My Path Is Not Your Path But It Is Your Path

My Path Is Not Your Path But It Is Your Path

The best way to learn is through pain. Pain makes us adapt, makes us change, makes us breakdown old beliefs and we open ourselves to expansion. There are two main ways I learn which is through the pain that I encounter and through the pain of others. Lessons that I learn from experience are more rooted than the lessons I learn through the views and opinions of others. I know that the lessons they learned also came from pain. I find that the lessons that other people learned through pain, failure and negativity are far more valuable as well.

The path or journey that I embarked on will not be the same as yours. You have your own life, your own soul and your own desires. You will learn your own lessons and forge your own belief systems. However, some of our desires tend to be the same. It is for this reason that my pain and lessons I learned from those pain may help you in your journey. My path is not your path but it is your path in a way.

I do not hold the views on this journey to be true and yet they are true according to my perception. The views may change in time as well. There is no truth in these articles, yet they maybe a truth in them at the same time, they maybe a whole lot of truths and maybe none. 1 + 1 = 2 and 1 + 1 =3 are both true in my journey and depends on your perception.

There are multiple roads, paths and journeys in what we call life but I believe that all roads meet at the end or all journeys end the same way which is through love. So a lot of people will agree with my view points, and a lot will not agree. I believe both opinions, even though they are at the opposite ends, are true for they will eventually lead to love and to your expansion. There is no wrong path nor wrong decision nor wrong opinions.

Steve Jobs lose his dream, his life’s work, and everything he worked so hard for but it is at that moment that he began to shine, he became stronger, and eventually led to him having a better life. Even at the lowest point of his life, where everyone viewed him as a failure, it is still a road that led him to greatness.

I am still in the middle of my journey and I have not achieve any of my goals that I set out to do but I find myself enjoying everything in my life. I am expanding more than I ever could have realized and yet I still have no idea what they all mean. What are all the lessons, knowledge, rhetoric and experiences I acquired will help me do in the future? The future is such a mystery and it used to be filled with uncertainty and yet now I am starting to view it more as excitement or a place of adventure.

So my advice is to take whatever words, statements and lessons I learned that resonates with you or you find to be true and take everything else that you do not believe to be true to be garbage and just throw them away. Take whatever you want and throw away whatever you do not want. Like I said, there is no wrong decision.

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