I had already

I had already

I had already surrendered to my fate, being surrounded with old and decrepit people for a time period of my life. I was surprised to find her there, she was maybe 8 to 10 years younger than me. I held her gently, feeling the softness of her body from the thin dress that she wore. Her body was indescribably alluring and tantalizing, promising me treasures should I probed my curiosity deeper.

So I did without hesitation. I kissed her passionately and slowly, feeling the softness of her lips, and sweetness of her tongue. It was too late for us to stop. We were already at the edge. I kissed her neck as my hands roamed freely to her smooth legs. I can feel her body wanting me, telling me to not stop, do what I want with her, she is mine to do as I please. I kissed her more and more, wanting my lips to touch the secrets of her body that she has covered with that dress of hers that will be soon on the floor.

As my breath became heavier and heavier, all of my worries and restraints vanished before me. Underneath these civilized clothes, I am nothing more than an animal, driven purely by pleasure, by wanting another. The contact of a woman’s skin on mine, the feeling of her soft lips, the look of wanting in her eyes, are all moments of uncontrollable desire. I wanted her. I wanted her more than anything that night. I wanted her to think of only my lips on her skin, my hands holding her close, my body pressing against hers. At least on that night, I wanted her to think of only me, see only me, feel only me, touch only me, remember only me, nothing else. On that night, all of her belonged to me, her mind, body and soul. She was mine to do as I please. She gladly gave herself only for me.

It was then that I knew, she not only wanted me. She needed me.


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