I look really good

I look really good

I look really good on this one!! I have to post it hahaha!!! This one is a little fake though. I think I was flexing in here.



I like these lifestyle videos with music lol. 3 years ago, I would have looked at this type of life and say to myself that it is impossible for me. Now, it is very doable. In fact, the life that I see having is way ahead of this. This type of life is just a temporary stop. It is really all about freedom. I have a lot of freedom. I just have to increase my income to the point, I do not need to work anymore. I can just travel and stay in hotels. First, I have to increase my stamina, my leg muscles and overall fitness. There are a lot of people that died living an adventurous life. I need to take diving lessons also because swimming with the whales is a must.

I do not see myself getting an apartment. I will most likely buy a house. Maybe in 2-3 years. Somewhere in New Jersey. New York has too many laws that I do not like. I am correcting a lot of grammar mistakes, making my websites more useful, exercising, and just a lot of work right now. I cannot make drastic changes in my life right now. I told myself, I will put my purpose first and give myself a great life before women so I will do that. Anyway, I am going to be busy for 2-3 months.

After that I am going to start dating more. I will try to get a girlfriend. I am getting fat though due to the building of muscles and stamina. I have to eat lots of foods. I am ruining my chances lol. I like to be lean though and hiking high elevation mountains requires me to be fit so I am sure I will lose all of these fats in time.


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