Everything Happens Inside Of You!

Everything Happens Inside Of You!

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean when I state that everything happens inside of you? It basically means all of the happiness, sorrow, validation, love, hate, anger and all other emotions happen inside of you. If you read my article about “finding who I am“, I made an analogy that includes the glass, water, light bulb, and external variables. We can see just by looking at ourselves that the emotion happens inside of us. So why is that important? Everyone knows that the emotions are inside of us. It is so obvious. Why am I writing about it? What is so interesting about that? If the emotion happens inside of us, then we create that emotion, then we do not need anything from the outside world.

All the happiness that you feel, all of the love that you feel, all of the emotion that you feel, you created it based on your thoughts and beliefs. For example, we came across external variable like a tv show like kdrama, then we cried because it was sad. The external variable happened, we interpreted that external variable, we created thoughts, those thoughts created an emotion. All the emotions happened internally. So if the outside world is neutral, we interpret it by our own mind, and we create our own emotions, then we do not need the outside world. We can create everything we want internally for free.


What Are We Seeking?

We are all seeking the best possible experiences. We are all seeking things that gratify us. Food, relationship partner, travels, houses, cars and so on. The conditioned mind believes that in order to get the experiences we want, we need to get it from the outside world. We want to enjoy lots of luxury while we travel, we want to taste the best tasting foods, we want comfort to the extreme, we want all of the experiences that the world can give to us. We believe that in order to experience these things, we can only get it from the world or the world that is external from us. But as you can see from my previous statements, your emotions are not external. They are internal.

For example. I went to Hawaii. It was beautiful there. There was a feeling of adventure, feeling of comfort, feeling of relaxation, feeling of exploration, and so on. I had a great time. But you see, everything is a feeling. Everything is an emotion. I went there and I felt all these things while I was there so I had a great time. It was memorable.

But you see, a feeling of comfort is a feeling of comfort. A feeling of happiness is a feeling of happiness. A feeling of relaxation is a feeling of relaxation. A feeling of sadness is a feeling of sadness. Ok that maybe confusing. To clarify, a comfortable feeling in Hawaii is the same as a comfortable feeling in New Zealand, or it is the same comfortable feeling in Australia or it is the same comfortable feeling at home. The feeling of happiness is the same wherever you are. The feeling of laughter is the same wherever you are or no matter the external variable.

When I went to Hawaii, I created all of these beautiful emotions. They were all happening at the same time so I had a great time. But I created the emotions. They were not created by the outside world. I created them based on my thoughts and beliefs. So if you can create all of these emotions without leaving your home then you don’t need to go to Hawaii. If you can create them with your own will then you do not need anything external.


A Closer Look At Emotional Creation

I bought my car and it gave me a sense of pride, accomplishment, and a sense of high. In order for the outside world to give me the same emotion, I have to buy a $100,000 car. When I get that, in order to trigger the same emotion, I would need a $500k car or maybe a million dollar car. A billionaire will not get any high at the car I bought. He will not get any emotion out of it if he buys the same cars. There will be no high, no sense of pride or any sense of accomplishment because it will be very normal for him. If you are poor, you should rejoice because you experience more emotions than the billionaire. It is funny if we think about it like this but it is true. The billionaire will need to buy a 50 million dollar house, or 50 million dollar yacht to get the same emotion.

If you buy 1000 expensive cars, they lose their emotional value also. The more cars you acquire, the less emotional value they possess or they give. There is a limit also. After a certain number of cars, they lose all emotional value. If you bought your 300th sports car, the 300th car does not give much emotional high as the first one. You can try with affordable items but it is what is going to happen. You can buy a beautiful pair of boots. When you buy a 100 more, you will most likely get sick of it.

A guy became the next Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. He went into the ring and the whole arena was shouting his name. 100,000 people were giving him validation and encouraging him. He had that “top of the world feeling” and so much adrenaline pumping in his body. Another guy was this rookie in the NBA, he just made a 3 point shot in the playoffs and his team won. The crowd jumped up and shouted his name. he had the “top of the world” feeling as well. We have this ordinary girl, his boyfriend threw her a surprised birthday party with all of her friends and family. She felt so loved and so validated. She had a “top of the world” feeling as well. We have a 16 year old teenager, he is playing a game. He just defeated a boss in this dungeon with his guild members. He had such a high for defeating the boss. He felt so proud, accomplished and so on. He had the top of the world feeling as well. We have a guy, he first saw his newborn baby daughter in the hospital. He had this top of the world feeling also like I am the happiest person on Earth.

So the question is, who has the best experience and feeling? The answer is that we do not know. Even the 16 year old teenager could have the best feeling. If you look at this video, at 2:26, all the players they were having a high because they defeated the boss of the dungeon. We don’t know. We don’t know what other people feel. We can only guess. All of these scenarios, we know that they can get that “top of the world” feeling. How do we know that anyway? It is because that feeling that you are on “top of the world”, is inside all of us. If you look at Mayweather, whenever he wins, he looks happy but it does not look like he is on top of the world. If you look at the amateur UFC fighters, when some of them win, they look like they are on top of the world even though it is not a championship.

My point is that people can experience that “top of the world” feeling just by doing absolutely anything. It is because that emotion is created inside of us. We do not need to be the best boxer, best ufc, or have 100 million people cheering our names, because the emotion is created inside of us. All emotions are the same. We do not need to buy 1 million dollar car to get the same high as the millionaires get. We can get that feeling even with any car or any material things. It is because it is inside of us. I know that this is hard to accept but that is the reality. You can experiment on this but there is really nothing outside.


The World Cannot Give You Anything

The world cannot give you anything. It cannot give you the emotion or happiness that you want. The emotion that you want is not out there. It is not in some future scenario that you are dreaming of or thinking about. The emotion that you want is inside of you. The emotion cannot be found when someone gives you validation, cheers you on, or gives you a medal for doing something, the emotion can only be created inside of you. You have the power to create whatever emotion that you want. Even survival. You will will eventually die. Everything in this world is temporary.

Even romance or lover. You watch all of these korean drama, japanese drama, tv shows, movies, and all these romance novels while thinking you are going to get a lover that will allow you to experience all of these emotions. When you find a lover, you did not get the same emotion. Or if you look at most married couples, they do not have romance in their lives also. They get romance, not in their lives but watching tv shows or reading books. We look for a partner to give us the romance in tv shows, but most people end up watching tv shows to get the romance fix that they need because they do not get that in their lives. This is normal. It is hard to be romantic. It is hard to trigger an emotional response from another human being. You have to study emotions, psychology, get to know your partner really well, and so on. They may not work also because those romantic emotions are inside your partner. It is not something you can trigger all the time. You can spend a lot of money on the best date, best spot, best timing, flowers and so on and your partner may not find anything romantic at those things at all. Your partner maybe thinking of dumping you and he/she maybe getting attached to another guy.

All emotion is inside of us. There is nothing outside. Another way to think about this is when a person touches you. So think of a person touching you. Think of a friend holding your arm. Think of a doctor holding your arm. Think of your lover holding your arm. Think of a stranger holding your arm. You will feel differently with each type of person. Why is that? It is the same touch. Just different hands. It is because you created an emotion with each person. If we have another person say person B, all of these people touch person B also, then person B will most likely have different feelings than you. He or she will create different emotions.

So you are born in this world, and you see your limitations. At times, it looks like you are at the mercy of the world, and the world pushes you around. You think to yourself that you are powerless and nothing more than a victim of this world. You then read this. You say to yourself, “AHA!!! I am the world!!”


Quoting The Bible

I really hate quoting the Bible because anyone can paraphrase this book and interpret it in any shape or form. There are 9000 different Christian churches around the world, all with different interpretations. People in the past even used this book and interpret it to create wars or conquer other lands. If you watch youtube, people can even say that the Bible is from Satan, and it is Sun worship. But if we interpret the phrases in terms of enlightenment, it is kind of cool which is why I am going to do it. A lot of people studying enlightenment believes that Jesus is like Buddha also in a sense that he is an enlightened person. Here are some famous quotes from Jesus that a lot of people studying enlightenment interprets.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

If you interpret this in enlightenment terms then this says what I wrote about. You can have peace, because the world has already been conquered. It has already been given to you. The world is inside of you. Everything is inside of you. You have been given everything already. There is nothing outside of you that can make you happy. True happiness can only be found within.

“The kingdom of God never comes by watching for it. Men cannot say, ‘Look, here it is’, or ‘there it is’, for the kingdom of God is inside you.”

The kingdom of God is within you. Jesus did not say that the kingdom of God can be found in Amazon.com or Costco or Starbucks. You go to Manhattan, buy stuff and you will find the kingdom of God in the stores or in there. It is not like that or it is not something you can buy. It is not something you can see. It is inside of you. Heaven and hell is inside of you. Your inner world can be aligned in heaven or can be aligned in hell. You can be in alignment of happiness or in alignment of suffering. The kingdom of God is inside of you. Everything is inside of you.

These are two well known interpretations of Jesus to people who are studying enlightenment. Inside you is like the sun or fusion reactor. It is an endless power source of love and suffering.


Why You Hate The World

You hate the world because you think the world is the only way to complete yourself. It is because you think the world can give you happiness and if it is not giving you the happiness that you deserve then the world has taken your happiness hostage. You believe that the world kidnapped your happiness away from you so the world deserves to be attacked so that you can get it back. But happiness is inside of you, and only you can give yourself happiness.

For example, so you have a desire like a job, a girl, more money, promotion, new car or house. For some reason, you did not get that. You started hating the world. You think the world has your happiness. You think the world has your happiness and it will not give it to you. You started controlling people, lying, trying to force people to give you what you want, trying to convince the girl you like by trying to manipulate her, you try to get allies, manipulate others and when all of these do not work, frustration comes then anger then you start hating the world because you believe the world took away your happiness.

But you see, even if you get that desire, it will not give you completion. It will be another thing. If you created a million dollar company, you want to create a 10 million dollar company next. If you get the girl, you will want a family to be happy, then you will want a house to be happy, a car to be happy, more money to be happy, and so on. It never stops. Even if you look at the rich people in this world, they never stop accumulating wealth. They cannot complete themselves. There is always another thing that should make you happy.


Ever Wonder Why You Are Always Right And Always Good

Do you ever wonder why you think that you are always the good person and the right person. Whenever you go to an argument, you end believing you are right. The other person is wrong. You are the good person and the other person is evil. Whenever two people are arguing or fighting, both of them believe that they are right and the other person is wrong. Both of them believe that they are suffering so they must be right. You need to be the one suffering. The one suffering is the good and right person. The one that is not suffering is evil. You can only attack others if you are the one suffering because the one suffering is good while the other is evil. Each person is attacking each other. Each one is using the other’s attack to justify why they are the victim and the other is the villain. But this is another topic. I went off track now so I will end it in here lol.






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