Mount Washington Hike Videos

Mount Washington Hike Videos

Mount Washington Video 1. I was hoping the weather would change. It would be a great experience for everyone to see it. My wish got granted.

In here, it was very sunny 2 minutes ago. Last part of the Tuckerman Trail. It was as if the clouds were engulfing all of the sun light. There was a sense of danger in the air. It was as if a monster was coming. We were met with freezing rain, strong winds and harsh conditions as we got closer to the summit. In less than 5 minutes, everything changed.

Mount Washington Video 2: I got a little bit worried because a couple were still not at the summit but everyone managed to get up safely. In here, we were about to go down. We were traveling to the car. Strong winds that push us back and freezing rain the sends chills to our skin.

This hike has always been dangerous. First thing I tell people is “do not die” hahahaha.

Grace was trying to be a weather reporter but we could not hear what she was saying because the winds were too loud hahaha

Mount Washington Video 3: 10 minutes driving down. We just got out of the stormy clouds and into the clearing. We were between stormy clouds and great weather. The weather up there is totally different from the rest.

We were just taking pictures and having fun. It was freezing and windy. I did not get out of the car lol

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