New Logo

New Logo

New logo of this website. I am in the process of improving this site. Putting more hiking content and travel. This logo actually came from my meditation. I was meditating and I kept asking myself “Who am I?” The first vision was that I was flying in the air. I was flying with other beings. I was not alone, we were all enjoying the wind. I could feel the fierce wind under my wings. It is lifting me up. I kept asking “Who am I?” “Is this who I am? I love flying?” Then the vision changed into a forest, I was running in the forest with lots of animals. I was running with a deer or with a few of them. There were a couple of big animals, some bigger than me, some I have never seen before. We were just enjoying the forest. I kept asking “Who am I?” “Is this who I am? I love the forest?” The vision changed, I was swimming or diving deep into the ocean. I was playing with whales, sharks, and gliding through the water like a fish or dolphin. I could feel the water touching every part of my skin, enveloping my whole body. I kept asking “Who am I?” “Is this who I am? I love to swim?”

When I asked this question, I went up to the surface. I made a splash on the water as I left it. I went up like a dolphin jumping straight out of the water. I became this round ball like a sun, and I had these bricks on the side that looked like wings. They were not wings, they were like Tetris bricks. They were rectangular. They were like these wings. They were just straight. I was looking at myself in a third person point of view. At the bottom of the sun with wings, the phrase “I AM AMAZING” was there. I just laughed and my vision ended. So that is where the logo came from.

I researched this. This symbol is in a lot of ancient cultures. Lots of companies have this logo as well. The top on the medicine logo is very similar which is the staff of Hermes. The illuminati uses this logo as well. Recently, they found King Ezekiah’s zeal which is from the Bible. It has the winged sun with 2 ankhs which is kind of weird because in the Bible, it says King Ezekiah talks to God. We found out that he is using ancient Egyptian symbols. Anyway, this winged sun is is very interesting.


On other news, I temporarily removed  all of the enlightening concepts. I will put them back again but I will remove all of the metaphysics part. I will stay with what can be proven, and what can be realized. I will be writing more about emotions, simple psychology and etc. The latest principles I was practicing was abundance. Abundance basically states that we are abundant, and we naturally are abundant, and we are always abundant. The practice of gratefulness will create this feeling of abundance. I could not feel abundant at all. I do not feel successful so I could not feel abundant. I cannot even take a girl on a date right now. I could only see the limitations and lack that I have so I could not feel abundant. It turns out that my practice of “presence” or “now” needs to be improved. Once it reached a new level, I could feel so abundant. So “Now” + “Gratefulness” = “Abundance”. I created a diary for gratefulness to reach new levels in my enlightenment. I don’t want to put it in here because it is going to be so corny, so sappy, so cringy, so not artistic, and etc. I am going to be write about being grateful for the chair I have, sun light, tv, moon and coffee cup, and etc. It is going to be very corny so I will put it in another website. I am supposed to put at least 5 things I am grateful for everyday. Hopefully I keep doing this practice for a long time.

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