Pololu Valley Lookout And Hike

Pololu Valley Lookout And Hike

Pololu Valley Hike

Pololu Valley Hike

It was a nice day to hike Pololu Valley that time. The weather was beautiful and I wasn’t the only person who noticed it. There were lines of cars parked at the Pololu Valley lookout. As I got down my car and experienced the first view, it was breath taking as I pictured it to be. There were lots of people trying to take pictures of the amazing view that they were experiencing. The weather added a nice hint of light to the beautiful valley. As I was trying to take a picture of myself, I find it to be difficult since a lot of people were thinking the same thing. But alas, I had perfect opportunity and I took it.

The weather was beautiful. The sun provided great lighting to the tourists that was having a time of their lives. The smiles and laughter can be seen throughout from the time I get there to the time I drove out. The place was beautiful and anyone who loves nature would definitely agree. The lookout provided us with a great view and way to take outstanding pictures of the beauty of nature.
Pololu Valley Overlook

Pololu Valley Lookout

Pololu Valley Lookout

I moved down the steps of the Pololu Valley hike and was greeted by another amazing view. It was a tunnel like view point. There were tree branches on top of my head that provided shade to the sun’s rays. It was a beautiful sight. The valley looked even better as I move closer. A lot of people were enjoying the view as well. They loved it. It was something they do not see everyday. An amazing view surrounded by the color green that the forest gave and blueish tint that the ocean had. It was something I would never forget and I would explore this valley all over again.

Pololu Valley View

Bottom Of Pololu Valley

I reached the bottom of Pololu Valley and I was greeted by a road towards the beach. It was an interesting road as there were plant life on both sides. I was not sure how plants were able to survive as the place was very near the beach. However, I noticed that the beach was connected to a river. The soil was most likely rich in nutrients that plant life was able to grow. The lush green environment was pleasant to look at and explore. However I knew I had to keep moving as I wanted to explore other parts of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Pololu Valley Road

Pololu Valley Forest

The sand was dark and maybe even black. It was a peculiar sight. The beach was clear and the wind provided me with a nice breeze to help me stay comfortable. Everything about the place was breath taking. It was a moment I would never forget. There were lots of things to explore in the valley. Both sides of the valley seem to offer such magnificent views and there was also a lush forest that was inviting me to explore.

The beach was amazing and there were lots of people who were enjoying it. There were lots of people swimming at the beach and just plain enjoying the sensation of the waters. I also wanted to go but I did not bring any spare clothes. The trail seemed to offer various exploration opportunities to the people who were in it. The green forests had a wide river that people can walk into. The river looked great and provided great photograph opportunities to the people who wanted it. The place was a lot of fun to explore. It was also a great place to just relax and enjoy.

Pololu Valley Beach

Going Back To The Top Of Pololu Valley

As I headed back to the top of Pololu Valley, I realize that I was not particularly fit. It took me a lot of time to keep going up. The steps were a little bit tiring. However, the breaks that I took was not in vain for they offer me time I wanted to use to just admire the beautiful nature that I am surrounded with. I took my time taking more pictures of the wonderful place that is in front of me. I definitely recommend bringing a water bottle as the weather and steps could be very exhausting. You may end up feeling dehydrated as you go up. Of course keep in mind that I was out of shape when I went here as it was in the February and I do not hike at all during the winter time. The views were something I would definitely love to visit again. They were beautiful and definitely would love to see again in the future. As I took one last look of the valley before I headed to my car, I knew that it was one of the sights that I will never forget.

Pololu Valley

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