I like this

I like this

I like this instagram feed by Jess Wandering also. I think they are a group of travelers because they have the same pictures and they promote each other also. I need to form my own group one day. Maybe I could just join one also so that I do not need to lead. I can just hang back and take pictures. This girl has skills though. She is a hiker, photographer, swimmer, and climber. Climbers that I met are fearless. I see a cliff and I tell everyone that I am not going there. Climbers probably look at me like “don’t be such a weakling” lol. Whenever I look down, there is some sort of vertigo that I experience. If I stare downward long enough or like 10 seconds. If I don’t stare, everything is fine lol.

I need climbing, swimming, diving, and sky diving skills lol. I still have a lot to learn. I need photography skills too. If you look at this picture, it is very clear or has a lot of detail. If I look at the original picture, it is amazing how much detail it has. For now, my plans just include hiking and taking pictures of NJ, PA, Catskill, Adirondack, NH, Maine, Virginia and Tennessee. The area around NY is my practice area. I need lots of leg strength. I need to work on my legs more. My vision is different also. My vision requires a lot of training, leg strength and skills.

Women like Jess and Sara Underwood, they love to take pictures. They are going to be women that drag guys along. They are more likely to say “we need to go there, we need to go here and so forth to take pictures”. Most women, I have to worry about them whether they are too tired, the sun is going down, they are scared of the dark, and such. Women like Jess and Sara, in my experience, they will drag you to adventurous places. They will be like “we need to go here for pictures, I don’t care, we must do this”. They are so much easier to work with lol. Women that know what they want are so much more fun. I need to create my own group or find one for myself. But for now, I have a lot of work to do. I need more money. I want freedom more than I want to travel.

I really do not know what my future is going to be like. It is more likely that I will travel to one state and stay there for 1 month. I will take all the pictures that I need then move on to another state. I will most likely rent a sublet or rent a room for 1 month from state to state. I really do not know what is going to happen. I need to stay in a place that serves as a home base also because I need to learn to dive, swim better, sky dive, climb, workout and learn new skills. I need money to buy a house. If I have the money then which state should I buy the house. Oregon looks like a good place. If I factor in dating, relationships and girlfriend then my future becomes very confusing. I don’t know what will happen in my future. I just have goals in mind and these goals have too much freedom. All the girls I know are very grounded. Maybe staying in a house, reading and writing books isn’t so bad also. It gets confusing so I just take it one day at a time and see what happens.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.