Leap Without Looking

Leap Without Looking

I got responses from the last topic. A little vague, and passive though. Where is the fun if you know where you are going to land? There is no fun in that. Where is the adventure in that? There is no fun in certainty. We have to tease fate sometimes. We have to play around with destiny. We have to believe in our future enough that it is going to be amazing no matter what. If I believe that my future is going to be amazing and I don’t even have a stable income, then I do not understand why people cannot do the same which is believe that their future is great or believe in themselves.

If you know you are amazing, you know your future is great, then what is there to fear? I realized that if I put my future in certainty, I am putting my future in a box. After a lot of hard work, a lot of pain, a lot of time, when I get to that box, I am freaking dying to get out of there. In that box, I saw everything that I missed out on. When I tried to get out, it is freaking hard.

Look at the guys around you? Chasing you? Doing everything you want? That is called certainty. Look at me, I have uncertainty. Certainty is like mash potatoes without gravy. Uncertainty is like Korean drama. I offer Korean drama hahahaha. It is where the good stuff resides. All I am saying is that we have to have fun in everything we do. Leap without looking. Enjoy the wind beneath your wings. Just trust that it will be a wild, fun and amazing ride. When you leap, I do not have to catch you or save you. Just with that act, you saved yourself. If you don’t leap, that parachute or that wingsuit that you have, is not going to open up. I am pretty sure that deep down inside you all know this because time is a great teacher.

Anyway, I am just chilling with my love life. I am just being patient and observing what fate is going to give me.

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