Imagine Loving Life

Imagine Loving Life

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A drop of sweat ran down my cheek and dripped off at the bottom of my chin. The sweat dropped near my right hand, and made a tiny spot in the steep slope darker. My eyes shifted downward and saw the ground about 15 feet below me. I was hugging a wall of rocks as if my life depended on it. A few people have died in this place after all. I went to a steep part of the trail and perhaps it was not the wisest thing I could have done. I tried to keep my cool as one wrong step could mean severe injuries to my bones and legs. I looked up and saw that a small outcrop that my left hand could grip. I grabbed it and lifted my left foot to a higher spot and in one big motion, I was free and at the top.

I packed my hiking sticks, strapped them in my bag, and looked at the viewpoint. I looked at the flags and the people that were there. It was hard to believe that I was way down there a few minutes ago. Now I am up above everyone, catching my breath and enjoying the wind. I am going to miss this place as it is going to close this year. Perhaps I will find other ways to let my adrenaline surge through my body. Everything moves, does not stay the same, and it sucks I have to say goodbye to an amazing hiking trail.

Just like everything, my life also often changes which is why I often tell women they should not fall in love with me. There are better and more suitable guys out there. My heart is always seeking adventure, always seeking new experiences, always wanting to explore, wanting to take myself to new heights, new views, and new sensations. I have an appetite for life that could not be quenched. Being grounded, staying still, and watching time pass by are not things I have luxury for. I am always preparing, always in the hunt, and always ready for a new adventure. There are often times in my life where I am sad because I know that as I improve my inner and outer world, there will come a time when I will leave everyone behind.

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