.

You do not need to be very physically fit to do the hikes as they are meant for tourists and average people. They are not strenuous or challenging at all. I did find some difficulty in doing them as I am always in the computer during winter but if you exercise once in a while, these hikes should be a piece of cake. I definitely enjoyed the dinner more after a good hike. You can bring your whole family also to do the hikes.

List Of Short Hikes in the Big Island Of Hawaii

Pololu Valley Hike

Pololu Valley HikePololu Valley Hike – This is a great short hike in the Big Island of Hawaii. I was greeted with an amazing view of the valley. As the gentle waves push themselves to touch the sandy beaches, the lush green of the forest added a nice hint of color to the amazing environment I was witnessing. The beauty of the valley was something everyone could appreciate as I saw a lot of people taking pictures and selfies of themselves. The place was very inviting to the eyes and the hike was also very short. It is one of the best and most beautiful places that I have ever been to.

Waipio Valley Hike

Waipio Valley LookoutWaipio Valley Hike – This short hike in the Big Island Of Hawaii offered practically the same experience as the Pololu valley hike. It offered a beautiful beach that you can swim to, lush forests, and amazing views. This is more popular than the Pololu valley hike from what I can tell as a lot of people were at the lookout when I got there. It also strenuous to get back to the top as people have to walk a steep road to get back. However, they do allow cars and vehicles to drive by but your vehicle must be able to handle the terrain since it is very steep.

Onomea Bay Hike

Onomea Bay Onomea Bay Hike – This is an amazing short hike that I did. It was also one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. The place is just beautiful and offered a great look at the wonders that I can experience with nature. The bay offered a very short hike, I could say that this is more of a leisure walk than anything. It is roughly less than 1 mile and offer amazing views that I will never forget. I could just stay at this place for a long time to either relax, sleep or experience the beauty of nature. I know that you will love this place also for its beauty. The best part is that there is a botanical garden which offers knowledge about plants on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kilauea Iki Hike

Kilauea Iki HikeKilauea Iki Hike – This is a great short hike in the Big Island of Hawaii. It is most likely the longest hike that I did in my time in Hawaii. The hike features unique terrain and ecosystem to be explored. You will most likely enjoy yourself a lot with this hike as it offers you what people want to see in the Big Island of Hawaii which is knowledge and first hand experience of volcanoes and lava. The crater that I walked into was absolutely amazing. I know that you will love walking inside it also. Don’t ever forget that you are walking on a place that once was filled with hot lava.


Bring Water For All The Hikes

I always tell people to bring water for their hikes. No matter how short or how long the hike, water is very important. You do not ever want to feel dehydrated and needing water while in the middle of any hike as it feels really bad. I highly recommend to always drink plenty of water as it will allow you to walk better and allow you to have a good feel about the yourself. The sun can also be very cruel and you will often need water to keep yourself cool and hydrated.

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