The Mirrored World

The Mirrored World


This is basically a continuation of the path of compassion article. My views coincide with the Dalai Lama and I felt writing more hahaha. I hope you understand the concepts of the path of compassion and path of forgiveness, beliefs and so on before reading this.


Outer World Is A Mirror Of Your Inner World

The beliefs that you hold are mirrored back to you. This will be mirrored into your perception, mirrored into your experiences, and mirrored in your feelings. If your beliefs are not true, it will feel bad. If you do not heal this belief then this belief will keep appearing in your life. If you believe that you are a victim, you will become a victim. You will be reminded by this world that you have this untrue belief. If you believe that you are worthless or not good enough, you will meet people that will trigger this belief.

If you have positive beliefs then these beliefs will appear in your life as well. If you have beliefs that you are rich in money then you will be rich in money. If you have beliefs that you are good looking then you will be good looking. You will meet people and have experiences that will affirm this belief. If you believe that you are happy then you will be happy. Whatever you believe, you will become. The outer world is nothing more than a mirror of your inner world.

You will always hear this statement “This world happens for you and not to you”. You are the creator of your world. Whatever you experience, whatever life you have, and so on, you created it. You are 100% responsible for your life. Your negative beliefs bring forth negative experiences which allow you to heal these negative beliefs or else the same pattern will keep appearing on your life.

This is the reason why you need to forgive people. Forgiveness allows you to shift your negative or untrue beliefs. When you forgive someone, it allows you to forgive that person, forgive yourself and change the inner world. When the inner world changes for the better, the outer world follows thus creating a better experience for yourself.


Righteous Anger

The concept of righteous anger comes from the ego. You are the hero, and the other person is the villain. You are allowed to do anything you want to the other person because you are good while the other person is evil. Like my example of where the maid stole $5, the guy felt like he is a victim and such this allowed him to demean, verbally assault and make the other person feel worthless for $5.

The United States justice department does see this happening a lot so they implemented laws to protect the criminals. You may not be able to kill criminals who stole money from you. You may only be able to kill people in self-defense. This is to protect criminals from getting killed due to righteous anger. This is because you will act out your aggression and feelings of victimization to the criminal. The state wants you to entrust them that justice will be served and that you are not allowed to be judge, jury and executioner.

The Catholic church, the USA, every country has created war, suffering, and destruction out of this sense of righteousness. It is a ticking time bomb created by the ego that can hurt you, hurt people around you and even hurt people that love you.


What You Wish To Another Is Reflected Back At You

When you wish someone harm or damage, you reflect this wish back at yourself also. It is because this is a mirrored world. The more you hate another, the more hate you give to yourself. The more you wish a person harm, the more you wish yourself harm. The more you wish others suffering, the more you wish yourself suffering. This world will always reflect what you are inside. If you wish another harm, suffering, chaos, and so on then these wishes and beliefs are reflected back at you.

This is the ego, the ego only knows how to attack. It will attack anything and anyone. The more your belief is untrue, the more you will feel bad. This is also the reason why forgiveness is the more appropriate path towards giving yourself a better experience in this world. When you forgive someone, you are basically making a stand that you are choosing love over hate. You are choosing unity over separation. You are choosing peace over conflict.


The Wall Of Love – Impenetrable Defense

The path of the ego is to attack. When the ego attacks, it also attacks you. The more the ego attacks, the less peace you will have. The ego only knows how to conquer. When fear enters your life, its solution is to be superior. To conquer or to be superior is to have peace according to the ego. When you conquer another, you will find reprieve that this person will no longer cause you harm but another one will show up. It is because you have this belief inside of you, this belief will always resurface. You will see patterns of hatred appearing in your life.

The concepts of our world or the world we see now are a collection of concepts created from egocentric minds. I can prove the concepts of the ego to be false. The ego’s concept is to be superior to have peace, the victor of the war gets to have riches and peace. The more weapons, the safer the place will be, and so on. If you attack, we will destroy you, fear us because we are powerful. The superior country gets to live in peace, abundance, and happiness. This is further from the truth. Do we have peace now? Do you feel safe or do you feel that you can get bombed while going to work, at home or on a vacation? Does the world look peaceful? The answer is ‘no’. We are still in a state of emergency, always vigilante that another country will attack, there is no unity, only separation, even in USA, lots of people are not happy with their lives. The other countries fear us, and they do not love us which is why we are always in a state of panic that war may break out.

The path towards peace is to listen to your emotional guiding system. It will always point to love. The path of peace is to love, to have unity, and to have understanding. Love does not attack, it only defends. It is an impenetrable shield. The ego is a double edged sword, it attacks but it also causes harm to the person wielding it. The heart does not need to attack. It only defends. Through forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and so on, you are making a stand that you are aligning yourself with love, and peace. You are throwing away superiority, conflict and hate.


The Death Worshiping Society

These concepts are not hateful against creativity nor hateful against self-expression. But I find these concepts to be true for myself and others find them to be true as well. The death worshiping society is the western world. We are addicted to violence, superiority, death and entertainment based on these principles. However, these forms of entertainment have an effect on the mind. While I do believe everyone should express themselves to their hearts content, I do warn that if you are having problems, your mind is agitated, you are very fearful then I recommend to stop watching television for two weeks.


Effect Of Violence

The effect of violence on the mind is rather simple. This creates visions and thoughts of violence in the mind where you are the hero, and you are vanquishing villains. This is easy for men to see. We have thoughts of wielding swords, punching people, sniping people and so on. This can be seen with kids too reenacting violence in power rangers, pokemon, anime, cartoons and so on. This teaches the mind to attack anything that threatens you. This is the mind of the Western world which is an egocentric mind. This causes pain, suffering, and gives rise to righteous anger which I talked about. You are the hero, the other person is the villain, you should attack to achieve peace. To be superior is to be at peace.

If you are prone to lashing out, you are easily angered, easily depressed, easily frustrated, and so on, then you may have been watching too much shows about violence or playing too much video games. I cannot say that these shows have the same effects on your mind but they have on mine and a lot of other people as well. The other side of this is that if you encounter a problem in your life and you are not superior then you are inferior. This will cause your mind to have thoughts unworthiness, unlovable, victim and so on.

Again, not saying that this has the same effects on your mind but if you are having problems with anger, lashing out, unlovable, self-esteem issues, reacting too much then consider not watching tv shows for a week or two to clear your mind. This way, you can see your thoughts clearly.


Effect Of Death

The effect of death on the mind is very simple also. This keeps you small by reminding you that your body can be destroyed easily. This puts your mind in a box that it cannot get out of. This limits your imagination. This traps you and keeps you from seeing solutions to your problems. The effect of death on the mind prevents your mind from expanding. This limits your creativity by a lot. This will make you feel small and powerless to change your life, your circumstance and so on. Deathly images put a lot of fear inside your mind. Your thoughts become very fearful because deathly images reminds you that your body can be destroyed easily.

If you have problems in relationships, problems with work, problems with money, and so on, consider stop watching television for two weeks. This will free up your mind a lot and allow the imagination to work. There is this guy that makes 6 figures a year. He was talking about his problems, afraid of losing his job, afraid for his house, afraid for his car and mostly afraid that he will not get the girl he likes because he will not have a job anymore. He goes to a job he hates over and over. His solution happened when he went on a vacation and stopped watching television for two weeks. He came back, quit his job, never watch another show ever again. He realized that he is making a judgment that his job is connected to his happiness and getting the girl that he likes. He realized they are not connected at all. When he let go of the job, he gained time to do whatever he wants, time to learn, time to figure things out, time to find what he can do with his mind and his talents. He stopped living in the future.


The Agitated Mind Is A Chaotic Mind

If you are happy, doing well with your life, and you have no problems then you do not need to quit watching tv shows. But if your mind is very fearful, your mind is very agitated, and stressful then consider not watching television for two weeks. You can always marathon the tv shows again. Not watching tv shows will allow your mind to live in the present moment because in the present moment you have power to create. The death images will put your mind in the future, and the future does not exist. You do not have power in the future. The present moment is the only place in time where you can create, where your imagination flows to solve your problems, and where your mind becomes free, thus giving you power. For me, I found lots of peace not watching tv shows anymore, I found lots of creativity as well because my mind is not clouded. My mind is very peaceful, barely any thoughts about superiority, fear, violence, conflicts and so on.

I probably will watch tv shows again in the future but not right now. I have goals and I have lots of things I am trying to learn too.



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