I like this hike a lot

I like this hike a lot

I like this hike a lot. I want to go back here. This is in Harriman. This is my secret spot lol. Just kidding. I took a lot of people here before but if you want to get the good angles, you have to stay just for photography.

My camera needs cleaning. There are black spots and white stuff on the pictures. I have to go to Manhattan and get it cleaned for $65. It is so expensive. It is like 10% of my camera. I can just photoshop to take them off too lol.

This is a good hike. I will come back to this hike next year when it is sunny just for this spot. I was supposed to go camping but these clouds are not natural. I want some blue skies and sunshine. I had to cancel my camping or postpone it till Sunday. Hopefully, I get blue skies with some clouds on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

I think I will have time to write, I just need to finish a couple of stuff first. Work is doing great. Everything is progressing smoothly.

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