Planning My Hikes This Year

Planning My Hikes This Year

I am planning my hikes. People can join my hikes at this meetup.

Although I am more interested in Catskills and Adirondacks this year starting in June. Maybe Pennsylvania also. I have 20 hikes in Catskills and 40 hikes in Adirondacks. I have 4-5 months worth of days. I am still budgeting my money lol. I only have enough for 14 days per month. I do not have enough money for more than that hahaha. It is improving though so I do not have any worries. It maybe good enough since my legs are not that amazing yet. I need to work out my legs a lot this next 2 months.

I need to meet people who are rich or do not need to work or do not work at all or people that like photography. People that can hike all month long. I am certain I will meet people that will be beneficial to me. I am hoping I will meet people like the crew of Sarah Jean Underwood. All they do is travel the world, hike and take half naked pictures lol. I think I would enjoy this job lol. You can find her instagram at

Well, the future is full of possibilities. The future is amazing if I think about it. At least, my future hahahaha. I do not know who I am going to meet or who I am going to spend time with.

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