In this article, I will be talking about ‘LOVE’. This is going to a lot of theories and metaphysical ideas that you may or may not agree with.


What Is Love?

Defining what love is for everyone is most likely impossible. No one can agree on what the true definition of love is. It differs from person to person. Some even believe that there is no such thing as love and there are only chemicals in our bodies. Some believe that love is not an emotion nor a feeling at all. There are many different forms of love as well. I love my car, I love my son, I love my wife and so on. Some say that love requires that both parties have respect, trust and affection. But what about unconditional love where only one person have those things? Love can be defined in a biological terms, psychological terms, theological terms, neurological terms, philosophical terms, and so on. My definition of love will be different than yours but we all know what it is or what love is even though we all may not agree what it is exactly nor put it into words. We can see it, we can feel it, and we instinctively know what love is.



Love Is Connection

Love is connection. It can be a connection between a person and an inanimate object like a car or house or jewelry or any material thing. It can be a connection between two people. It can be a connection between one person and another but the other does not feel anything. Love is a form of connection between a living being that is capable of a wide array of emotions to another object or organism.

However, I believe Love is all the connection there is. It is what connects everything together. It is the force or attraction that connects worlds, objects, universe, atoms, and everything together. You can think of it as a glue that connects your cells together or that connects atoms together. Physicists believes that we are made out space. Everything is made out of space. I believe that atoms are connected together through love. Everything is connected together through love. The girl that you want to fall in love with can be connected to you through love. The life that you want to live can be yours if you can connect to it through love. Every friendship is connected through love. Every connection to another human being is a connection between love. Love is what connects you to your desires, to your goals, to your wants and needs. Love is what connects you even to your thoughts. Everything you can think of is connected because of love. The metal cookware that you cook with, the wooden stairs that your house has, the bricks that your house is made out of, the skin that you have, the blood that you have, the air that you inhale, the soul that you have and everything that this universe has is connected together through love.



Love Is What Everything Is Made Out Of

Your body has form because of this energy called Love. Love connects atoms and molecules together. When they are connected together, love gives it form or structure or a blueprint. In essence, we are all made out of love and everything is made out of love. Everything has shape, size, and form because of this energy called love. Our thoughts are connected to us through love. Our molecules are connected to us through love. There is nothing in this world that is not love. Everything you can see, everything you hear, everything we can think of, everything is made out of love. Even our thoughts are made out of love.

Without ‘LOVE’ nothing in this world will ever exist. Love is all there is, all there ever will be, there is nothing else than love.



The Energy Of Love Is Unconditional

The energy of love is available to anyone, everyone, or anything. This energy called love does not choose who can and cannot use it. We all have access to it. We can connect to objects, cars, houses, friends, people, lovers and etc. through love. Everyone deserves love, deserves to use it, deserves to make use of it to benefit themselves.


Love Makes Everything Possible

You are connected to your future through love. You are connected to the life you have, the body you have, the people around you and etc. through love. You can have anything, you can be anything, you can do anything and etc. based on how you can use this energy called ‘LOVE’. If there is a future that you want, you need to be able to connect to it through ‘LOVE’. At least in my theory. I just learned this idea right now so I cannot really elaborate on this. We all have free will on Earth after all so we can do anything.


Everything Else

Love is connection. At the core or at the lowest level of my understanding, love is connection. It is the connection you have to anything. To me, it is all forms of connection, at least in theory.


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