I like this photo in Lake George

I like this photo in Lake George

I like this photo in Lake George. I forgot to post my Lake George pics. Here are some in google photos. I like the pictures that I got on the trip but the girls that I hiked with have better angles. I was looking at the photos and I am jealous lol. They have really good angles. Even just walking along the trail looked great. I was thinking that I wanted pics like those also. Of course, I am happy that I was the photographer that created those photos but still, I want other types of angles lol.

I need a new camera. I am saving up. I want the Canon EOS 5DS R with this Canon EF 11-24mm lens. I think I can get the camera for 2k. I need around 5,000 dollars by next year. I need to save $5,000 and I do not want to use my savings. My savings are for rainy days lol. I have to work hard and spend less also. Right now, I just need leg strength. The camera is heavy and the lens is very heavy also. I like to give my camera to other people also. Other people create new angles with their imagination, it is how I learn also. I don’t think I will tell them the price of the camera because they may not have fun with it. It is actually alright to break the camera and lens because I usually get the 4 year warranty. So if they break, they get replaced. The one thing I do not want is for them to get stolen or lost. This scenario will cost me a lot of money. But if they break, fall down, get wrecked, then it is fine.

I do need a new camera. Mine is okay but I need more sharpness or detail. If I look at the lower corners, they are blurry. The sides are very blurry. I like the Canon one that I listed. It is full frame and it has a lot of auto focus points. I want more sharpness. But right now, I just need leg strength so I will have the power to carry this type of camera in my hikes in the future. I want to be able to take pictures like this guy in instagram. I can surpass this guy. I just need a good camera and time to learn. If you look at this photo, it is very sharp, I like it.

I am studying a lot of landscape pictures in Instagram. A friend of mine is a really good professional photographer. I remember that he studies also and he shows the type of image that he is trying to create to me. I am sure after seeing those photos that he has an amazing vision of what he wants to create in his head. I have to study the same way he does also. I learned a lot from him just by watching him.

I have to setup the meetup hikes also. I will do it tomorrow. I will just process my pictures today. This is the last year for organizing hikes in the meetup for me. I only have August, September and October. So last 3 months. I think it is time to move on also. I need to focus a lot of my energy on landscape photography. I will still do solo hikes and maybe organize or post tough hikes like Devil’s Path and Adirondack next year but the weekly hikes will be no more. I will spend that time learning more about landscape photography. Some things have to end in order for new things to begin. I hope everyone that I hiked with learned something from me because I learned a lot from everyone lol. But I have to move on and I want to expand or grow more. Say goodbye and say hello to new possibilities.

Same thing with my love life, I have to move forward.

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