I would give up everything

I would give up everything

I would give up everything I have gained, and everything I will gain to have her back inside my arms again. But such a scene could no longer be a reality. For God needed an angel and decided to have her up in heaven. I am here, left alone to my own misery, hoping I could change the past, and create a future where she and I could be together again. All I could think about is the way we touched each other, the way we kissed, and loved one another. These thoughts have prevented me from eating, drinking, and sleeping as I stare into the blankness of space from time to time. The memories of me and her being happy in the past is what comforts me in these times but they are also what drags me to the bottom of this abyss called despair.

As I try to preoccupy myself with my work, distractions, and even alcohol, none of these ever worked for me as I know fairly well that something is missing in my life and I will no longer get that back. We were like two seeds planted next to each other on the same soil as we grew together into two trees. In time, our roots have intertwined in such a way that no one could tell them apart, our branches weaved together like threads in a fabric, and our leaves kissed each other every time the wind passed us by. We became one tree, living on the same land, the same sun, the same nutrients, and same fate or so I thought. As she was forcibly separated from me, I was left there, standing all alone. The loneliness I feel is frightening as I know full well that I can no longer experience the happiness that I once had with her. The presence of the one I love is gone forever and I am here barely living, just trying to survive and get through the day.

It is funny that I wanted so many things before like sports cars, houses, gadgets, toys, clothes, and so on just to get validation from my peers and people I know. Now, I would give up everything to have her back so I can love her again. I truly wish I could. Without her in my life, I have nothing and I don’t fear losing anything. People shouldn’t fear losing those things either. Fear that something inside you will die someday as you travel this life of yours, and all you will feel is a hole, a dark and void space filled with emptiness that is left behind.

The sad truth is that even if I had not met her, I will still miss her. There will still be a feeling deep within my soul that knows there is something absent in my world.


P.S. – I used this one before in this post here but I thought I should create a story behind it. I gave the story a little twist though lol

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