Sam’s Point Hike

Sam’s Point Hike

sams point hike

Sam’s Point Guide Important Information

Trail Map: Trail Map 1, Trail Map 2
Difficulty: Strenuous Due To Length
Distance: ~9 Miles
Elevation Gained: 1022 ft

Trail Breakdown
Loop Road – 1 mile
Verkeerder Kill Falls Trail – 2 miles
High Point Trail – 2.4 miles
High Point Carriageway – 2.1 miles
Indian Rock Trail – 0.8 miles


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Note: The information is just an approximation.


41.670266, -74.361117



Start Of The Journey

start of the journey

“Crap! Crap! I will be late!” As the train doors opened, I ran as fast as I could. I looked at my phone and I had ten minutes before the appointed time. I felt like the rabbit from Alice in wonderland as I zipped through street after street trying to find the carpool pickup spot where I was supposed to be. I arrived with 3 minutes to spare but to my surprised there was no one there. I looked around me trying to find 4 familiar faces that looked similar to their profile but there was no one. I only saw a handful of old people slowly and elegantly moving their hands, legs, and body in some form of martial arts movement that was most likely Tai Chi at a park near by.

“Hello”, a soft voice came from around the corner. I turned leisurely; a girl with long raven black hair, milky white cheeks, and inviting chocolate brown eyes standing next to me. I did not recognized her but later realized she was part of the carpool. She had a friendly demeanor or aura around her which made it easy for me to make conversations. Two other girls came and the driver. One of the girls had long hair as well, cheerful attitude and lively personality. She was easy to talk to as I met her before. The other girl had short midnight hair underneath her baseball cap, slender, and deep earthly brown eyes. I had 3 beautiful girls in my carpool but I would not dare describe all of their positive attributes. I was more looking forward to the hike as I just got out of a relationship at that time but I knew that my friends would find three women that look pleasant to the eyes without make up, would brighten up their day.

There were cool guys, beautiful girls, strong men, lovely women, cheerful ones and quiet ones; all with their hiking clothes, bulky backpacks, activity oriented shoes and big smiles. The parking lot was barren except for our group and only the sound of laughter coming from us could be heard. All of us were in a good mood before the hiking even started. The sun was shinning, we had plenty of water, sunscreen and jokes for the whole hike. “It was going to be a good day”.


Loop Road

start of the journey

Looking at the blue sky, there in front of me was a vast expanse of trees, a forest of green and brown barks with no leaves, blue mountains, and clouds hovering over the silver white lining of the horizon. It was a short walk to the first viewpoint. It was still early in the spring and most of the trees were still bare, with a few patches of greens, a big white house that seemed secluded from civilization, a cool breeze gentle to the skin, hawks that fly over the ledge showing off their talents to make the flightless be bound with green envy, and sounds of laughter and fun reign all over the once silent and empty hill.

A friend of mine pointed at the sky, and I pointed at it as well. We were pointing at nothing but looking at the same scene in a photograph tell something of a deeper, richer and funny story. Some would kneel down, clasp their hands and pray, some would do push ups, and some would do something else. We were all goofy like that. “Ha ha ha” and again “Ha ha ha”, it was the predominant sound that could be heard, an echo that vibrated from one human being to another, like a disease or contagion that moved from one person to another until everyone was laughing and smilling enjoyingly as I did. “HA HA HA!”


loop road first view pointloop road goofynessloop road view point


Loop Road Second Viewpoint

loop road second viewpoint

The second viewpoint had a small wall made out of rocks that were patched together (note: this wall is gone now). We sat there looking at the somewhat empty blue sky, ocean of bare branches, visitor center in the middle, and hawks still taunting us with their flight. The ledge featured better views and only a short walk from the first viewpoint. The scenery felt good to the eyes that have been seeing nothing but white walls all week. I looked around and all I could see were white teeth. Everyone was immersed in cheerfulness and laughter. The constant burst of laughter dominated over all sound. When did our laughter ring upon the air first started? I did not know. We were all enjoying each other’s company, that much was certain.

It is one of the best blessings on this earth to have people you can be comfortable with that you can act yourself or be silly around them. I find that I always meet people who can tell me the right words and most of the time, they can even say it at the right time. But I find that the people who do the right actions are the ones that are worth keeping. It is actions and not words that truly matter. Although nice words could soothe the soul sometimes 🙂

In this hike, I was looking for people to hang out with and call my friends. I was glad that I was able to find such people without even putting any effort into it. Funny how fate works sometimes.


loop road second view point lostloop road second viewpoint wrong turn


Verkeerder Kill Falls Trail

verkeerder kill falls trail blue berry leaves

The trail was swampy and muddy as it rained the previous night. It was not a pleasant place and all of the laughter that I once heard through out was replaced with splashes of water from our own footsteps. But I was here in autumn as well. At that time the once green blue berry leaves turned bright orange and scarlet red. It was an ocean of red shrubs, and huge knots of green leaves clung over dark thorny branches out of which a vast sea of orange colored trees swelling up next to each other, against murky dark clouds as if these clouds sucked out all of the glory of the once beautiful sun and blue sky. This was the scenery in which I walked for almost an hour and I find it deliciously good to be able to walk upon this ground side by side with the vibrant colors of nature.


verkeerder kill falls trail blue berry leaves redverkeerder kill falls trail blue berry leaves view pointverkeerder kill falls trail scenery


Verkeerder Kill Falls

verkeerder kill falls forest view

We stood at the brink of a falling waterfall, astonished at the power out of which it hurdled to the ground. I stood there watching the bubbly mass of white as it jumped from one steep rock to the next, from crag to crag, roaring with all its fury and power to the ground. Over the left the earth has donned its mantle with the brightest green, puffy white clouds over the top and blue sky as the sun shone brightly at us. It was a great Saturday of spring of that year; everyone was happy and flourishing even nature. My stomach made a slight murmur as I opened my lunch box. I barbequed some pork and packed it with rice on the side. As the pork hit my lips, and to my tongue, it felt good as I tasted the sweetness of the meat and soft earthy yet bland white rice. We ate our lunch together and the sound of conversation can be heard coming from every person. There were fun times, good times, and jokes all around. We were engaged in light humor, jokes and other pleasantries that gave me a smile that seemed to be the common theme at this hike.

J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” Food was the one thing we all had in common. We all love food. We all love good food although I was surprised that I was the only one that love to cook. We all also love to laugh. Everyone loves to laugh and smile. It is the proof that you are loving your time. We were all having a great time in that beautiful spring day.


verkeerder kill falls thumbnailverkeerder kill falls october


High Point Trail

high point trail

The trail took us over the edges of a cliff in Sam’s point preserve. The soft gentle green that spreads through out the earth, the frail and weak plants and flowers, birds flying over the sky, and the remains of winter still present in most of the trees could be seen in this spring afternoon. Spring has always reminded me of the visions of hope. As the trees lay barren of their leaves due to winter, spring comes forth and new life appears as the sun spreads its light in longer hours. Nothing gives landscape more dignity than bright green leaves as it is hit by the warm rays of the sun..

We climbed from one rock to the next, to one ledge after another, from one great viewpoint to the consequent. At that time, I need not fear any arguments, confrontations, or any kind of problems of the mind nor heart. I was simply there to enjoy the hike, the scenery, the people, and grateful for whatever they are willing to give or offer. I did not want gifts, money, or any wordly material things from them; their presence was already enjoyable, I was truly thankful for that already.


high point trail ledgehigh point trail first view


High Point

high point

Every moment had been bright and wonderful as we reached the High Point, to see the light of the radiant sun beam across the green leaves of the trees creating a glimmering sparkle as far as I could see. The glimmer mingled with the shadow and dark spots of the trees as the clouds moved slowly over the infinite blue sky. The experience had been delightful as the month of May had always been one of the best months in which nature wears a beautiful appearance. The warmer weather, calmer atmosphere, and softer scenery were always welcomed by my senses as if they were old friends that I only see once a year.

It is a very curious thing as we get older in that happiness and good times are easy to acquire than sadness or despair. If we can just appreciate the present more, turn into thoughts of gratefulness of what we have rather than misery of what we lack, days are a lot more fun and enjoyable. I appreciated everyone that day from my friends that were funny, to the silent ones that did not talk, to the beautiful women and also the friendly and lovely ones. Happiness has been a constant part of my life lately, while misery and sadness are like a surprise unwanted gifts that come once in a blue moon.


high point grouphigh point scenery


Indian Rock

indian rock

Looking towards the setting sun, a soft wind stirred the leaves of the fresh green trees that were before me. It was pleasant and relaxing as it passed by like a ripple of solemn sound that vibrated through my skin. Over the distance, the orange like sky met with the green hills as the sun faded away on the horizon. I felt a sense of freedom and exhilaration as I sit on that small rock. I abandoned all worries and felt nothing but the coarse stone on my hand as I gazed at the scenery with the receding colors of nature. It was something I will never forget in my whole life as I felt it was the best piece of nature I’ve have yet to see at that time. As I looked at the pictures of our time spent on that rock that day, we all looked so happy. Perhaps I will remember these days for all eternity and maybe even as I passed on to another plane or as I go to the after life.

I could never predict what the future holds and often evaluate my life from what I learned or what I have. But does more money, material things, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and etc. mean that was the best possible outcome? We can’t say for certain but I try to grab as many opportunities or I try to grab happiness as much I can handle; whether it is about friendship, love, money or responsibilities. If I do not grab the opportunity, it often just means I need more time to prepare for the bad and good things that come with it. However, on that spring day I knew I had a lot of space in my life for new friends and the people in that hike fit that space perfectly.



Note: The information is just an approximation. Trails, weather, distance, difficulty, views and all other information on this hike can change in time. You are responsible for your own safety. Please look at our terms of use/service page for more information.


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