Path Of Compassion VS Path Of Judgment

Path Of Compassion VS Path Of Judgment


My path of enlightenment is nothing more than a study of my own emotions, my mind, and the way I think in order to achieve inner peace. As I analyzed my emotions, I realized that I share the same emotions as other people. We are all the same in a way. I have been reading lots of psychology books, neuro linguistic programming, philosophy, quantum physics, physics, theology and metaphysics as I try to understand my own self and the reality of the world that I live in.

While I have sworn against religion because I came to believe that this type of organization is nothing more than a way to control people, I have come to the conclusion that they are correct about the idea of this being called God. Like this quantum physicist, all of his theories point to a being called God. All of my findings point the same way. But this being called God that I found is so different from what I heard and this being has no control nor power of the human world. As I study different ideas, different concepts, different emotions, and ways of thinking, I came to the conclusion that this being called God cannot interfere in the human world but such a being is needed in order for all the concepts, ideas, and arguments to be true.

In order to explain the path of compassion, the path of love, and in order to have inner peace, this emotion called fear cannot exist. As such fear of death cannot exist. This fear of death cannot exist if the idea of the ‘afterlife’ is true. In this article, I will give my findings or my conclusions about this reality that we have. This article will have ideas and concepts that are very different from the norm and this article may create fear in your mind which is not my intention. But this article will make you question the reality that you are living in or this planet Earth that you are living in.


The Path Of Compassion

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, compassion is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. However, through introspection or examination of my mental or emotional processes, I find that compassion is to be one with the universe or to be the universe.  The easiest way for me to explain this is to look at people who have compassion. There are a lot of people who are interested in enlightenment who are vegans. They see animals like cows, pigs, chickens and so on as animals that are suffering. They want to help end the suffering so they chose to stop eating meat.

Can people have compassion for insects? Not a lot of people have compassion for insects but yeah, we can have compassion for insects. We have lots and lots of people who are trying to save butterflies. They love butterflies and they are connected to these insects. They want to preserve them and there are definitely lots of endangered butterflies.

Can people have compassion for inanimate objects? Yeah, in a certain way. Can you have compassion for land, mountain, rivers, and oceans? The answer is yes. If we pollute the rivers or oceans, then lots of animals, insects and living creatures will suffer. We do not want that. We will deprive people of enjoying swimming in the ocean, hiking or climbing the mountains and so on. We don’t want people or animals to suffer and so on.

Can we have compassion for cars, houses, and so on? Hell yeah. If people’s home gets destroyed, they will suffer. They have no place to live. Same thing with cars. People can be connected to anything with this emotion called love. When that something gets destroyed, people will suffer. Athletes are connected to their tools like their gloves, golf clubs, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and so on. If you destroy these inanimate objects, they will suffer a lot.

Our compassion is compartmentalized which means that our compassion is divided into sections or parts. We do not have sympathy to everything. If we are compassionate or have sympathy to everything then we are connected to everything as such we are one with the universe. If we have love for everything then we are connected to everything.


The Path Of Judgment

If love is to be connected then fear is to separate. The path of judgment is the path of fear. The more we judge, the more we separate ourselves from the thing that we are judging. Let’s take a pig for example. We may be somewhat compassionate to the pigs because they are suffering from our consumption of them. Now imagine this pig being dirty. This pig is full of germs and nasty viruses. If this pig touches you or someone you care about, there is a possibility that person will die. He will get germs and these germs will slowly eat away his skin causing intense amounts of pain. This dirty pig has it. Imagine this pig outside your home. It is waiting for you to go out. It has flies swirling around it and touching its skin. It has feces all over its body. This pig is just very disgusting. You will be scared of that pig. You will kill that pig or call someone to kill that pig. You will have no remorse for it.

Judge something as evil, nasty, dirty, Satan’s creation, and so on and you will separate yourself from it. Judge something over and over and we will feel no love for it because this is what separation does. The more we judge, the more we separate. Once you separated yourself from it, you can hurt it, kill it, burn it, and do everything you want with it without any compassion for it whatsoever.

This is what we do with mice, rats and other vermin. We poison them, glue them to the trap till their skin gets peeled off, smash their spine with mouse traps and so on. We judge this type of animal as evil, plague bringer, and so on. We do not care what we do with them as long as they are gone.

We, human beings, are pretty good with judgment. We judge everything. The color of people’s skin, their beliefs, the way they live, their actions, their hair, the way they talk, and so on. It is usually, if you are not with us, you are against us. This is humanity. We like to judge people. We separate ourselves.


The Following Concepts Require This Idea Of God

You do not need to believe these concepts. However, through introspection, every concept points to this being called God. So I am going to tell you a story. Everyone has a concept of God anyway. Still, you can just think of this as a story or a Hollywood movie. You do not need to believe it. It is just a story. This story will be about the creation of your soul, your Earthly body, how it is experiencing reality, why compassion is key to inner peace, why God does not have power on Earth, what happens when you die and so on.


In The Beginning…

This story is similar in the bible to how God created Adam, how he created him in his image, how he fell from the garden of Eden which is paradise where everything is provided for him, and so on.

In the beginning, God created your soul. He created you the same way as him which is that you are infinite, you are eternal, and you are made out of love. God loves you that he gave you everything you need, everything you want, and he even gave you the power to create anything you wish. With God on your side, you are protected, you are safe, you are immortal, you are loved, and so on. There is nothing to fear, nothing to wish for, and all you do is spend your time with God, other souls, and live joyously bathing in the most positive happy emotions that you can think of.

You are in paradise, and you are playing with your family or other souls then you notice one soul. This soul is glowing, shining, and he gives and receives love so much better than you. He has a better appreciation for everything, he has appreciation for paradise, and so on. This soul is just shining so brightly. You want to be able to receive and give love the same way as he does. You want to appreciate everything the way he does. So you asked this soul how he did it. This soul told you that in order to expand, you see these angels and they will teach you how.

You went and talked to these angels. They showed and gave you various options and schools to choose from. They showed you from the easiest schools to the hardest. The most popular school is also the hardest school. It is the fastest way to learn as well. This school is called Earth. This is the hardest school because in this school, you will be separated from everything that you know, God, other souls, and so on. In this school, you are separated from everyone and everything. You are separated even from yourself. All the knowledge that you have will be gone. You will be alone.

They prepared you a body. This body is not made out of love, it is made out of separation. It is made to separate you from everything. You have been given two tools which are your logical guiding system, and your emotional guiding system. You have souls, angels and other entities to guide you as well. The goals of this school are to know separation, to experience individuality, and to express your individuality.

(The main difference is that when Adam fell out of Eden, God did not abandon him. God did not cast Adam aside. Adam made the decision to separate himself from God. You made the decision to go to Earth.)

You created your character, you gave this character traits, abilities, characteristics and so on so that you can experience this character on Earth. You picked your parents, your environment and so on. You are so excited. You are thinking, “I am going to have such a cool experience, I am going to express such an amazing person into this world, and I am going to be like this and so on.” You have everything planned or so you thought.

(I just gave the gist of the story. I left a lot of things out and took a lot of concepts out.)


The Logical Guiding System

The logical guiding system is your ego mind. The ego has no concept of emotions. The ego’s main concern is separation, the “I” or your identity. It only cares about your survival. The ego mind holds all of your negative fear based beliefs. It is a store house of control, how your parents controlled you, how your government has controlled you, how your religion has controlled you, how your society controlled you and so on. Anything that provokes your safety whether it is physical, or emotional, it will attack anything that provokes it. It will judge and attack. When you do not train your mind, your ego will attack, judge, and do everything in its power to make sure that you remain on top. You are good, others are bad. You are right, others are wrong. Your beliefs are righteous, others are evil. You are better and superior to other people. This person is bad so he deserves to be punished. This person hurt me so this person needs to be hurt as well. The ego never gets tired, never rests and always ready to attack. This is how it makes your body feel good but such a feeling is only temporary. The ego only knows to be superior to others to make you feel good. Such a feeling is not sustainable and it has to be fed everyday to sustain. This can be in a form of addiction, entertainment, news, movies, alcohol, and so on.

The logical guiding system is a compass. It always guides you to your survival.


The Emotional Guiding System

The emotional guiding system is the heart. It is a compass. It is emotional. It knows love, fear, hate, anger, happiness, and so on. We all know the concept of the heart. We all have emotions. The concept of the heart is in our songs, our culture, movies, stories and so on. When someone compliments you, you feel good. When someone loves you, you feel good. When someone validates you, you feel good. When someone helps you on your chores, it makes you feel good. When you are doing your purpose like dancing, creating software, talking to people, photography, and so on, you feel good. Vice versa. When someone loves you, you feel good. When you love someone, you feel good. You give and receive love, you feel good. Simple concepts, right?

Why does it hurt when you this person rejects me? Why does it hurt when someone criticizes me? Why does it hurt when someone tells me I am ugly and so on?


The Emotional Guiding System Points Towards Heaven

The purpose of the emotional guiding system is to remind you of your divinity or to remind you that you are made out of love. This emotional guiding system points you towards heaven. In our society, or in the western society, we view emotions as volatile, irrational, illogical, makes no sense, and that this system cannot be trusted. After all, this system causes pain and suffering. We have no control nor explanation of this sometimes. In our society, we view emotions to be something we cannot trust. With a little bit of introspection, or meditation, this emotional guiding system makes perfect sense.

If you think of this system like this, it is simple. If you have a belief that is true then it will feel good. If you have a belief that is false, then it will not feel good. If you feel good, your beliefs are correct and truthful or if your beliefs are in alignment with truth. If your beliefs are false, it will feel bad. Your soul is forever loved, forever worthy, forever powerful and so on.

When someone rejects you, you create a belief that you are not worthy of love or that you are not good enough. This belief is not true. You are worthy of love. When you create this belief which is false, you will feel bad. When someone tells you that you are ugly and you believe this statement then you will feel bad. If you believe that you are powerless, you feel powerless, then your emotional guiding system will make you feel bad. Everything that is not true will feel bad. Every time you judge and separate yourself from someone, this will make you feel bad. It may make you feel good because of the ego but you will end up feeling bad. The more you separate yourself, the more fear you will have. The more you fear, the more you will separate yourself from your true self or your soul which is made out of love. This can cause suffering for you, suffering for people, suffering for the land and just plain more suffering because this is what fear does.

The truth is that God loves you and that the universe loves you. I just learned this and it coincides with the path of love and path of fear that I talked about. Anything that is not congruent to this truth is a lie and therefore your emotional guiding system will make you feel bad. This is why the concept of God is important. The emotional guiding system points towards God’s love for you which is the only truth.

Each person has a unique emotional guiding system because each person has a unique and different purpose.



If you have a belief that is not true inside your subconscious mind, this will cause triggers to appear in your life. Examples. If you tell Michael Jordan that he sucks at basketball, do you think he will get mad? If you tell a Victoria secret model that she is unattractive physically or ugly compared to the rest of the world, do you think she will get mad at you? If you tell someone that makes millions dollars with her body that she is ugly, do you think she will get mad at you? The answer is no. Someone that gets paid for being physically beautiful will not have that belief that she is ugly compared to everyone. When you tell a person that won a Nobel Prize in Physics that this person is dumb, do you think this person will get mad? If you tell a professional singer, she sucks at singing, will she get mad? The answer is usually ‘no’ because they do not have a negative belief.

When you tell someone that lost his job that he is worthless, this will make him depress. If you tell someone that got a divorced that he is unlovable then this will make him feel not good enough. If you tell a random person that they are ugly, a lot of them will get mad. If you tell a lot of derogatory comments to people, some of them will get mad and some will not.

When you have a belief that is not true deep inside your subconscious, this will resurface. This can cause anger, depression, pain, suffering and so on. You will meet people that will trigger all of these negative beliefs that you have. The most common form is anger. Let’s give an example. You are a multi-millionaire, you just hired a new maid. A $5 bill fell out of your pocket. This new maid picked it up and kept it. You have surveillance cameras in your home. You saw it. You confronted the maid, told her that she is worthless, a thief, scum, douche bag, lowest of the low, you gave her a job and she instead bit you back, dishonest, ungrateful and so on. Why did this $5 dollar trigger you when you are a multi-millionaire? It is because when you were a kid, you have this belief that you are victim. Maybe employees in your company are stealing from you. You have this belief inside you that you are a victim. You never got rid of this belief so it stayed in your subconscious. This belief got triggered and now it took the form of anger. The ego’s response is to attack. You are righteous, she is evil, you can demean her and make her feel worthless because you are right and she is evil.

You will get triggered because you have beliefs that are limiting or not true. This will usually be in the form of anger. When people are angry, what it means is that there is a belief inside of them that is triggering this anger. Just like my anger post. You will keep getting triggers all your life as the result of your negative beliefs. These negative beliefs are getting in the way of your grand design when you planned out your life on Earth. They will keep resurfacing until you get rid of them.

When someone makes you angry, someone makes you feel a negative emotion, someone rejects your love, someone broke up with you and these actions caused a negative belief then you can understand and see that negative belief. This will allow you to take out this negative belief and create a new one.


The Split Mind

When you have two beliefs that are contradictory to each other, this will cause your mind to split. It cannot take a side between two conflicting beliefs. This causes fear. This will cause your mind to go into fear mode. Once you are in fear mode, your ego attempts to nullify this conflict with a negative emotion such as anger, depression, frustration and so on. When this battle between two beliefs keep on going, you will keep having a split mind. You will keep having a negative feeling until you push this untrue belief down to your subconscious where it sleeps. You can push this belief until you temporarily forget it but it never leaves you. A lot of people will go to addiction such as video games, facebook, social media, watch hours of tv series, watch negativity in the news, drugs, alcohol and so on. We do this to run away from the pain. What we need to do is face the pain through introspection or meditation so that we can find out what two beliefs are in conflict. So that we can take out the belief that is untrue.

An example of this is that your ego tells you that you have to work with this job that you hate while your heart tells you to do art, dancing, or photography. This causes your mind to split. Your ego mind tells you that you need money to survive, while your heart tells you that you should do your purpose. You push this conflict downward and choose your stable job. But your emotional guiding system is telling you that this is not you. This is not your purpose. This is not what your soul had planned to experience. So you will keep feeling bad over and over until you listen to your heart. This is just an example, it maybe true for you or it may not be true for you. It is true for me.


What You See On Earth Is The Mirror Of Your Own Inner World

What you see on Earth is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world or your beliefs. Your triggers will always happen as long as you do not face them. It is because these triggers are conflicting with your purpose on Earth. You will always get hurt, you will always experience negative emotions over and over until you get rid of the belief that is not true. What you see in your world is a reflection of who you are inside. If you are very negative, you will watch the news often. If your inner world is about expression, you will be into art. Your world will consist of art. If your inner world is about superiority, you will be very into sports. If your inner world is full of destruction, you will keep watching tv series that have war, conflicts and so on. I’m not here to judge. We are all on the same boat. I like a lot of things the majority of people like.

Destruction is what was inside of me before. I was in the freeway with heavy traffic. I saw these cars that were very destroyed in the middle in the freeway. The first thing that came into my mind is how many people were injured. Instead of how many people survive, I wanted to see injuries, blood and stuff. I am attracted to explosion and fire like the Burning Man event. I always wanted to go there. I am into video games that were about conflict and destroying stuff. I am into super hero movies about violence, city destruction and so on. I liked it when they destroy buildings, throw cars, and stuff.

Now I gave those up because I wanted to be peaceful. My mind is now at peace. The Buddhist taught me how to meditate by counting my breaths. I could never do it to 10 because my mind has lots of monkeys. Now my mind is so at peace, I could do it to 100 probably. I do not do the Buddhist meditation anymore though. The only thing in my mind is to write, to create and to be at peace. I am not even sure I want to give up this peace for television. Now when I see cars that were in an accident, if they look okay or there are cops, I just try not to hit them and move on.

If you believe that you are a victim, this world will reflect that belief and make you feel like a victim. If you believe you are powerless, this world will reflect that and keep sending you people to make you feel powerless. If you believe you are lacking, your world will be filled with lack. If you believe you are not good enough, your world will be filled with experiences where you are not good enough. If you believe that you are amazing, then your world will be filled with amazing things. If you believe you are beautiful, your world will be filled with people complimenting your beauty. So on and so forth.

The emotional guiding system will always point towards the life you want to live which you planned before you incarnated down here. If the life you have is in alignment with the life you planned and meant to live then your days will be filled with positive emotions. If you are off track, you will feel bad. Simple!!!


Path Of Forgiveness VS Path Of Attack – Introduction

The path of attack is the path of the ego. The ego tries to make you feel good by being superior, being better, and being right compared to the other person. It will attack, attack, and attack. It will judge the other person as bad or evil, and judge itself as righteous. It will never stop attacking because its only job is survival. To survive is to be at the top. When you have two beliefs that are in conflict, your ego will attack. If you got dumped, it will look at the other person and say that you are better off without her/him. It will look at all the qualities that you do not find beautiful in the other person and it will focus on it to make you feel superior. It will attack anyone or anything that created the trigger. It will view itself as righteous and judge others as worthless.

The path of forgiveness is the path that you must take to achieve peace. It is the path of compassion. It is when you forgive others than you can forgive yourself, thus shifting the negative belief that you have. You may not be able to remove the negative belief but it will slowly shift in time. One small shift is big. As long as it moves, it is a good thing. When you forgive the person who attacked you or hurt you, the negative belief that you hold will slowly lose its power over you. It will no longer trigger you and put you into a negative state or experience a negative emotion. The act of forgiving is what the soul wants. The act of attack is what your ego wants because it only knows how to be superior.


The Path Of Compassion And Forgiveness In Relation To Current Events

So when you turn on the news, you will see horrific acts like murder, gang bangers, drive by shootings, rape, and so on. In the Philippines, my country is experiencing a drug problem. A lot of kids and young adults are turning to drugs to escape, to sell, and to make living out of. There are so many people who just want to persecute these drug users, and they all think that these drug users and sellers deserve to die. Our president even has a war with them. Again, I am not judging anyone.

So when I see this war against drugs and the people that sell them, I could not hate them. They are dying, society has has written them off or persecuted them already, and killing a person who uses or sells drugs receive no remorse from our society. For me, how could I hate these people? How could I hate these people who sell drugs or use them? In the USA, if you sell drugs, you make a lot of money, millions of dollars. But in the Philippines, people do it to survive. Imagine you are a kid and you are starving everyday. You managed to pull it off and finished high school. But you could not find any job since even to work at McDonald requires a college degree, you could not go to college because you have no money. What would you do? You get depress, and feel worthless. If you look at USA, we are so rich but we have so many people depressed at their jobs. The way we alleviate the stress is to watch TV, play video games, youtube, facebook, social media, go drinking, restaurants, gamble, sex and so on. The people in the USA are programmed to feel powerless and that they are stuck in a box they cannot get out of. These are the ways we try to escape. We all do it. So in the Philippines, if you cannot afford a television, you cannot even go to facebook, and youtube then your only means of escape is to sniff random chemicals. You may end up selling them one day.

The news is trying to make me attack these people but I can only feel compassion. I could be like them if I was born very poor. They have been abandoned by a failing school system, a failing economy, because the government is corrupt. We see these government officials having lots of houses and we think that the money came from the tax payers money which is not true. They all came from big businesses bribing them to pass laws that will benefit these big businesses. These corrupt officials that were sacrificed were nothing more than officials that is not in the President’s camp. The corrupt officials on the President’s camp gets to enjoy the riches till next election. It is a revolving door of corruption.

These drugs, or druggers are only a symptom of a system that is failing. Even if we get rid of these drugs, the symptoms will not stop. The main illness or the main problem is not taken cared of. The news who owned by big corporations knows this and they want me to attack but why would I? These are human beings. They are fellow souls who wants to give love and receive love. This is humanity no matter what religion or what their beliefs are, deep down, we all just want to give love and receive love. These people have not hurt me at all, why would I hate them?

When I see these negative news, instead of feeling that these people should be shot to death, I just pray for them. I wish they would find love, they would be surrounded with so much love, compassion and benevolence that they can find a better path. I forgive them for all their sins or acts that they have committed. They did not hurt me at all. I have no reason to hurt them or hate them. All I can do is wish them happiness, wisdom, strength and a better way of life. After I do this to the people I see on the news, I wish the same things for myself that I live in happiness, wisdom, strength, and a better way of life.


What Would Give You The Most Joy?

Imagine the criminals that you judge in the news. You see this criminal in the news that did a horrific thing. Now you judged this criminal to evil, to be devoid of good, deserves punishment, and so on. Most people would say that this person should die. You may even say that as well. You may say that this person deserves to die. So imagine that this criminal is in front of you. You are the judge. The world has given you a choice. You have to pick a dagger to slit this person’s throat so that this person will die and you are given a yoga mat to rehabilitate this person. A lot of people can judge others because they do not have to do the dirty work. They just look at the violence from a far.

Let’s give this hypothetical scenario a twist. Imagine that there are two prisoners that did the same crime. One of them you killed with the dagger and the other you try to redeem using a yoga mat. Now which decision will give you the most joy. The answer is simple. The path of compassion and forgiveness will give you the most joy or this will feel good. Your emotional guiding system will always point towards the truth. It will always point towards love because you are made out of love. It will always point towards loving everyone because deep down inside you want peace, harmony, and unity. You want everyone to feel love, abundance and joy.

The path of forgiveness allows you to forgive not only the person in front of you but it allows you to forgive yourself. To remove all limiting, judging and untrue beliefs so that you can attain inner peace. If you cannot forgive the people in front of you, then try to forgive the people that you will never meet and will never see. Forgive those in the news, forgive those who are not near you or not part of your life, because these people cannot hurt you at all. There is no sense in hating them. Hating them will only feed the ego, will only make you feel superior and put you in the path of turbulence, agitation and chaos in your inner world because this superiority is not true so it will show up as chaos in your life.


What Would Jesus Do?

There are millions of interpretations of the bible. There are lots of different theories. Some church create separation, some use the bible to spread hate and so on. But all the interpretations have two things in common and it is that Jesus preached about love and forgiveness. Jesus did not hate any person. He did not separate himself from prostitutes and even murderers. He preached to everyone who is willing to listen. So when you see someone in the news that did a horrible crime or things in the news that you do not like, ask yourself what would Jesus do? Jesus will love this person, he will forgive this person, and he will never hate, never separate and never judge. To him everyone is equal, everyone is made by God, everyone is worthy of love.

Like in my article, where you ask what would James Bond do to get the correct action to get the girl that you want. It is the same in here, you ask what would Jesus do so that you can free your mind, be more loving and have inner peace.  It does not have to be Jesus, you can use any person, fictional, non-fictional or whatever as long as it leads you to loving other people, it is a good character.


Innocence Is Strength – To Be Strong Is To Be Innocent

If you see children playing, they are very innocent. They are shining. They are loving. They just play and enjoy the world. As you get older, learn lessons that you need, you also accumulate fear inside you. You become bitter, cynical, judgmental, and sometimes hateful. You blame the world for your suffering, you blame the world for your life and so on. But this is not the case as I have illustrated. Your path takes you back to innocence. It is because through innocence, you become strong. The strongest man in the world is also the most peaceful one and the most loving one. The person that does not have limiting beliefs, negative beliefs or beliefs that are untrue will be peaceful. He can only love, and not hate. He sees everyone and sees compassion instead of judgment. He offers love instead of fear. Thus he can fully express himself without caring about the judgment of others. He can live freely, compassionately, and without boundaries. He knows he only has love inside of him. To be loving is strength, it does not give pain, nor weakness. To be loving is to be innocent. To be innocent is to be peaceful. Your loving thoughts, your loving actions, and your loving words will create a better world for you, and a better world for the planet.

So if you meet people that you get mad at, people that hurt you, people that reject you as a lover, and so on, these people appear in your life then you should thank them because they allow the negative belief to resurface. It may sound so insane, so out of this world, so out of the box, to thank someone that hurt you, but this is what you need to do to achieve inner peace.


Remove Limiting Beliefs Through Neuro Linguistic Programming

If you do not like meditation then you can use NLP. This is more modern, and this makes more sense to people with a Western mind. If you believe you are a victim, you will be a victim. If you believe you are amazing, you will be amazing. If you believe you are unworthy, you will be unworthy. If you believe you are cool, then you will be cool.


Free Will – 100% Responsibility Of Your Own Life

The Earth is a free will zone. What this basically means is that God has nothing to do with the situations and circumstances or the world that you see because you have free will. Your world is created out of your own inner world. This world called Earth is created out of everyone’s inner world. You are 100% responsible for what happens in your life. Whatever is inside of you will be reflected outwards. If what is inside of you is war, conflict, destruction, and death then this will be reflected in your own world. You will attack, attack, attack, and attack. If what is inside of you is peace, love, harmony, and understanding then this is what is going to be reflected in your world. It will be reflected in your action, in your words, in your vocabulary, in your beliefs and so on.

Everyone’s point of view do not align. We can watch the same movie, same tv shows, same news, and so on, what you will see is destruction, and what I will see is compassion. What you believe to be people that deserve punishment, I only see people that need more love. When you go to youtube and see only violence, I only see human beings that separated themselves so far from love.

The free will zone means that you need to ask for help. God, angels and so on cannot help you if you don’t ask. If they see you suffering, far away from your intended path, they cannot do anything because this is your choice. This is your life. You created this with your free will. What they will most likely do is send you guides, teachers and more triggers if you ask them for help. You need to change the inner world so that you can change the outer world.

You have no control of when you are going to die. When you decided your life or planned your life when you were in heaven or Eden or whatever you people call it, your death or departure from this world is already in there. Although, we usually die way before the departure date. Some have lots of exits, some are destined for one exit points, some have two exits, some have three and so on. Your exit point is already planned. But again, you can ask to prolong your life. You can ask to slow down aging. You can ask for your goals, help lose weight, become millionaires, and so on. Help will come because they are waiting for you to ask. Unfortunately, help will manifest in the way you usually would not like. If I want to be rich, there is a possibility I will win the lotto but guaranteed possibility that I will meet people that will trigger scarcity beliefs inside of me so that I can heal them.


The Death Worshiping Society

The western world is a death worshiping society. We watch death everyday. The most popular TV shows have lots of death. I am not judging, I watch these shows too. Shows like The Walking Dead, CSI, Elementary, Game Of Thrones, super hero movies have lots of death, most popular video games have lots of death, and so on. We see death 24 hours 7 days a week. We are bombarded with deathly images and sometimes we imagine ourselves causing death.

Again I am not judging but I am just saying that if you are having problems with health, you are aging too fast, you are getting wrinkles, you are having problems losing weight, and so on. It is a great idea not to put images of death on your mind every hour of the day.


The Moment Of Death

So I am going to tell a story about this guy named Joe. Joe is not the same species as us. He is not a human. In his world, they know when they are going to die. They have absolute certainty. They know how much time they have left and so on. So Joe knew that his death is getting closer. He knew that he has to leave his friends and family soon. So Joe made all of the arrangements before the coming day. He said goodbye to his friends and families. He looked at the sunsets and sunrise and said goodbye to them. He ate the best foods that he could think of. He tried to live as luxurious as he can before the day arrives. Finally, it arrived. He knew it was time. He put himself in a coffin. He closed it off. He closed his eyes. In that moment he died. now here is the interesting part, after some time, he opened his eyes again. He tore off the coffin, and he became this beautiful being that he could only dreamed of. This being or who he is now is far more beautiful that he ever was. This being has far more freedom, and this being could fly. It is because Joe belong to the specie called butterflies.

If fear is only an illusion then death cannot be real. Death is only a transition from one form of energy to the next.

When you die, you go to heaven. Someone will welcome you. Someone you are comfortable with. There will be a celebration because you came back. You went through one of the hardest schools. A school that separates you and makes you forget that you are a soul. You will get a life review. You will review your life in here on Earth. It will be like a movie. Your life will be compared to the grand plan that you did before you came to Earth. All of the emotions that are positive will be reviewed. They will greatly expand on this subject. The pain, sorrow, and people that hurt you will not be reviewed because fear is not true. Fear is an illusion. Fear is the absence of love. It is like light vs dark. If love is true, fear is false. Fear is the absence of God’s love. If love or God’s love is true then fear is false. There is no such thing. It is like saying there is a big elephant in the living room. You may think there is one but it is not there. You meet people that hurt you because they are there to teach you a lesson and remind you of your negative beliefs. This is the hardest concept to get. There is no such thing as good and evil. Everyone, every person that you meet is a soul that is loved by God. He does not care what you do in this Earth because to him and to you as a soul, this Earth is nothing more than a video game or a school of learning. Your body is not you. You are here to learn.


The path of compassion is very difficult to discuss without the use of this concept called God. Everything fits so nicely together if there is a concept of God who loves you very much. Path of love makes sense, the path of compassion makes sense, emotional guiding system, why you are responsible for your life, path of forgiveness, triggers, acceptance and all the emotions make sense when there is a God that loves you very much. If we are all equal then we are all deserving of compassion.

The most important thing I learned is that judging others is judging yourself. Other people can see the negative beliefs that you have inside you based on your judgments. I think we all want our lovers to see our negative beliefs and be able to accept it but it is not something you want the world to see. I can see people’s negative beliefs sometimes but I do not make any judgment out of it. I am a judgment free zone. Judgment makes people grow older and faster. I like to stay young lol.



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