The Ego, Heart, Soul, God, And Understanding Jim Carrey

The Ego, Heart, Soul, God, And Understanding Jim Carrey


A lot of people are wondering what is Jim Carrey is talking about. The media is marketing him as someone having a existential crisis, and that he is depressed and so on. We have no way of knowing this or what his state of his mind is. We only have a perception based on the news and we really do not know this guy to make a form of judgment. However, people are thinking he has gone crazy but this is not truth. Our perception is not truth nor our judgment of him. If you think he is crazy, this thought is coming out from the ego since the ego cannot understand the language or the words that Jim Carrey is saying. The ego wants to be right so the ego judge him to be crazy or his words to be crazy. But we really have no way of knowing that.

I will present to you some concepts. These concepts will challenge the fabric of your reality. So you may experience an agitated mind, or your mind enter into chaos. Just sleep on it. I will try my best to present these concepts as soft and as gentle as I can possibly can. My mind is a Western mind in which my mind is influenced by religion which is Christianity, my thoughts are influenced by tv shows, and my values are influenced by my environment. So I can only present these ideas in a Western type of way. I am sure this can be explained in Buddhism, Hinduism, and other eastern based beliefs.


The Origin Of The Heart, And The Ego

Emotional Guiding System – The Heart

I have no idea how the emotional guiding system originated or how it was created. But one thing is certain that this is your compass in your darkest of all days. The emotional guiding system is infallible, divinely inspired and meant to help you on your journey on Earth. It will always point to love, point to the grand plan you created for yourself, point to God’s love and so on. It will make you feel bad if you are on the wrong path, when you created a wrong belief and so on. It is a way to heal your mind, a way to heal yourself, and create a better experience for yourself. Such a magnificent system yet in the Western society, we were taught to dismiss this guiding system. We were made to believe that our emotional guiding system is irrational, unreliable and erratic.


Origin Of The Ego

The ego originated when you separated yourself from God. When you felt alone, unprotected, not secure, and lost, you created the ego to help you survive on this Earth. You created the ego because of the absence of God. The ego does not know love, and the concepts born from love are lost to the ego. It knows superiority, inferiority, and to attack. As such, your soul which is made out of love and the ego which has no concept of love cannot create the same things or create at the same time. The ego and your soul cannot be co-creators of your inner world. The inner world that you have can either be aligned with love or aligned with the ego. You can either have a loving mind or an egocentric mind. Both cannot create at the same time because both creations are totally opposite of each other.

The ego came to being due to the separation as such it views the soul as an enemy, it views the heart as an enemy and it views your body as an enemy. For the ego only wishes to survive and to survive means that you have to continue to believe in separation. The ego offers you the survival of the body if you believe in it but the soul offers you survival forever just for being. As such a person who experiences the reward of the soul will turn away the ego’s offer. The knowledge that you are infinite, eternal and loved by God has been lost. While the knowledge may have been lost, it does not mean that it disappeared. The knowledge is still there, you just cannot see it or be able to find it. So you will choose the reward of the ego because the soul’s gift to you has been lost. Like I said, you can find it if you choose to.


Your Split Mind – Do You Choose Divine Guidance Or Egocentric Path

Your allegiance to the ego is undeniable. You have created the ego, and thus you have allegiance for your creation. You have been living under its guidance all your life. You have seen its path or craftsmanship in your friends, environment and the world. You call this world of superiority and suffering as normal. To tell people that the heart is from divinity or from a divine source and that your allegiance should be to the heart and not to the ego will often fall on deaf ears. Such a leap does not always happen. However, pain and reward are great teachers. The more you align yourself with the ego, the more your world will be made out of fear as such your world will be filled with suffering. The ego knows only to be superior, to attack when threatened, and it does not know love. As such it does not know happiness. The ego can only present to you shame, guilt and regret. All emotions are untrue but the ego knows how to use them to create a vision of happiness for you. As such, it creates a path of superiority, hoarding, and taking as a path for your happiness. The person who has a lot of materialistic things will be at the top and therefore cannot feel shame nor guilt and can only feel praise from others but such promises of the ego are also untrue. If you align your life with love or with the heart, your rewards are as evident as the smile you will have on your face or the peace you will have on your mind. As such, I do not need to convince you nor tell you to align with love.

The rewards that you will reap are often obvious and unmistakable while the ego will lead you to a place where you will suffer. As such, convincing you to follow the path of love is unnecessary. All I have to do is bring these two choices to your conscious awareness. It is because the ego does not love you. The ego does not have any allegiance to the person who created it. The ego’s motivation is to survive or for its own self to survive. However, once you realize your divinity, or that you are a soul and that there is a God, your ego will no longer be needed. It is because it is a creation created due to the absence of God.


Ego Knows Only Superiority And Inferiority, Heart Knows Only Love

The ego only knows superiority and inferiority. Equality is beyond its thought process. Comparing yourself to others is the most common trait of the ego. It judges yourself to be inferior or superior. Such types of judgment can be anything, it can be from the color of your hair, color of your skin, the way you talk, the intelligence you have and so on. This is equally opposite to the heart. The heart only knows acceptance. It only knows love. It accepts anything and everything. It does not judge, and does not separate. It is because your worth cannot be measured by your brothers and sisters or other souls in this planet. Your worth is given to you by God. He gives the same love equally to all of his children. He loves you all the same.


The Ego Hates The Soul – The Mark Of The Beast

If there is a mark of the beast that the Bible speak sof then it will be the ego. The ego hates joy and happiness. Once you have created the belief that joy and happiness comes from love, you will take away all types of allegiance from the ego. You will take away your protection and love for it. This is a terrifying concept for the ego as the ego wants to survive. As such the ego will create fear in your life. It is through fear that the ego rejoices and feels safe. A fearful mind is an egocentric mind. God has only love for his children as such he allowed you to create anything with your free will. You have created all these fears and suffering in your life.

Such fears and suffering are not real. However, if you want to suffer, then you are allowed to do so. Suffering has nothing to do with God. He did not create your fears, you did. God does not have an ego, as such he does not have any fear. Anger, judgment, separation, frustration and so on are all of your own creations and all of your own will. It is because you have forgotten that God gave you everything. God gave you eternity, infinity and loved you with everything like Parent loves his child. As such if you shine God’s love to any fear that you have created, your fear will vanish. This is how you know that fear is only an illusion. It is a creation of your own mind. It has nothing to do with anyone other than you.


Does God Want To Be Worshiped?

Does a parent want to be feared by his children or does a parent want to be loved by his children? Does God want to be separated from his children? Imagine a child afraid of touching or talking to his mother or father due to fear, what would the mother or father feel? God does not want you to fear him because fear leads to negative emotions as such they will only cause you suffering. You are free to do so if you want but God will love you the same whichever path you take. To God, fear does not exist. Fear is a creation of your own mind, and it is not the truth nor knowledge. God has no need for praise, awe, nor worship because these actions are based on fear and superiority. What God wants is love from his children. Like any parent, all God wants is love from his children. As God created you from his own likeness which means that God is made out of love. As such a being that is made out of love will find lots of joy in the giving and receiving of love.

A person who has allegiance to the ego cannot love God. Such a person can only see God as a judgmental, hateful, and being that needs to be feared. The ego came to being because of the absence of God or the denial of God. So the ego distorts your perception of God in order to survive. For when the concept that God loves you comes into your mind, the ego fears for its survival. Remember that in the creation of you, God has given you everything. This one statement should make you realize that this creation you call the ego and your creations of fear do not exist, and only exists in your mind.

So to give fear to God is not something he would want for creating you. Gratitude however is always welcomed. Sending love to God is more appropriate than sending Him fear. It is because fear exists only in your mind, and it disappears when you shine God’s love onto it. It is like light versus darkness. Darkness cannot exists when there is light.

“Fear cannot exists in the presence of God’s love.”


Meeting God

Meeting God is possible if you wish but such an event will take years of self-discipline. Your mind is a fearful mind, it is an egocentric mind. Meeting an all powerful being would disrupt your own world and your own perceptions. If God would appear to you right now, you will only end up in a corner while sucking your thumb talking about angels, God and demons. You will end up in church 24 hours and 7 days a week asking for forgiveness, while thinking you are not worthy. You will forget your job, your relationships and dedicate yourself in worship and praise of God. Such actions are not wanted by God. He loves you so much that He has given you freedom to experience this world and thus he will not allow himself to alter it.

However, if you wish to meet God, such a meeting is possible and steps have already been placed so that you can do it but requires a lot of self-discipline. When your mind is no longer fearful, no longer judgmental, and has expanded enough then he will have no problems meeting you. You will end up just saying “hello” to Him as if you are saying “hello” to a family member and be on your way to experiencing Earth again. To not judge requires lots of training. If I see someone that is fat, his belly coming out of his shirt, his butt crack out on his sweat pants and he is ordering burgers in McDonald, I will automatically judge this person as unhealthy. Judgement has become a way of life for us and so we separate ourselves from a lot of people. But we can train our mind to observe and not judge. Such a feat is required if you would like to meet God.


Is There A Hell?

The concept of hell can easily be disproven. An all powerful God does not have any enemies. If hell exists then there will be two Gods that are equally powerful. If God is a judgmental, angry and hateful God that he would cast you down to eternal suffering then why would you want to be near such an entity. God has nothing but love for you. If there is a hell then heaven cannot exists. Can heaven exists for you when you see your sons, daughters, father, mother, and people you care about in hell? You cannot attain peace watching souls that you love to be in agony because your soul is made out of love as such it is made out of compassion. Their suffering will be your suffering as such you cannot attain peace and thus heaven cannot exists.

The concept of hell came from the ego. The ego wants to survive and wants you to be right. If you are right then your religion is right. If your religion is right, you go to heaven and other religions go to hell. So you will defend such concepts since your soul’s survival is in question. Again such concepts of which religion is superior and which one is right comes from the ego. Such concepts did not come from love and you can easily see that this concept is devoid of love. As such if you believe this to be true, you are condemning a lot of people and separating yourself from them, then you will feel bad as your emotional guiding system or the heart will tell you that this is false. You cannot judge the worth of other souls. It is not for you to decide. Your ego tells you that certain people belong in hell but such judgment is not for you to make. It is only a perception. You cannot judge one life to be greater or better than another. God has deemed you all to be worthy of his love as such your salvation is guaranteed.

Hell can be created if you wish. It can be created inside your mind. When your body ceases to exists, you regain all of your powers again. In that brief moment of transition, if you believe that you should be in hell, a hell will be created due to your powers. But such creation will not last as well. Once you deemed and let go or you are done with such concepts then you can fully transition and be united with God again. Like all your fears, you can just let them go, as such the hell you create for yourself, you can let go of that as well.


Your Salvation Is Guaranteed

The concept of hell is made out of fear as such you can easily dispel this fear with God’s love. Putting God’s love into any fear will destroy it. It is because love is light and fear is darkness. There is no darkness when there is light. Your salvation is guaranteed because God loves you. God did not abandon you or separate Himself from you, you chose this out of your own free will in order to learn on this planet or school called Earth.


Going With The Flow

Once you realize that you have created all of your own sufferings, that each person created their own suffering, and that the world you see is a reflection of the inner world of everyone then the logical path for you to take is to align yourself with love. As such you do not need to fear nor create fear anymore. Everything has been planned out for you before you incarnated on Earth. The lessons have already been planned, the people you meet have already been setup, the experience you want to experience will be given to you, and your death or exit points have already been setup, your salvation has already been guaranteed then there is nothing left for you to do than let go, and go with the flow. Just enjoy the ride. Even your negative beliefs will be shown to you to help you out. Remove as much negative or untrue beliefs so you have a better experience of this school, or game called Earth. If you do not learn your lessons on this lifetime, you will repeat the same lessons again in another lifetime because you chose this school. We are some of the bravest souls in this multi-verse or quantum universe or whatever people call it.

The most appropriate way to enjoy this planet is to go with the flow, enjoy the ride, relax, Hakuna Matata and so on. Everything is good, everything is well, you are exactly where you need to be so do not worry about it. Once you learn to let go of expectations, let go of shame and guilt, not care about judgments then life is actually pretty simple and very enjoyable. You do not need much to enjoy. At least for me, I do not. My heart flies when I write, I take pictures, I go hiking, and when I help people or become useful to society. All the things that make me happy are pretty cheap. All the things that the ego wants are very expensive and require validation from others, but all the things that the heart wants are very cheap, the fulfillment of such experiences are long lasting and need no validation from others.

Of course, I am not traveling yet, when I travel all around the world, things need to change but that is in the future. It is not something I need to worry about right now. I can just enjoy the present and go with the flow. Everything is provided and all is well in the present moment.


The Abyss Or Existential Crisis

There is a terrible pitfall or abyss as I call it on the path of enlightenment. As such, it is recommended that you get a guru so that this guru can take you out of the abyss. The abyss takes you in a spiral of depression as you will create beliefs that this world does not matter, this life does not matter, nothing matters, and so on. This looks like what Jim Carrey is saying. However, he says that he is very happy as such we have no way of knowing if he is in this abyss or not. If you find yourself in this type of abyss, remember that any beliefs that make you feel bad is not true. If you create a belief that is not true, remember that your emotional guiding system will activate to tell you that you are not on the right path or that you have created a false belief. As such, you should always listen to your heart or emotional guiding system to guide you back to whatever corners of darkness you find yourself in. The emotional guiding system is perfect, it is divinely inspired and will always show you the truth about your beliefs.

If you have an existential crisis, always remember that God did not create a meaningless world. If the world is meaningless then why did you come here? Why did you incarnate on Earth? The answer is that you have a purpose. There is meaning in everything. There is meaning to the grass that you walk on, the trees, the wind, the experience you have and so on. Everything has meaning. You have meaning.


The Courage Of Jim Carrey

The courage of Jim Carrey should be evident and obvious. Shame, judgment and guilt that our society tries to force on him has no effect on him. Although I do not know how he came up to the same conclusions, his views coincide with a lot of Eastern philosophies. Such views are not welcomed in the Western world. Our tv shows, entertainment and so on are mostly around Catholic based teachings. Eastern philosophies are not propagated and they are often ridiculed in our society. Concepts that Jim Carrey are talking about can be seen in Buddhism yet we do not know much about this religion if it is even a religion. Even though I study enlightenment, I know very little of the Eastern philosophies. As such I applaud Jim Carrey for his courage. Power has been taken away from us. We were taught that we were sinners that need to be forgiven. It is actually the opposite, we are the ones who need to forgive others. We were taught to fear God and not love him. We were taught to stay in a box and stay small. While we cannot dwell too deep into this and think of conspiracy theories, since such actions are not for us to know. We may never get the truth. Our only course of action is to align more with love. Such alignment does not need a person to change religions, nor change his ways of life, but just change the way he reacts to the world around him.


The Number 11:11 Or 1:11

If you see this number on the clock or anywhere very often like everyday then they say that this is a sign that you are waking up or having spiritual enlightenment. At least, this is what the theory states.

Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.