This is Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup. I first tasted this when I went camping about 3 years ago. One of the girls brought some to the camping trip. This is so good. I am glad I can find it in BJs for $13.99. It has been snowing lately and this is a great noodle soup to eat when it is cold outside. It is spicy. There was too much water so I added some chili pepper and ground cayenne pepper. The spicyness is so good. One of the best things I ever discovered along with matcha green tea. It is great that I meet people from different races and different cultures. I get to learn a lot. I’ve been learning so much because I have been meeting a lot of people. Each person has some sort of influence even if I just met them for a brief moment. I need to meet more people from different cultures and learn more.

People introduce me to new foods, new recipes and new flavor. I have always been so weak when it comes to restaurants. I used to be so snobby and picky when it comes to restaurants hahaha. Whenever I eat something, I would compare it to my recipes. My recipes would always win. When I am on a date, I would be like, I paid $100 for this and I could have cooked this for $10 and both of us would have bigger portions. I am more forgiving now though because I know that the chef’s only have 20 minutes to cook while I have 1 hour or more.

Meeting new people is most likely something I need to keep doing. I need to keep learning and expanding. I need to learn more about food, other people’s cultures, more recipes and more ingredients. I need to learn more about myself as well. The more I meet people, the more I learn about myself.

This is the life that I want. A 25 year old guy is living the life that I want. He is a film maker and his specialty is creating lifestyle videos. It is a very good job. I want a life like this lol hahahaha. Water is not my specialty though. Ocean and me do not get along. There is fear inside me. I have more affinity with land and air. He has a six pack too. I want a six pack lol.

My path lately is not going in the direction of this life though. This lifestyle is not resonating with me lately. What I mean is that I am not meeting people, getting knowledge and it is not the path fate or destiny is taking me lately. Even my body does not want to move in this direction lately. However, this lifestyle is very possible and doable for me. I was researching, how much money does it take to travel the world. A lot of people can do it with 20k a year. I can do that now but I do not like to travel in poor mode lol. I like to travel where I do not mind spending money. The good news is that if I go back to the Philippines, I am financially independent hahahaha. Food there is very cheap. It is like dirt cheap. But I always think about what would happen if my family needs money or I have a girl friend and I want her to travel with me once in a while. I want to pay for her. If it is only me, I have enough. If I think about other people, I need more lol.

I think I am more attracted to the freedom that this lifestyle brings rather than the travel part or having fun. Having financial freedom brings some sort of certainty of the future and peace of mind. I do not have to work and free to follow any path I wish to go to. Although I am very grateful that I am making money, no matter how small it is. Even though I do not have this lifestyle, I am so grateful I can eat Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup and watch Westworld. I just finished that TV series. I like the story telling and everything. I did not expect to like it but I got so hooked lol.

My path is going to the path of spirituality lately and not the path of adventure. I am learning a lot about myself and a lot about people as well. I am getting new knowledge, new theories and everything seems to fall into my lap when it comes to spirituality. I am expanding in this category. The only bad part is that a lot of people that claim to be gurus or claim to know something, seem to be on the looney or crazy side hahahaha. They are crazy. Some are crooks that just want money from others and etc. Some look like they smoke too much weed hahaha. But I am learning a lot because I listen to my instincts. I am changing. I am changing or expanding into something more than I expected. It is a good thing though. Things that I hated before are now things I like. Things I am embarrassed about before are now things I am somewhat proud of and okay with. A lot of the things that make me angry before, I am now at peace with them. Things that I lack, I found gratefulness in them and thought I am lucky that I lack them. I found certainty in the future even on uncertain foundations.

Hopefully, whatever I learn are very useful in the future and hopefully whoever I become is someone amazing in the future as well.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.