Follow Your Own Path

Follow Your Own Path

Follow Your Own Path

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.” – Napoleon Hill

In this blog, I will present a lot of ideas, concepts and beliefs. Some of them you will not agree with. Some you will agree with. Some ideas will be totally opposite of your own beliefs. Whatever you decide to take in as truth will be your own truth. Take in whatever that you feel will help you and throw away whatever you do not feel will help you. You have your own heart, your own mind, your own soul and your own moral compass. Think about the ideas and concepts but do not necessarily take them in as truths. You should be able to differentiate which ones you feel are truthful to you and which ones are not.


Following Your Own Path Leads To Darkness

Following your own path will lead to darkness. It is because at this path, you will have to make a conscious decision to follow your own voice and not rely on what other people are saying. You will no longer rely on the opinions of society, you will no longer require their validation, and you will no longer listen to them but you will listen to your own voice. You are basically moving in your own direction instead of following the herd or masses. This will lead you to darkness, to silence, to places where you cannot hear anyone other than yourself. Places where you have to walk alone and figure things out on your own. This can cause a lot of fear. Being alone can cause a lot of fear. Being in a place of silence can bring in a lot of fear. Being in a place that is uncharted and full of unknowns can bring a lot of fear.


Listen To Your Heart – Feel More And Not Think

When I talk about emotions, souls, afterlife, and etc, try your best to feel and think less. Feeling will help you find your own path and your own truth. Your intuition and feelings will guide you to your own inner light. Whenever you connect with your heart, you are closer to the things that bring you joy and happiness.


Think For Yourself

You will have to think for yourself. This may sound contradictory to the last paragraph but it is not. I am just bad at explaining things hahahaha which is one of the reasons that you have to think for yourself. You have to be able to trust your own voice and think for yourself. The ideas I presented may not help you or may help you but you have to think for yourself. It is one of the reasons I am presenting these ideas in the first place. It is so that you will think. You will have to find your own truth. Hopefully, as time passes by, you will realize that you are very powerful, you are amazing, you have everything you need in order to fulfill your purpose or experience whatever you want to experience in this life. Once you realize that, you can then fully trust yourself. You can fully trust yourself to trust your emotions, trust your mind, trust your heart and so on.


Enjoy The Journey

You will meet a lot of people, a lot of different ideas, different cultures, and etc. Try to be more aware and try to be more open. The people that you meet, the emotions that you experience, and things that happen in your life are often meant to teach you something no matter how small, and insignificant that you may not even recognize the influences but they are there. Remember that pain, setbacks, and other negative emotions are there to guide you. They are also there to teach you something so learn from them because if you do not, you will experience them again. Fear may be there to give you courage, pain maybe there to make you stronger, and etc. So consider facing them head on rather than running away from them. Maybe one day, you will see these negative emotions and love the fact that they are part of your life. You may end up enjoying everything.


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