Days Go By So Fast

Days Go By So Fast

Days go by so fast…. it is Valentine’s Day. If it were not for social media, I would not even know. I am just very focus lately. Trying to finish stuff.

Filipinos are big on Valentine’s day. At least, the girls that I dated lol. There are 3 days in a year that I always pay attention to and one of them is Valentine’s day if I had a girlfriend. I used to hate this day lol. I was always expected to buy flowers, plan a good date, and buy a gift or chocolate. I hated this because when I was young, I had no money hahahaha. The flowers are worth 3 times as much, it is hard to think of a gift and hard to plan restaurants. When I was young, it was just too much work. People that are married, women are a lot more forgiving. But if you are just dating or when I was dating, women that I date expect stuff.

As I got older, I ended up enjoying Valentine’s day a lot. I had to screw up a lot of Valentine’s day before I ended up liking it. It really depends on the girl. If my girlfriend is very nice, very caring and in love with me, I enjoy this day a lot. It is one of those days where she would expect me to plan a good date for us and I would be happy to oblige. It is a day she wants to feel appreciated, she wants to feel important, and she wants to feel that she matters in my life. It is one of those days that I try to treat her very well and a great day for romance. Out of all the guys in my neighborhood, friends and people I met, I am the only guy that likes to give flowers to women. For some reason women that I date love getting flowers from me so it works well. In valentine’s day, they get a nice bouquet of flowers that shows that I appreciate them a lot and I really care about them. But I give them flowers all the time but for some reason, they have to have one on this day. I do not understand the flowers on this day because I always give them flowers but for some reason they need to have one on this day. I mean, if I think about it, all her friends and all the women she knows do not get flowers at all for the year. She gets a lot but if I do not have flowers on this day, women that I date gets grumpy and disappointed lol.

For Valentine’s day, I plan it 3 weeks before. Sometimes it is just simple like a dinner with some flowers and a nice long full body massage afterwards. Sometimes I put in a gift which can take a while to figure out a good gift so 3 weeks is good. Anyway, I plan it long before the day because I realize that I do not enjoy this day if I this day gets rushed. There is no romance, nothing fun, and nothing creative that I do not get to enjoy this day if I rush it. So usually, I plan this day 3 weeks so we can both enjoy it. It is the same for the 2 other days of the year.

Anyway, I just remember the love life I used to have. Today, I have none lol. But I do not feel lonely at all. I do miss dating though or maybe I just miss having romance in my life. I think it is great when a girl loves you a lot, and you love her a lot, and you spend this day with her. Also, it is just weird and strange that I use to plan this day or put effort into it and now I do not even know that today is valentine’s day lol. Ok, I just ranted on this one lol.

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