She always looks at me

She always looks at me


She always looks at me with loving eyes, full of hope and tenderness. She does not expect much from me, only to be true and loyal to her. I do not want to betray those expectations. If I can, I would love to stay with her forever. To smile with her in times of joy, to comfort her in times of sorrow. To listen to her with only understanding, compassion and love. To love her faithfully through difficulty and ease. If I can just stay with her then I would be the happiest man in the world.

But I cannot and we have to say goodbye at one point in our lives. Somewhere down the road, we will have to part forever.

Say goodbye to the soft kisses, the warm hugs, the smiles and the laughter we shared. Say goodbye to those gentle and caring eyes that knows only love for me. Say goodbye to the good times, the bad times, the times of silence, and moments I am going to spend with her. Say goodbye to everything we built, and everything we will build. Say goodbye to our dreams and to our love. Our time together is not meant to last, even though my time with her means everything to me. She means everything to me.

It is what makes these moments with her so precious. We both know that they will not last forever.


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