My Current Plan To Hike 5 Of The Highest Mountains

My Current Plan To Hike 5 Of The Highest Mountains

One of my secondary goals is to hike 5 of the highest mountains in the world. It is not a primary goal so it is not something I will put a lot of effort into doing right now. But it is along the way. What I mean is as I go for the things I want in life, I will eventually end up wanting to hike these mountains. I really want to do Mount Everest, I’ll do it when I am 55 years old or something along the lines. A lot of 60 year old people do it. There was already a Filipino man who reached the top so too late to be the first Filipino there. I may as well take my time. I need $100,000 per person per try which is not something I have right now.

The first mountain that I will hike will be Denali in Alaska which is 20,000+ feet. You are probably thinking, I am crazy and that I will not be able to do it. You can also think that there is no way I will be able to do it. This is where I will prove you wrong. Right now, I cannot do it. But time is on my side. All I have to do is become a person that can do it.

What do guys that climbed and conquered these mountains have? Money, connections, companions, skills, knowledge, experience, body strength and a lot more? All of these things and qualities I can get in time.

I do not have any amazing plans to climb 5 of these mountains. I have a simple plan. Get all the qualities that I know I need. Right now, I am just going to go for experience.

I’m just going to climb mountains that are very high. Going to start from 4000 feet then move up to 20,000 feet. As I move up and go for higher mountains, I will have a better idea what I need to do to conquer some of the highest mountains in the world.


List Of Mountains I Need To Conquer

1. Alaska – Denali – 20,310 – Alaska Range
2. California – Mount Whitney – 14,495 – Sierra Nevada
3. Colorado – Mount Elbert – 14,433 – Southern Rocky Mountains
4. Washington – Mount Rainier – 14,411 – Cascade Range
5. Wyoming – Gannett Peak – 13,804 – Greater Yellowstone Rockies
6. Hawaii – Mauna Kea – 13,796 – Hawaii
7. Utah – Kings Peak – 13,528 – Western Rocky Mountains
8. New Mexico – Wheeler Peak – 13,161 – Southern Rocky Mountains
9. Nevada – Boundary Peak – 13,140 – Great Basin Ranges
10. Montana – Granite Peak – 12,799 – Greater Yellowstone Rockies
11. Idaho – Borah Peak – 12,662 – Idaho – Bitterroot Rocky Mountains
12. Arizona – Humphreys Peak – 12,633 – Colorado Plateau
13. Oregon – Mount Hood – 11,239 – Cascade Range
14. Texas – Guadalupe Peak – 8749 – Southwest Basins and Ranges
15. South Dakota – Harney Peak – 7242 – Great Plains
16. North Carolina – Mount Mitchell – 6684 – Blue Ridge Mountains
17. Tennessee – Clingmans Dome or Mount Leconte – 6643 – Blue Ridge Mountains
18. New Hampshire – Whole Franconia Traverse – 6288 – Northern U. S. Appalachians
19. Virginia – Mount Rogers – 5729 – Blue Ridge Mountains
20. Nebraska – Panorama Point – 5426 – Great Plains
21. New York – Mount Marcy – 5344 – Canadian Shield
22. Maine – Katahdin – 5268 – Northern U. S. Appalachians
23. Oklahoma – Black Mesa – 4973 – Great Plains
24. West Virginia – Spruce Knob – 4861 – Appalachian Plateaus
25. Georgia – Brasstown Bald – 4784 – Blue Ridge Mountains
26. Vermont – Mount Mansfield – 4393 – Northern U. S. Appalachians

I have 26 mountains that I need to conquer. My plans are often simple, small and doable. Things that are possible for me, I will do them. I call these “steps”. The more steps I do, the better I become. I do a little bit of squats and lunges for leg strength. I can do Franconia Ridge with 25 pounds of weight on my backpack due to photography equipment but I am dead tired afterwards. I need to work on my legs as well.

One of the good news is that I do not seem to suffer from high altitude sickness. It maybe my genetics. I will find out more but I will definitely try to acclimate my body once I am doing mountains above 10,000 feet.

For this year, I only plan to conquer Mount Marcy in Adirondacks and Katahdin which is near Maine. Maybe Mount Mitchell in North Carolina if I have the time. Like I said, this is a secondary goal. My main priority right now is to make money. But Mount Marcy And Katahdin should be doable.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.