I am trying to find my life’s purpose

I am trying to find my life’s purpose

I am trying to find my life’s purpose. I do not think there is one main life purpose for me. It seems to be like steps. I am trying to know more about myself. This seems to be my main goal. At least for now. I am trying to list things I am abundant with and things I am not abundant with, and things I like. I will add more as I figure them out.

Things I Am Working On Having

  • My Own House
  • Financial Independence
  • Freedom
  • Finding my purpose


Things I am in the middle with

  • Money or Survival – I make enough for myself and for my purpose which is currently to know more about myself.



  • Love – for some reason I am abundant with love. It is easy for me to connect with women.
  • I find talking to women a lot better and more natural than talking to men.
  • I attract people, animals and events that are beneficial to my life. I think this is the same for everyone but it is just that I am more open to it. I expect it to happen a lot.


Things I Love (I am trying to put my money making strategy or money making jobs centered around these)

  • I love writing
  • I love hiking
  • I love working out
  • I love the way my car looks hahahaha


Things I Hate

  • Uncertainty of the future


Personality Traits That I Lack But Training Myself To Have Them

  • Social Skills
  • Verbal Communication Skills
  • Surrender and Conceding
  • Forgetting (I can forgive but cannot forget)


Personality Traits I am In The Middle (Sometimes Easy, Sometimes Hard)

  • Letting Go
  • Forgiveness


Personality Traits And Life Characteristics That I Love or Come Easy With Me

  • Conquering Fear Once I Know What I Fear
  • Moving Forward – no matter what happens, I move forward
  • Loving My Pets
  • Loving Women ๐Ÿ™‚




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