I had a great time on this hike

I had a great time on this hike

I had a great time. A lot of people had a great time. Everyone was having a good time at the top. Everyone was making friends, and making connections. This is the purpose of why host these meetups so that people can enjoy the outdoors and meet new people in the process. It is nice to meet new people too, although, I don’t really try to make friends hahaha. I just try to make sure that everyone has a good time and everyone comes back safely.

This blog is probably the only time I am honest. Nothing but nonsense and jokes come out of my mouth whenever I talk to people. It is nice that a lot of people laugh and have a good time. But I wonder sometimes if I use laughter and jokes as a way to push people away or to not get too close to others. Probably not. Hopefully not lol. I am too much of a lone wolf sometimes. I will figure it out someday. Even at the dinner table, we were laughing so hard. We were the last people, we still had food on the table, because we kept making stories and kept laughing.

I’ve been here before. I wanted everyone to experience the views and have fun with the cows. I just did this a month ago and wanted to share the experience with others. We were so lucky. The cows came out and were playing with people the moment we got back down the mountain. I am blessed lol. Fate or destiny is very kind to me lately. The scenery had a lot of flowers, the view was beautiful, the sky was so clear, so many hawks were flying and the breeze was so relaxing and peaceful at the top. I really liked the wind today. I could stay up there for a long time. Anyway, when we got back down, the cows were there. I was so happy because people get to experience the cows. The cows were playing with us. I tried to feed the cow but it wouldn’t eat the grass that I fed it. It licked my hand then it started jumping. I was startled for a second. I do not know if it was happy or it did not like the taste of my hand lol.

When I saw the cows and a lot of the members were playing with the cows, I was really happy. It was nice that I organized a hike that made a lot of people happy or that they had a lot of fun. It lifts me up. I think I really am a humanitarian. I am happy when I make other people happy. I should focus a part of my life making other people happy. I’ll try to figure something out after the meetup. I told the organizer that I am going to quit hosting after this year. Hopefully, another person organizes the hikes. Organizing the carpool for New York can be stressful lol. I feel a change in my life is about to happen. I think it is a big change. Hopefully, it is a good one. I will try to figure something out next year where I can meet new people, be useful to others and make new friends.


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