My Love Life

My Love Life

My love life is so confusing. One of the reasons is that I insist on working, getting a lot of things done, and improving my financial situation a bit for the next couple of months. I am more interested in improving myself right now than anything else. Fortunately, this will end in mid to late October. At that time, I am allowing myself to ask a girl out on a date or make an attempt at connecting with someone.

After that is done, I am still left with a lot of confusion. Fortunately, I figured it out on how to remove a lot of the confusion by doing positive actions. One of the confusion that plagues my mind is that I have no idea who to ask out or who to be with. Should I wait for her or should I ask another one, if the other says “maybe”, should I wait for her also? The second questions is Do these girls even want to be with me? This question doesn’t really matter because I will know when I make an attempt but it still haunts my mind.

To lessen the confusion and bring order to my love life. I will compile a list of qualities that is a must have, want, and don’t want in a woman. By making a list of what I want or the type of girl that I want then it is easier and a lot clearer on how to proceed with my love life.


Non-Negotiable Qualities

    1. Must take care of herself, her body, her mind, healthy and be somewhat fit
    2. Loves me or she can see herself falling in love with me
    3. Mutual attraction
    4. Likes to help her family, parents, and loved ones, family oriented
    5. Loves herself or kind to herself – very important!


Qualities that I Want, that I am attracted to but at the same time I can live without them

    1. Kind – Strong type of kindness. Not the type that requires self-sacrifice.
    2. Supportive, Nurturing, Likes to Encourage
    3. Intelligent
    4. Understanding
    5. Patient
    6. Adventurous, likes the outdoors
    7. Likes to try new things or learn new things
    8. Pleasant, Happy, Playful and Low Maintenance
    9. Thankful or Grateful
    10. Passionate


Qualities I do not want

    1. Smoker
    2. Unhealthy, Overweight
    3. Lack of integrity, unfaithful, cheater
    4. Manipulative
    5. Liar, Dishonest
    6. Controlling, Demanding
    7. Lazy
    8. Rude, Disrespectful
    9. No self-respect
    10. Selfish


Of course, I understand that if I want to attract this type of woman in my life then I have to be this kind of guy in my life also. Like attracts like. People with the same qualities tend to attract each other. So I will work and improve on these qualities also.



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