So busy…

So busy…

I bought some new weights. I think my body looks good enough to get a tattoo but I am going to continue. I may as well, I like the way my body is starting to look lol. I am going to be somewhat chubby this year because I am not going to keep losing weight and then gaining weight again. I am just going to gain weight till I reach my goal then lose weight. I am relying less and less with my physical looks to attract a girl though but it is still nice to have a good physical connection with a girl rather than emotional.

I like this one. I will design myself something similar.

As for my tattoo, how come people hate tribal lol. I prefer the doodly lines compared to a real picture. I just want a couple of lines and not the whole picture because a whole picture is going to block some of the lines I got from my muscles hahahaha. I am still not financially independent so I do not need to hurry with the design. I am going to buy some stencil papers and sharpees to practice and see what kind of tattoo I like. Art on my body has got to be sexy.

I have a date tonight. A blind date. I am kind of excited. It is like that game show Deal or No Deal. I don’t know what kind of girl I am going to meet tonight. I may get attracted or not. Although my hair does not want to agree with me today. After 3 years of cutting my own hair, it seems I still need more practice. It is all good, I am going to practice on attracting a girl with my personality rather than looks.


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