There was this movie called Inception. The concept is that you can change someone’s actions and beliefs if you put a thought deep into their subconscious. It is true, if we can plant a thought deep into the subconscious, this thought will govern the person’s actions, beliefs and even their way of life. So the question is, can a thought be planted into a person? Of course it can. Like in the youtube video, you can do it very directly. Going to school allows you to learn thoughts and concepts about science, mathematics and so on. Talking to others allows them to influence your mind. Watching television, tv series, reading the newspaper and watching the news allows people to implant thoughts into your head. Reading this article allows me to create ideas into your mind as well. Some ideas that you see everyday will resonate with you and it will be in your conscious mind.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implant a thought into your subconscious mind directly. My understanding and experiments lead me to believe that in order to put a thought into your subconscious mind will take a long time. It is a very slow process. The simplest way I know to put a thought into your subconscious are affirmations. It is the process where you say to yourself, “I am ________” and this is not guaranteed to work either. I have tried various meditations, exercises, and visual techniques but to no success. Maybe it works but I just don’t feel it or see it. I don’t know, you tell me if it works for you. However, while it is not possible to put a thought into your subconscious, it is possible to take a negative thought out.


Taking Out A Core Belief

There is a way to take out some of your negative core beliefs. There are actually many ways but at the same time, everything basically has the same procedures. You can go to youtube to find these processes or concepts. The most common ones are called inner child work, shadow work, transmutation of negative to positive, or transmutation, completion process, and so on. Whenever I find myself reacting, I try to figure out why am I reacting and if it is possible to cleanse it out of my system. So whenever I am angry, frustrated, and have negative feelings that I cannot explain, I would meditate to find out why or where these thoughts are coming from.


The Belief That “You Are Not Good Enough”

Everyone has this belief that they are not good enough. Some have this belief very deep into their subconscious. What we need to do is take out this core belief. This will give you a lot of insecurities, block you out of getting the love of your life, block abundance out of your life, block money out of your life, make you sabotage your life, and so on. So when I first meditated to get this out of me, it was really nasty. The energy or what I pictured this belief to be was really nasty. In my meditation, it was this dark, sewer water infested, dirty energy that clung into my body. While I was in my meditation, I was like throwing up. It was really nasty. This is the only time where I experienced such a meditation that I felt nauseous and want to throw up all the time. It was very nasty. I got rid of it though and felt good afterwards.


Why These Meditations Work?

The simple explanation is that your thoughts are real to you. Your fears are real to you. They are not real to others but they are real to you. If you tell me your fears, I most likely would say hakuna matata, or don’t worry about it, or no worries or you are overreacting or you are paranoid or something like that. But your fears are real to you. We need to remove those negative core beliefs because they can ruin your life.

Most of the time, the core beliefs that you have, you get them when you were a child. When you were a child, your mind is more susceptible and open to inception. We can put a lot of thoughts and ideas into you when you were a child. Your experiences when you were a child also form into a belief system. As time goes by, these beliefs, thoughts and ideas go into your subconscious. Once they are there, they form other beliefs, thoughts and ideas.


The 5 Minute Meditation

This is a 5 minute meditation that you can do at your home. You can start clearing your mind of all the negative core beliefs. So for me, I usually meditate. But I tried this and it works also. You can do it everyday to clear your blocks. Here are the steps. I will just copy someone’s comment on the video lol.

Step 1. Connect to the light. Imagine light coming in from above and below and expand it out so your energy is giving and receiving.

Step 2. Ask a question. “I’m feeling a feeling. What is the first age I felt that? Who did I duplicate it from? What’s the emotion attached to it? Where is it in on or around my body?

Step 3. Bring the light that you’re connected to into that part of the body in order to vaporize the feeling with the intention “I clear and transmute it across all time, dimensions, space, and reality.”

Step 4. Ask yourself “what would it take for …..” to open up all the possibilities for an answer.

Here is another one of her videos.



1 Hour Meditation / Hypnosis

You do not need to be in hypnosis or in trance. You just need be able to use your imagination. This is pretty good. I like this meditation because you can just listen to it once before you go to sleep.


Teal Swan Inner Child Work

Teal Swan has a lot of followers but she also has a lot of people that hate her. She has a lot of good insights and good ideas. The only things I do not like about her is that she is very smart. It makes me think that she is very cunning. So there is an aura of manipulation surrounding her. But she has a lot of good insights and good stuff.


Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

I like this guy. He has a lot of good insights also and he has a good vibration. Whenever I listen to his episodes, I feel good during and afterwards. I agree with him also. Make friends with all the parts that you hate. Once I take out all the negative belief, I imagine loving my negative beliefs and my self. But this is too advance lol. Loving every part of you is what you need to do but at the same time, you have to start healing and abandoning negative energies first. You only need to do this if you are really serious about enlightenment and you do not want to react anymore. If you always want to be stable, reliable and so on, then you should love every part of yourself. But since most people just want a simple way to remove their negative core beliefs, the other methods or process works well.


These Worked For Me, They May Not Work For You

They work for me, I can see a change in my behavior. It may not work for you to get rid of your fears. But try it, you have nothing to lose.


If You Cry

If you cry, that is a good sign. Keep doing it. If you cry then it means that the experience that happened to you are very real to your mind or it is deep into your subconscious.




Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.