Imagine Loving Life

Imagine Loving Life

Just got back from Adirondacks. I had a great time. It was beautiful even though it was not peak foliage yet. I had a lot of fun taking pictures. I have so much pictures lol

Nature or hiking can heal me. If it was the old me, I would have asked, why is life keep making me meet these women who are unavailable when all I want to do is work. I would have no answer and no power to change my world. But that is the old me, the new me asked the question, “how did I create this experience?” I sort of figured it out. It most likely started when I was new at working for myself. At that time, I had a lot of doubt and uncertainty so I promised myself no girls till I am successful. Unfortunately, this doubt turned into indecisiveness. It became some sort of game. The more I became indecisive, the more players the game brought into my life. The players were also indecisive. But last week I got frustrated as such I am no longer playing this game of indecisiveness. This game no longer exists.

This quality or character trait of indecisiveness is beneath me. Doubt, uncertainty, and fear have no place in my life. There should only be leadership qualities like decisiveness, assertiveness, courage, belief in myself, and so on. Such low quality unattractive character trait like indecisiveness has no place and does not belong within me. I think I enjoyed this game of indecisiveness for a while and it was useful a long time ago but I do not need it anymore. I do not want to see it anymore within my words, actions, and I don’t even want to see it in my thoughts. I refuse to have this type of weakness, there is only strength within me, because I only know myself to be a strong man.


To the girl or girls from my distant past. If you are sure, I will email you. I do not offer routine nor being comfortable, if those are qualities you want, I am sure someone else is able to give them to you.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.