She lay her head

She lay her head

She lay her head on top of my shoulder. I could feel her breathing in peace and breathing out all of her worries, all of her pain and all of her troubles as if she was giving them to the universe and never wanting them back again. She was always crying before. Always some stupid guy that broke her heart, played with her world, and took her for granted. Each one gave her hope, dreams and promises but in the end, they were all just lies. Empty words that didn’t mean anything like sand castles that crumble so easily as the tide comes in. I could see her face turn red as she talked about how much she loved one of them to her friend. Tears of sadness rolled down her cheeks and into her lips. I could taste the bitterness of her heartache and felt how much pain she carries from the tenderness of her voice.

The cool wind passed us by, sending shivers to our skin. She moved her body closer and her head more to my cheeks as she tries to snatch as much heat from my body as she can.

“Stay”, she whispered.

I put one arm around her and I held her hand with the other, just to let her know I am here for her. I am her knight when she is afraid, her jester when she is sad, her wings when she feels trapped, her sword when she feels powerless, and I am everything I have to be just so that she can have an easier time on this planet. I was not planning on falling in love with her but I am glad that I did. She does not need to cry nor look for her soulmate anymore. I am here now, a man that wants to love her everyday for the rest of her days.

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