Imagine Loving Life

Imagine Loving Life

I zipped my coat shut and held it tightly as the mountain wind violently rages through the valleys, skies, rivers, clouds, highways, and trees. The sun’s rays blasted through the holes of the ever changing clouds. Its bright light illuminated patches of the earth as far as my eyes could see. I witnessed first hand how unpredictable the weather could be as it was very cloudy and dim just moments ago. Yet on this place that I sit upon, I could only feel peace. The light which seemed so powerful was soft and gentle on my skin. Even the violent wind felt good on my body, replenishing it, and rejuvenating my mind, as if the wind was taking away all of my fatigue and exhaustion to a far off place that I will never find again.

I felt this sensation before from a time long ago, where the sun shone brightly, and no worries could be found in my heart.

The old picnic blanket had streaks of red, and white lines parallel to each other and crossing each other near the corners. The scent of sandwiches, rice, and fruits was forcing its way out of the handmade wooden basket in the corner. I held her close and gently along my arms, underneath a big oak tree. Her eyes were droopy as she was slowly falling asleep. She placed her head on my chest and her arms along my body as she tries to get as comfortable as she could. A gentle and kind wind passed us by as her eyes finally closed and she fell asleep. I kissed her forehead lovingly and in that moment I vowed that I will always protect her, I will always take care of her, and that nothing will ever harm her while I was around. It was the only way I knew how to express my love for her. To be a man she could rely on, someone she could trust, and someone that will always be there for her.

As I look at this beautiful view on this mountain top, I know full well that I could not keep my vow. But I also know that she deserves all the love that this world can offer and that someone else will come along and give her all the love that I couldn’t give her. In that sense, I am happy for both of us because somehow or in someway, we will both get the love and happiness that we both deserve.

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