I met these girls in Catskills

I met these girls in Catskills

I met these girls in Catskills. I am NOT attracted to them. They have NO qualities that I am attracted to actually. Whenever I hike, I am very friendly and talkative for some reason. They were so funny though.

They were afraid of heights but they were trying to climb the fire tower. They were so noisy, screaming and etc. They were like “if I die, blah blah blah” and etc. There were a few people that were looking at them including me. There was a sign at the bottom that says only 1 person can go up the tower at a time. A few people were waiting for them to come down. The two girls were taking their time going up. The moment they got up, they got so hyped up. It is like they conquered something so they felt good. They started creating a movie, it was all about resolutions. It was like New Years resolutions. They were saying their problems and they were saying how to improve them. One of the girls said “I got married twice. Next time I will be in a relationship, it will be for love.” I burst out laughing. It was so funny the way she said ‘love’. I don’t even want to know what kind of marriage she went into before today. It was so funny. They were screaming. There were people waiting for them. When I thought they were done, they just sat at the tower.

They ruined my video. Most people, when they see somebody making a video, they become quiet. They try not to get into people’s way. These girls were so loud. One of them started cursing. They even pointed at me and said they would laugh at me if I fall down. They knew that I was making a video and that I was very very careful because it was a cliff. They had no problems ruining it.

They were good girls. They seemed to be best friends. They asked me to take a picture of them and they were hugging like best buddies. It was one of the girl’s birthday also. They were very nice to each other. It was nice meeting them.

Edit: It is actually ok when people are talking when I make a video but cursing is not good. I will need to censor it out and that takes work in which I do not want to do so in essence the video is not good anymore.

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