My Path To Enlightenment

My Path To Enlightenment

My Path To Enlightenment

I. Introduction




II. Level 1 – Independence (To Be The Hero Of Your Own Story)




III. Level 2 – Interdependence (For A Community To Be The Hero Of The Story)

  • EGO
    1. Importance Of Losing Your Ego
    2. Importance Of Keeping Your Ego
    3. Losing Your Ego Without Losing Your Masculine Energy
    4. Gaining Balance
    5. Feeling The Geocentric Model Rather Than Duality Through Emotions
  • The World We Live In Is A World Based On Survival
  • The Path Of Lack Is An Illusion
  • Mindfulness – The Path To Stop Reacting And Become The Observer
  • Surrender To Life As Uncertainty Comes From The Ego
  • Control VS Acceptance
  • Letting Go Of Attachments
  • The Path Of Love





IV. Emotional Guiding System (Heart) And Logical Guiding System (Mind)

  • The Heart
  • The Mind





V. Metaphysics and Esoteric Theories





VI. All About Me – Self Improvement

Currently Working On

  • Accepting Myself And Accepting Others
  • Conquering Fear
  • Letting Go
    1. Letting Go Of Expectations
    2. Letting Go Of Control (External and Internal)
  • Learning To Not Control Others
    1. By Controlling Others
    2. Letting Go Of Expectations Of Others


Spiritual Health

  • Just Being – Not Needing Anything External



VII. Emotions At The Core Level





VIII. My Super Powers

  • Empathy (Reading People Through Emotions And Psychology)




IX. Immortality Theories Or How To Stay Young Forever

The Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs or Cray Cray Ideas or Crazy Out There Totally Mental Mode or You Have Entered The Twilight Zone Kind Of Thing

  • Learn To See Your Multi-Dimensional Self
  • Astral Projection
  • Theory That DNA is Multi-Dimensional
  • Energy Flows Through Your Body Through The Chakras



X. Manifestation – Theory Of Law Of Attraction

  • Complete Trust On The Universe
  • Remove All Negative Thoughts
  • Remove The Fear
    1. Fear Of Asking
    2. Fear Of Failure
    3. Fear Of Success
  • Release Expectations
    1. Let Go Of Expectations
    2. Let Go Of The Past And Future
  • 11, 22, 33
  • 11 – Vision
  • 22 – Action
    1. Action – Watching For Signs
  • 33 – Reality
  • Observe Your Negative Thoughts – Let It Pass – Don’t Entertain And Don’t Resist


XI. My Purpose

  • To Know Love
  • To Know Greater Love Thru Duality