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Imagine Loving Life

imagine loving life 332 Autumn

There are so many things I can be grateful for and appreciate in this hike.

The first one is definitely the drivers. There was a lack of drivers. There were too many people that want to go to the hike and not enough drivers. I asked a couple of people if they could make it and a lot could not make it. Suddenly, in one day, a lot of drivers showed up. A friend of mine that I asked said he could go also. All of a sudden, there was an influx of drivers that there were a lot of open spots. There was an abundance of cars going to the hike.

The second one is the weather. The weather forecast was rain then cloudy. Really depressing weather. It will be hard to enjoy the hike, fall foliage colors, and scenery with gloomy weather. A couple of people messaged me that it is going to rain and some think that I should cancel or reschedule. I just joked around and said that they should expect blue sky and clouds for the hike. I said that I can control the weather and they should expect good weather. The weather turned out really perfect for the hike. It was drizzle with fog in the morning and blue skies around 1 PM. When we got to the viewpoints, it was sunny and a great way to enjoy the scenery.

When we started the hike, the drizzle stopped. But it was enough to create a waterfall. The waterfall was supposed to be dry, it was supposed to be hugging or clinging on to the rocks. We cannot even call it a waterfall because the season this year was very dry. It was flowing in the spring but waterfall tends to dry up in the fall. Since there was rain in the evening, and drizzle in the morning, we have waterfall in the hike. It wasn’t as good as it is in spring like maybe 20% but at least it still looks like a waterfall. People can actually see water falling down. Weather was really great for the waterfall. It is because there was waterfall, we were able to do a little bit of adventure and go to the bottom.

It was because it was cool, and cloudy in the morning that people did not become dehydrated in the middle of the hike. If the day was full sunny and clear, a lot of people would be very thirsty because it was hot. A lot of people enjoyed the hike because the weather was not hot. It was half cool and half hot. It was perfect.

According to one of my enlightenment teachers, the hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters are caused by negative emotions like anger, violence, and so on. If we want to change the weather to sunny and blue skies then we send it love and peace. When we send love and peace, positive emotions nullifies the chaos and negativity of the weather. I told the people in the hike to watch the song of the Beatles which is all we need is love. I thought it was worth a try. I don’t know if I believe my teacher but it was supposed to be rainy and cloudy then it turned into a great weather. I may try it again in the future. It cannot hurt lol

The one thing that I was really really grateful for and appreciate was the blueberry leaves. The leaves were at the peak of their colors. They were vibrant and alive. It was red, pinkish, and vibrantly alive. This peak only lasts for 3 or 4 days. I went to this hike on Tuesday again and the leaves look dry and dead already. So let us think about that for one second. Out of 365 days in a year, we were at the perfect time and perfect place for these blueberry leaves to be at their most beautiful state in colors. The leaves were still alive that they are not falling off the branches yet. What are the chances of really really beautiful red garden to walk on in a Saturday. It is like nature was showing off its beauty just for our hike. I try to appreciate these little things that happen in my life.

In enlightenment concepts, they say that if you live in your heart space, free of the ego, no superiority/inferiority then you will notice all these things. It is because your heart will be open. You will appreciate the world more. They call these coincidences or events, “synchronicity”. It is when you find that perfect parking the moment you arrive at your destination. Synchronicity is when everything falls into place, or when fate gives you a helping hand. Some people call these synchronizations, and some call them “miracles”.

Edit: There was this group of Asians in there too. They were twice the size of our group. Our group was big too, we had 28 people. So they most likely have 50+ or 60+ people. I was actually thinking it will be a problem because the trails were very small. I really don’t want our group to share the view points, lunch spot, and all the spots with 50+ people. It will be too cramped and it will not be fun. But luckily, the other Asian group went backwards. They did the hike in reverse. I don’t know why they did it like that but we were so lucky they did.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.