Best 20 Thin Wool Socks | 20+ Amazing Wool Socks

Best 20 Thin Wool Socks | 20+ Amazing Wool Socks

Here are a few incredibly good thin wool socks that have a lot of capabilities you could be trying to find. These products are some of the very best that I know of that can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture. The positive customer reviews are some of the reasons why these are very popular. I like to recommend these items to my friends and visitors simply because these are great. There are plenty of individuals who are pleased with the products I have recommended. I am sure it will be the same for you.



These Thin Wool Socks Work Nicely And You Will Definitely Like Them


Thin Wool Socks Editor’s Review – Reasons We Picked These
thin wool socks
Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Dress Crew Sock

I am loving this fantastic pair of thin wool socks. Blisters and foot odor often happens when I use low quality socks. I know this because whenever I use this brand, my feet are odor free and I do not get any blisters. This provides a lot of comfort and I just love it.This is absolutely what was advertised and well worth the price tag it is asking for. The best part is that this product has plenty of positive consumer feedback which suggest you can have the peace of mind knowing that lots of people are satisfied with their purchase of this pair of socks. This has been an enjoyable purchase and will buy more in the future.

  • Made in Vermont, USA
  • Performance fit and unsurpassed durability
  • Custom shrink treated wool. Wide ribbed leg with mid-calf height. Jersey knit for light, non-cushion feel and dress shoe fit. Reinforced heel and toe. Elastic support around the arch.
  • 55% merino wool, 42% nylon, 3% lycra spandex
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Men’s sizes: small 5. 5-7. 5, medium 8-9. 5, large 10-12, x-large 12. 5+


set of wool socks
PEOPLE SOCKS 6 pairs Merino Wool Lightweight Socks Made in USA

This is certainly one of the greatest thin wool socks that I am aware of. The reason why I bought this was considering that it is very low-priced. Now I know that it also works pretty well. You will not be disappointed mainly because this product is extremely durable. This has a great workmanship and truly a great design. This is incredibly resilient and does not crack very easily like a few items that I have tried. I have spent large amounts of money on products over the last couple of years. I have always come back to this mainly because of its features and capabilities. One of the best that I have tested which explains why I recommend you consider how unbelievable this is.

  • 42% merino wool , 56% nylon, 2% spandex
  • Merino wool/nylon blend is itch-free and maintains durability for the lifetime of the socks
  • 42% merino wool, 56% nylon, 2% spandex
  • Made in usa with australian/american merino wool.
  • Approx fits mens shoe size 7-12 , womens 7+ . Hits right above/at the ankle.
  • Arch support and lightweight merino wool heel and toe cushioning for extra comfort without bulk.


top set of light wool socks
Smartwool Men’s Hike Light Crew Socks

This pair of light wool socks is among the greatest that you will discover over the web. Out of all the items I have tried, this one is still one of the greatest. It is true that this high quality product exceeded my expectations and has help me enormously. This is pretty budget friendly. I have gone through a whole lot of different items, and all of them failed when in comparison to this one. I like that this has plenty of positive consumer feedback mainly because it is hard to make an error if lots of people are purchasing it. I love this product a lot. Good product, and exactly as advertised. It is amazing and really useful for my needs.

  • Sizing clearly indicated on the sock
  • Elasticized arch brace
  • 69% merino wool, 30% nylon, 1% elastane
  • Knit in usa
  • Flat knit toe seam
  • Sock height: crew


top set of socks
Wigwam Men’s Merino Airlite Pro Socks

This set of wool socks not only will perform very well, but the effective capacity or abilities of this item is extraordinary. I’ve used several other items before. This is one of the better products. This is one of the best items that I have used in a while. This is wonderful and this is exactly what a great deal of the people that obtained this has stated. I love this a lot. I am happy that this item is extremely affordable. There are a lot of products that are pretty fragile and you may end up with one of them and that’s why I like that this is pretty resilient.

  • Ultimax design keeps feet dry and blister free
  • Merino wool for softness and warmth
  • Ultra-lightweight merino wool hiking/outdoor/casual crew socks enhanced with drirelease with tencel for superior moisture control and dry feet.


pair of light wool socks review
Ski Socks – Best Lightweight Warm Skiing Socks

You will be surprised at how fantastic this pair of wool socks is. The info we acquire from the numerous positive customer reviews from this is wonderful given that they supply us with a whole lot of data that is not generally obtainable. I highly recommend that you buy this, but I would also remind you to use it properly. This stuff is outstanding! This pair of socks is for skiing. This is pretty good and pretty warm. This has lots of characteristics that makes this high quality and I know that you will love it. It is amazing at how well this item can do the job. I am very impressed and this has a whole lot of the features that I need.

  • Anti-odor properties help to prevent bacteria from forming in the ski socks, keeping feet feeling fresh while moisture wicking proprieties ensure your socks don’t get heavy with perspiration or wet from snow. Feet feel great all day while skiing.
  • Soft and comfortable material: the ski socks feel great against the ski while skiing thanks to the highest quality yarn we use. They feature an ultra-comfortable sole.
  • Lightweight material: not too thick, the light material allows the ski socks to fit comfortably in ski boots without altering the fit of your ski boots.




Set Of Wool Socks Editor’s Critique – Reasons We Chose These
top set of thin wool socks
Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern Socks

There are a good deal of things that I really like concerning this set of thin wool socks. You will like this high quality product for the reason that this is extremely affordable and exceptionally sturdy. I really like that this has a whole lot of positive consumer reviews for the reason that it is hard to make an error if a lot of people are acquiring it. I don’t know why I never used this before since this is definitely one of the best I have ever tried. I know that you will love this item due to the fact this is pretty affordable. I have read a number of good reviews about this product and it is quite inexpensive. This item does what it says, and I whole heartedly recommend it to other people.

  • 200 needle construction provides high-density, low-profile cushioning
  • 55% merino wool, 42% nylon, 3% elastane
  • Virtually seamless toe
  • Style: sw001329
  • Knit in usa
  • Care: machine wash warm gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


set of light wool socks
No-Show Wool Running Socks – Ultra-Light Merino Wool Athletic Socks, Trail Socks

I propose at least taking a look at this set of light wool socks for the reason that this could possibly be the one that you want. It is effortless to see the reasons why I love this product if you go through the positive consumer reviews. I love that this is pretty fantastic and this can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture. I find this as one of the most satisfying that I have ever tried simply because of its selling price and usefulness. I suggest that you also have a look at the positive customer feedback that this product has. I am delighted I came across this product. It can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture. It is also one of the most inexpensive items that I know of. It is extremely essential that the product that you get is really resilient. It is for that reason that I highly recommend this.

  • No-show look: ensures a modern and sleek look with your favorite running shoes
  • The no-show wool running socks feature next generation yarns to provide the most comfortable running sock available. The wool running socks are made of a blend of blend of merino wool, polypropylene, nylon, and spandex. Feet are kept dry thanks to advanced properties of the non-itch wool yarn.
  • No blisters: a cushioned heel and toe prevents blisters and makes for the ultimate comfort
  • Non-itch: the innovative wool blend features next generation yarns to provide the benefits of wool without feeling itchy
  • Perfect temperature: the no-show wool running socks feature a special yarn that helps to ensure your feet stay at the optimal temperature. A mesh top also helps to provide ventilation.
  • Keeps feet dry: whether the weather becomes inclement or you even step in a puddle, the no-show wool running socks prevent feet from becoming wet or cold


best pair of wool socks
Ultra-Lightweight Compression Ski Socks

I realize that you’ll like this set of light wool socks for the reason that it is exceptional. There exist lots of explanations why this is one of the best that I am aware of and the price plays a major factor. This is a great item. The inexpensive price justifies why I recommend it. I like that this is very durable and comfortable at the same time. We do not want to buy items that fall apart easily. I think this is wonderful. This does everything as advertised. This is extremely resilient and this is great for skiing. It is a known fact that wonderful items like this come from good designers. This is very comfortable, provides compression and one of the best skii socks that you can use.

  • This helps to improve circulation and blood flow, keep legs warm and loose, as well as energized. Further, it helps to offer support and is great for muscle recovery
  • Advanced dotted technology: specialized dotted technology in the shin and calf area provides 3d support that helps to reduce shin bang and prevent calf cramping while skiing and snowboarding.
  • Wear them all day while skiing, as they breathe easily to adjust to the days changing temperature. The socks also stay odor free due to the special anti-odor technology emended in the socks.
  • Made in italy: the compression socks feature a beautiful italian design and engineering. They are made of the highest quality yarns ensuring they last season after season. They will become an essential part of you ski gear. Made of 80% polyamide / 12% elastane / 8% wool in italy.
  • Moisture wicking, breathable, and anit-odor: the pure compression dotted compression socks are moisture wicking, meaning they will not become heavy with perspiration.
  • Graduated compression to improve circulation: the dotted compression socks feature graduated compression, meaning the most amount compression is at the ankle and the least in the calf.


pair of socks
Dickies Men’s 2 Pack All Season Merino Wool Light Cushion Crew Socks

You will not be dissatisfied using this set of socks. This works well and this is pretty amazing as well. It is outstanding that this is very high quality and a good amount of men and women really like using it. I love using this and this is exactly as advertised. After trying this item, I found it to be awesome. I know you will love your internet shopping mainly because this item can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture and this is also incredibly affordable. This is amazing and I know that you will love it.

  • Temperature regulating merino wool blend keeps feet comfortable year round
  • Moisture control fibers keep feet dry
  • Ventilation channels engineered for air circulation and moisture control


pair of socks review
Ballston Unisex Lightweight All Season 81% Merino Wool Hiking Socks – 4 Pairs

I love this pair of light wool socks a whole lot. Among the best things that this has is the low price. The high quality materials are also amazing. This item is exceptional to work with and even better to look at. We have to do more research in order to find budget friendly items online. However, this particular item has an exceptionally low price that you don’t need to put a whole lot of work in your research. There are many factors why we love this product. It can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture which is really important however it is also very resilient which is a large extra benefit. The design of this item is extremely elegant. I find this product to be fantastic and I really like recommending this to plenty of men and women.

  • Premium quality blend – only using the highest quality yarns, the lightweight wool socks contain 81% merino wool, 18% nylon, and 1% lycra® spandex. Made in the usa and 100% sweatshop free, unlike most companies that produce socks in china or bangladesh.
  • Designed for comfort – the hiking socks are made to maximize comfort and fit, each sock is wool cushioned from top to toe, has lycra® spandex for a great fit and reinforced toe to ensure long lasting use. Also machine washable and dryer safe but air dry is recommended.
  • Great for the outdoors – these lightweight hiking socks are excellent for both men and women whether you are hiking, trekking, running or walking for everyday life. The classic ballston sock contains soft itch-free merino wool which helps regulate your skin temperature during summer, spring, autumn and winter.




Set Of Light Wool Socks Editor’s Critique – Reasons We Selected These
top set of thin wool socks
Boardroom Socks Men’s Over the Calf Merino Wool Ribbed Dress Socks

The top quality materials used to create this set of thin wool socks made it superb. You should definitely think about this item simply because it is extremely affordable. I cannot stop recommending this product to others considering that I love it a good deal. This is an incredible product because of the price. I can’t say enough good things regarding this product. They say that everything has a price. Well, you are fortunate given that this item has a very budget friendly price. The volume of positive customer feedback that this has causes it to be pretty tempting to obtain.

  • Contains 3% high strength spandex, keeping the socks up on your leg while still fitting comfortably
  • Knit with high quality merino wool, enabling your feet to breathe and providing all-day comfort
  • Designed with a reinforced heel and toe, providing long-lasting quality and durability
  • Merino wool blend
  • Proudly knit in the usa with the world’s finest yarns
  • Over the calf dress socks with a vertical rib, classic style appropriate for formal and casual wear


pair of light wool socks
Elite Ski Socks – Lightweight Merino Wool Warm Skiing Sock for Men and Women

I undoubtedly love this set of socks for the reason that it is superb. This works well this is why I find this to be one of the most satisfying items that I have ever tried. I am incredibly satisfied I stumbled upon this considering that this is definitely one of the best. I wasn’t prepared to spend large amounts of money in order to provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture its no wonder that I am thankful I found out about this product. This wonderful item is going to make men and women satisfied. There are plenty of products that are pretty affordable in this category such as this one. I purchased this on a whim without worrying about the details. I am joyful that I did.

  • No-slip cuff: the ski socks feature a special cuff at the top of the socks to prevent the socks from slipping or sliding into your boots while skiing.
  • Moisture wicking, breathable: never worry about your feet getting hot or sweaty in your ski boots thanks to the breathable design. They are also moisture wicking to help keep the ski socks light and dry.
  • Comfort sole + light arch support: feet feel great all day thanks to the ultra-comfortable sole. The light arch support band allows the socks to gently hug your feet and not shift place while on the slopes.
  • Merino wool: made with a merino wool blend, the ski socks are lightweight but still warm.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: we know these will be the best ski socks you will ever wear. If at any time they do not live up to your expectations, simply contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.
  • The wool’s anti-odor properties help to prevent the build of smells.


best pair of wool socks
CloudLine Merino Wool Active Lifestyle Dress Socks – Ultra Light Weight

This set of light wool socks is extraordinary and I know you are going to like it. This is one of the greatest that I know of because it works very well and comes with an exceptionally budget friendly price tag. The construction of this product makes it among the most resilient items I am aware of. After trying this product, I found it to be amazing. You might not appreciate the design of this product but you will appreciate their attributes. Selling price is often considered before we buy anything on the web. This is pretty budget friendly. This is pretty low-priced and also really effective. This is mainly because the design is remarkable.

  • Great for work, biking, or day hikes. Proudly made in the usa
  • Quick wicking to keep feet dry, anti-microbial to keep feet fresh. No bunching and no blisters.
  • Why merino? Merino wool comes from a species of sheep that produces very fine and soft wool.
  • The softest, yet most durable dress socks on the market. Made from ultra-fine, ultra-soft merino wool. Unisex sizing. Crew height.
  • It is not coarse and itchy like most other wool, but amazingly soft, while still retaining all the other wonderful properties of wool. Your new favorite socks. Acquire some today.
  • 59% ultra soft merino wool, 34% nylon, 7% spandex


set of wool socks
Premium FitWool Socks by EG Products 80% Merino Wool

This set of wool socks is one of the best that I certainly love. Before buying this item, I was exceptionally hesitant. However with a large amount of people saying fantastic things concerning this, I will be a fool not to try it. This can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture. It is very good while remaining to be pretty affordable. I just received this product a very long time ago and now I am already in love with it! I use this in combination with other items. The volume of positive customer reviews that this product has is extraordinary that you will obtain all the details you need by simply reading through them. The item is a good quality, sturdy and should hold up just fine.

  • [Athletic fit] no bunching, no slipping and no more blisters. Great for hiking, exercise, crossfit, and working.
  • Elijah gwen llc brings you high quality merino wool crew socks – 80% wool yarn extra soft and warm
  • [Merino wool] high quality, breathable, ultra light, and simply comfortable wool socks.


set of socks review
No-Show Wool Running Socks – Ultra-Light Merino Wool

The simple truth is that this pair of socks is very good. When I heard concerning this product, I really wanted to try it out mainly because of all its benefits. The good thing is that this item has a good amount of positive consumer feedback which mean you can have the peace of mind knowing that lots of people are content with their purchase of this. I am joyful to recommend this item mainly because this has plenty of positive customer feedback. We all have money but we all do not have unlimited amounts of it. So we should purchase inexpensive products like this one whenever possible. It is better to buy this on the internet than anywhere else. This is a great and durable item that can provide protection, keep feet comfortable, and take away moisture.

  • No-show look: ensures a modern and sleek look with your favorite running shoes
  • Perfect temperature: the no-show wool running socks feature a special yarn that helps to ensure your feet stay at the optimal temperature. A mesh top also helps to provide ventilation.
  • No blisters: a cushioned heel and toe prevents blisters and makes for the ultimate comfort




10 More Thin Wool Socks That You Should Look At


Thin Wool Socks Site’s Analysis – Reasons We Selected These
 darn tough socks 
Darn Tough Vermont Men’s 1/4 Merino Wool Ultra-Light Athletic Socks

You will absolutely like and make use of this pair of thin wool socks all the time. I like that these Darn Tough Men’s Vermont Wool Socks can keep the lower legs and feet comfortable but also have a lot of positive ratings. There are numerous things that can happen once you acquired these socks. It is important that the socks to be comfortable as well as durable which is why this pair of socks excel over others. I first bought one of these nearly this past year and I can’t say enough good things. This is an incredibly wonderful pair of socks. I’ve never heard about it in the past until recently. I will always remember it due to the good results. You can easily tell that Darn Tough socks are made out of amazing materials plus these have an extremely good price.

  • Made in the USA
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
  • Impressive product with a great deal of satisfied customers
  • 68% Merino Wool/28% Nylon/4% Lycra Spandex
  • No unwanted surprises and item is fantastic


thin super wool 
Smartwool PhD Ski Ultra Light Socks

I am privileged enough to have been able to try these thin wool socks since they are impressive. One of the best things I love about items such as these is that they are very budget friendly. From time to time I wish I can think of incredible designs like these. This pair of socks is very top notch by a lot of means. It has amazing design from the front, back, center and so on. It is probably the very best bang for your buck in terms of comparable products. I have read the reviews online and I thought a number of them may very well be exaggerated. I was absolutely incorrect. These thin wool socks are just plain amazing.

  • 55% Merino Wool, 41% Nylon, 4% Elastane
  • A terrific buy, absolute satisfying
  • Simply no unwanted side effects
  • New 4Degree elite fit system uses two elastics for greater stretch and recovery to keep the sock in place


merino wool socks
Lorpen Liner Merino Wool Socks

We are constantly looking for a few pretty good thin wool socks and these are pretty good. The design of these socks are wonderful and they have a lot of capabilities. One important thing I love about this pair of socks is that the price is very affordable. I’ve never had any problems dealing with such items. They were simple to use. I’m incredibly pleased with this. The online store packaged it really nicely. I immediately used it when it arrived. One of the best socks that I have ever bought.

  • Ultra thin and light weight Merino liner, keeps your foot dry and warm in colder conditions
  • May be worn on it’s own as a great light weight sock or as a first layer under a heavier outer sock.
  • High Lycra content keeps the socks wrinkle free and in place
  • Toe seam ensures no rubbing or irritation


 socks feetures
Feetures! Elite Merino+ Ultra Light Quarter Sock

I am constantly amazed since these thin wool socks continue to satisfy a great deal of folks. I love this product mainly because it is exceptionally sturdy and it is well made. This pair of merino wool socks offer a lot of features and very comfortable. The information we get from the many positive consumer feedback from these socks are valuable insights. I’ve acquired several comparable items in the past and wound up discarding them after one month or one season of use. I am thankful for these great thin wool socks and timely delivery. Very comfortable and well worth the effort of getting a pair.

  • Merino+ fibers wick moisture to keep feet dry and odor-free.
  • Patented Sock-Lock Technology to provide targeted compression where it’s needed most.
  • Individuals have no problems using this product


 wool socks 
Men’s Hike Ultra Light Crew Socks

You have to have a look at these merino wool socks before they are sold-out. These items are not necessarily very thin. They are however one of the best in terms of comfort and price. You get 4 pairs of merino wool socks for a very cheap price. This is the main reason a lot of people are buying these socks. The price is very enticing. If you glance at the options that come with these products, they are remarkable. It is because of the style and design. The socks are of excellent quality and they are meeting my requirements. You can also get them in one color which is great so that if one sock goes missing, I can still use the left over as a backup.

  • 67% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon, 1% Elastane, 2% Polyester
  • Made in USA of Imported Yarn
  • Mesh ventilation zone




Thin Wool Socks Website’s Critique – Reasons We Selected These

wool liner socks
Smartwool Hiking Ultra Light Mini Sock

You can acquire a large amount of thin wool socks but these are still several of the best that exist at the moment. I recommend this pair of socks because it works very well and it has an unbeatable price. It doesn’t matter how you perceive it, the price of this item is rather budget friendly. This product really does the job! I have used it several times and it keeps the feet comfortable and deter blisters well. I had a number of concerns when I was planning on buying this item. Good thing it didn’t stop me from purchasing it. I do not mind recommending these merino socks because they are amazing and I know you will love them as well.

  • 69% Merino Wool, 29% Nylon, 1% Elastane, 1%
  • Ultra Light Cushion: Minimal cushioning for maximum performance in close-fitting shoes
  • Mesh ventilation zone – Flat knit toe seam
  • Elasticized arch brace
  • Knit in USA of Imported Yarn


thin socks darn tough
Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool No-Show Light Cushion Athletic Socks

I am intrigued by these thin wool socks. They are made by a wonderful company who creates fabulous socks. Either way, looking over online styles is a superb thought. This item is comfortable and is most likely one of the very best in its price range. It is very thin but also very useful. The socks work extremely well. These socks are remarkably well made. Every person who has tried them after my purchase has gone out and acquired one for their household. I purchased this pair of socks on a whim without worrying about the details. It is one of the most comfortable wool socks that I have ever tried.

  • Made in USA, Unsurpassed durability
  • Company who made this is amazing
  • 51% Merino Wool/45% Nylon/4% Lycra Spandex
  • You’re going to get numerous usefulness from this


light wool socks
CloudLine Merino Wool Hiking & Athletic Crew Socks – Ultra Light

If you’re looking for a few astonishing thin wool socks then check these out. There are many advantages of this particular pair of socks but the affordable price tag is amazing. You are going to most likely find no complications if you ever buy this one because it works well. It is very comfortable and protects the feet from blisters. I was a little skeptical about these, but decided to try them anyway. I am not dissatisfied at all with the outcomes. This is a great item, more than just a pair of thin wool socks in my view. It is an amazing piece of hiking gear that provides comfort and protection.

  • Ultra Light weight merino wool socks with reinforced heel and toe zones for durability and comfort.
  • 59% Ultra soft merino wool, 34% Nylon, 7% Spandex. Designed for long-lasting softness
  • Quick wicking to keep feet dry; anti-microbial to keep feet fresh; vibrant colors to keep you looking good
  • Manufactured in the USA with ultra soft merino wool


icebreaker merino wool socks
Icebreaker Men’s Hike Lite Liner

I can easily express that these are pretty good thin wool socks. The info we get from the numerous positive consumer ratings from these products are valuable insights. So far, I have only read good things about these socks. I like products that are extremely durable. This is an excellent pair of socks that should last for a very long time. I use this along with other items I am very happy with this product so far. They are incredibly durable and I haven’t had any issues with it.

  • 60% Merino/38% Nylon/2% Lycra
  • Breathable flat zone for ventilation
  • Soft, non-itch premium merino next-to-skin


fox river ultra light socks
Fox River Outdoor Castile Light Ultra-Lightweight Merino Wool Liner Socks

These thin wool socks are a few of the greatest that I am aware of. Everyone knows that aggravation can come from extremely challenging to use products that are very ineffective. This is very good and effective. The materials and design gave this pair of socks depth and lots of benefits. I love these Fox River Socks. I only make use of this pair of socks from time to time but this thing really performs when required. The price is very affordable and this provides lots of comfort.

  • These Ultra-Lightweight liners hold in Heat with soft, natural Merino wool
  • Merino wool moves moisture away naturally and is itch-free
  • Reinforced liners are smooth, flat toe seam adds comfort





5 Advantages Of Merino Wool

There are many advantages of Merino wool. I like to use merino wool socks whenever I go hiking or any outdoor event. The advantages is just overwhelming compared to cotton. Cotton just does not cut it anymore. I love merino wool and it is for this reason all of the thin wool socks that I am going to suggest will have it. I am not the only one who loves merino wool. A lot of people describe it as the finest and softest wool on the market. This material is just very comfortable. Comfort is one of the things that we look for whenever we do an outdoor event such as hiking, camping or backpacking. Merino wool have advantages other than softness and comfort.


I. Hydroscopic and Very Absorbent

One of the best advantages of merino wool is that they absorb moisture well. They can keep the skin dry by taking away moisture and vapor away from the skin. This is a great way to keep the feet very comfortable while doing any outdoor sports or events. Merino wool can absorb 30% of its weight before it becomes damp. If you have an active lifestyle or if you do a lot of sports or any outdoor events then getting merino wool would be very ideal to keep your feet very comfortable. I just find it very annoying when my feet becomes rather wet which is really not a good thing as odor and bacteria or fungi can live in such an environment.


II. Temperature Regulation Capacity

Merino wool socks can absorb heat four times as much as nylon and about twice as much as polyester. This is one of the best ways to keep our feet very comfortable as well. Whenever we are hiking in the snow, or during cold weather season, it is important to keep our feet warm. If our feet are cold, it is going to affect our enjoyment and our whole body. Merino wool is just a great insulator. Even if cold weather, our feet will feel warm and toasty. Even when merino wool is wet, it is still great insulator. It can still keep our feet warm and toasty even when our feet are sweating like crazy.


III. Breathable and Resistant to Odor

I love two things about merino wool socks which are breathability and resistance to odor. Merino wool allows air to circulate and not trapped. This air helps keep our feet dry even when we are working out or sweating. The air allows the moisture and sweat to evaporate also. It is not trapped inside the socks. Merino wool is also very resistant to odor. Odor from our feet happens from time to time but because merino wool is breathable, odor can escape out of the sock instead of sticking to our feet. Merino wool has also anti bacterial properties which makes it odor resistant.


IV. Not Itchy And Soft

One of the softest products out there is merino wool socks. Expensive and high quality products meant for outdoors, sports and other activity are made out of merino wool. Activities and clothing such as trekking, hiking and ski clothing, hats, and socks. There is an animal called Merino sheep which is were merino wool comes from. Selective breeding of sheep and proper nutrition or caring for the animal allows us to get high quality merino wool out of the sheep. It is a simple process with lots of good results.


V. Dries Easily

Merino wool dries very fast. This is one of the reasons I chose thin wool socks for hiking purposes. Cotton is just not a good piece of clothing when it comes to hiking or any outdoor events. The moment my feet starts to sweat, cotton absorbs all of these wetness and they lose all of their comfort and protective qualities. My feet are more prone to blisters, abrasions and wounds. For this reason, I chose to use merino wool as they dry up very fast due to it being breathable. Sweat gets absorbed but does not stay in my socks or in my shoes. They evaporate.


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