The night creeps in

The night creeps in

The night creeps in,
the sun fades out, the lanterns flash their bright lights
The stars and moon’s jealousy grew
As your eyes sparkle, the jewels of the night

The drums echoed, the piano sings
As my heart beats the rhythmic dance of love
In your eyes, there was beauty, beauty way ahead of this reality,
indescribable, untamed, beyond my words capability

The scent of lust fills the air
its fire burns of pure red
passion without boundary, without mercy
like a hungry beast, with no reason, nor logic,
there’s only the hunt, there’s only the prey

With you I found love,
love only heard of from books and fairy tales,
never ending, never dying
living for one’s self, thriving for others

Thus my fate has been decided
to be the keeper of your heart, bearer of your woes
the kindred companion of your hand
the watcher of your smiles

The songs will tell my love for you,
forever, always, even after the end of time.


I posted a poem before, I thought I would try again. I need practice though.

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