Difference Between Men And Women

Difference Between Men And Women

I am trying to see how to go about this. This is a very important concept. Whenever this topic gets discussed, there is always an influx of stupid comments from guys that do not get it and stupid comments from feminists as well. This is important and I am not sure how to go about it.

Women avoid more circumstances and situations that will put them in peril compared to men. A lot of women practice situation awareness and it is a good thing for them. A lot of women do not go jogging at night, walking at night, some avoid glances in fear of getting unwanted attention, some pick clothes for work that will avoid them getting unwanted attention from their coworkers, some women that own houses are afraid to throw garbage outside in the dark, some women make sure that the parking lot is well lit or else they will not park there, and etc. You need to understand that women get harassed easily. They get unwanted attention from men that they do not want. They always avoid circumstances and situations where they can get raped or harassed or groped.

A lot of women have cases where they have been stalked. Where a guy follows them walking home for a couple of minutes, or a car or van follows them for a couple of minutes. They know personally other women who have bad experiences such as this. Once a girl gets stalked, it changes them. The guy could just be checking her out or admiring her or the guy could be lost and needed directions, but there is also a possibility that the guy is waiting for a chance to kidnap her or rape her. Women always practice situational awareness or they are always aware of their surroundings.

Ok, back to the topic. Women avoid a lot of circumstances where they will put themselves in a situation that can lead to something bad for them. They even avoid situations and try to stay invisible to avoid unwanted attention. I found this article in Buzzfeed and I was like shaking my head to how many dumb guys are out there. Not all of items in the list are experienced by every woman but there are a lot women that try to avoid a lot of those situations.

I am just lucky, I am the eldest. I have 2 sisters and as a big brother, I am responsible for their safety. So I know the things that they fear and go through. I have to alleviate those fears as much as possible.

There are a lot of guys that think women are being illogical and paranoid. If you look at the comments in the buzzfeed article, it proves that. They often dismissed the women’s ideas, feelings and notions when women are not comfortable with certain situations that involves their safety.  This is a big mistake. If you are one of these guys, you better change the way you think. A lot of women avoid situations where they do not feel comfortable so that they can feel safe. Whatever women feels, it maybe illogical and untrue but you need to acknowledge those feelings. They are real to her. Fear lives in our heads or minds so we cannot see other people’s fear. What one person fears may seem very illogical to another. So fear lives in her head and does not live in yours but that fear is real to her. Whatever she is feeling, you need to acknowledge that and not dismissed it.

Men are physically stronger. If I think about all the women that I know, I am so certain that if a guy punches them once, they will go to the hospital. You need to realize this point that they are weaker physically. When you are weaker than half of the population and you are a target of sexual desire plus men sexually objectify you, you will get scared because you become a target. A lot of men cannot handle rejection. I barely even know any guy right now that can handle rejection well. Very very few can handle rejection well. A lot of times, when men are rejected in public, they take it personally and get offended. So what do women do when guys try to be friendly or talk to them in public, they just ignore them because a lot of guys get offended and some get mad. It scary for women. Think about this, when you are physically weaker, the guy looks at you like a piece of meat or only looks at you sexually, and you offended these men or made them mad by rejecting them, it can get very scary even if the guy is not going to do anything. There will be lots of fear in those situations.



  1. Men are physically stronger than women
  2. Women will avoid situations where they do not feel safe
  3. This is just the intro, I will talk about decision making in the next article



Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and feminine energy exists inside men and women. Guys can have lots of feminine energy and women can have lots of masculine energy. This seems to be what people use when they are creating characters for a book and movie. Well, if I would create a character then I would use this. This is very generalized but you can see the big differences between men and women by looking at this because men tend to have lots of masculine energy while women have lots of feminine energy. I did not study this at all. I cannot explain it very well. What you need to get out of this is that you can see what an IDEAL healthy person would be like and what an unhealthy person will be like.

If I will create a very very very attractive man as my heroin for a novel, he will be a healthy guy with lots of healthy masculine energy and a dot of healthy feminine energy. These men that stay masculine while having a dot of feminine energy are very attractive. If you want to be very attractive to a lot of women, you have to stay very masculine with the little bit of feminine energy. It is debatable how much feminine energy a man needs. Some say 80% masculine, 20% feminine. Some say 60% masculine, 40% feminine. I do not know, I have not studied this. The point that I am trying to make is that you need to know what traits you have and develop them. This is how you can become beautiful inside. You can see that beautiful men and women have positive qualities. They are beautiful inside. When you are beautiful inside, you do not need a lot of physical beauty. So if I would create a character that will be very attractive to women, that character will have lots of masculine energy and a hint of feminine energy. Some examples would be James Bond, Jason Bourne, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Iron Man, Aragorn, Legolas, John Wick, and etc.

*A good trick to know the right decision that will make the girl you like more attracted to you is ask “What would James Bond will do?” You can substitute whatever fictional character you want like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. This is what a lot of guys do. So for me, the question that I always ask is “should I date or should I become financially independent first?” James Bond would pick his purpose first which is save the world then when that is done, he will then get the girl.


Back on topic. If I would create a villain, it would be a very masculine guy with unhealthy or no feminine energy. The guy would be ambitious or a genius but have no compassion nor love for others. He will use anyone and kill anyone to get his ambition which is usually world domination. Villains that belong in this category are Joker, Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader, Agent Smith from Matrix, Scar in Lion King, Loki from Avengers, and etc.

If I will create a guy that everyone would hate, then that guy will have unhealthy masculine energy, and unhealthy feminine energy. These guys are hated because we hate these characteristics in ourselves and others. Some guys that belong here would be Creepy guy that likes Eowyn in LOTR, Upham from saving private Ryan, Commodus or the King in Gladiator, and etc. So if you have unhealthy masculine characteristics, you need to improve yourself to take them out because unhealthy qualities are not evil but they are hated by everyone. The guys I mentioned have no self confidence, no bravery, no leadership skills, no dignity and etc. These guys basically have no healthy masculine energy and they have no healthy feminine energy as well. If you want to be the most unattractive guy that a girl will hate in the future then show her a lot of unhealthy masculine characteristics. Keep showing those traits to her and some time in the future, she will hate ever meeting you because you will bring lots of negativity to her life.


So here are some charts

Like I said, I did not study this but I use this as guide to better improve myself. Look at what a healthy man does and what an unhealthy man does.


This one is very generalized

The girl who made this chart did say that this is very generalized. What you need to understand is that men can have feminine energy and women can have masculine energy.

FW = Feminine Woman, MM = Masculine Man

So she gave examples of what a very feminine woman will be or a very Masculine Man will be.



*These are just Bonuses. Nothing to do with decision making I want to discuss next article.

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