The number 1 rule

The number 1 rule

The number 1 rule that all theory, concepts and ideas that I am going to talk about revolves around this rule. The number 1 rule is, “The guy who will love her the most will get her.” It does not matter if she is single, or if she is dating someone, or in a relationship or even married. “The guy who will love her the most will get her.” This rule is very generalized. You can even put little things like “The guy who loves her the most, conquers all her fears and have the same path as her will get her.” You can put those little things but ultimately you will see that the rule, “The guy who will love her the most will get her”, is complete already. This can apply to women also but I am not sure. Maybe you can say “The girl that will love the guy the most will get him.” I do not know what women do to attract the men that they want, I can only talk about this in a guy’s perspective. It does not matter if she is married or in a relationship, she will know INSTINCTIVELY or without you telling her that you will love her the most and she will be a lot happier with you.

This is the hardest concept or idea to get. I was debating whether to talk about this at the end rather than at the beginning. The other concepts and ideas are a lot easier to see and understand. The other ideas are a lot easier to talk about as well because there are so many examples in our world that points to it. But for this, nothing. We always have to come back to this idea because it is the most important one. If you do not agree, it does not matter because you will see this is correct and true in time.

The Three Phases

Phase 1 is the vision, phase 2 is the work or effort and phase 3 is the reality. This applies to work, business and goals as well. Examples: Phase 1 is the vision where you see yourself making lots of money. You have an idea what your business is going to be about and you want to make lots of money with this business. Phase 2 is the work which is implementing that idea. The better, smarter, more research and more productivity that your effort and work becomes then the better it is. So phase 2 is the action where you take your idea into the real world and try to make it a reality. Phase 3 is where your idea or thought becomes reality. After lots of work, research, failures and successes, and etc. your business becomes a reality and you have lots of money. In order to get to phase 3, phase 2 is very important. If you fail at phase 2, then phase 3 will never happen.

I hope everyone gets that. The 3 phases. It is used a lot in business but there will be more steps, ideas and concepts with each phase. If you do not understand it, then just read it over again.

When it comes to LOVE, it has the same 3 phases also. The first phase is your idea of love. You and the girl are in a relationship, you two are in love, you two are happy together. You have this idea that you two are going to be great together. You will have this amazing life with her and etc. If you want a relationship with a girl, even if you try to not have any concepts of this, it will not be possible. You will always have some sort of idea that you two will be great together if you are attracted to her.

Phase 2 is the action and the way you communicate this idea of yours to her. This is where a lot of the guys mess up. So if you want a relationship but you are stuck in the friend zone, or friends with benefits, or Mr. Right Now rather Mr. Right, or the girl you want would rather be with another guy then you are messing up in this phase. But once you know the rules on this phase, it gets easier. Once you know the rules or how to play in this phase, things are not that difficult. You still need to improve and be stronger to make the right decisions but the good news is that when you fail or make the wrong decision, then you will realize where you went wrong and how to make the right decision next time.

The rules in this phase are very simple, every time you make a decision to love yourself, she will be more in love with you. Every time you make a decision that shows you do not love yourself, she will think less of you. So to break this down even more, every time you make a decision to respect yourself, to love yourself, to stand up for yourself, to treat yourself, to give yourself something good, to reward yourself for being awesome, then she will be more in love with you. This is where the concept of delayed gratification comes in also because when you make these decisions, she will not be happy all the time. Sometimes you will have to stand up for yourself because she is the one that is treating you bad. She is not going to like that, you two are going to fight. It is important to keep calm and not be emotional which is really hard. You need a lot of mental and emotional strength to stand up for yourself when the girl you like is treating you bad. A lot of guys mess up in here and they turn into jello or squishie things that women step on hahahaha. I see it all the time. I always smile when I see it. But in the end if you stand up for yourself, she will have more respect for you, she will feel safer with you, and she will treat you better because in the end she knows she is the one who messed up. Like I said, this is for guys only. This is how you communicate phase 1. Loving yourself and making decisions to love yourself is the best way to communicate that you will love her as well. This will be more clear and makes more sense by the final or last article. I am just giving an introduction. Women will most likely have something different as well as a form of communication.

Phase 3 is where you succeed. In phase 3, hardly anyone gets here HAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m just kidding, a lot of people get here. This is where your vision of phase 1 comes true. Even if you get the girl, it does not mean your idea of a relationship with her came true. It does not mean she loves you a lot or would pick you over all other guys. I attract a lot of married women lately because they know I will love them more than their current lover. So two lovers had this vision of love in Phase 1 in the beginning but it is not what happened in reality. So somewhere along the lines, the guy messed up. She thought of a great and loving future with her husband but that is not what happened. So when she saw another guy that will give her love and happiness, she cannot help but be attracted to him. It is not her fault. Like I said in the beginning of this article “women will always go with the guy that will love them the most”. So if you are not going to give her the love that she wants, then sit down so she can have a better look at the guy behind you that will give her the love that she wants. Somewhere along the lines, two married couple stopped treating each other, stopped showing loved and stopped making love. Some couples have not done it in years. I always blame the guy because guys have a lot of power. Somewhere along the lines, the guy chose to be a pleaser or butler or whatever you call it rather than being a man and loving himself.


Let’s Talk About How You Communicate Phase 1 Passively And Actively

The Pick Up Artist Technique.

Let us go back to phase 2. A lot of people use the mystery technique and pick up artists use this a lot because it works very well. The mystery technique is not to show or barely tell anything about yourself to the girl. The girl will have her own idea of love as well. She will have her own phase 1. As long as you stay mysterious, you will not mess up. You will not mess up anything. She will not be able to disprove nor prove that her phase 1 idea is wrong. You will stay in her good side. She will have a relationship with you. This is where everything falls down or collapses with this technique. Once she is in a relationship with you, she will be able to tell whether her phase 1 idea is happening or not. If she is hot, beautiful, and attractive, she will still have plenty of guys who wants her even though she is in a relationship with you. So in the end, she is going to break up with you because you failed to deliver. You are just smoke and mirrors. There will be a guy who will be able to give her the love and romance that she wants. When that happens, you are gone.

Who You Are Says A Lot About You

Who you are right now is nothing more than your past decisions. Whatever you decided in the past is ultimately what got you in the present. This life that you have right now is an accumulation of your past decisions. Even if you say that you failed due to circumstances out of your control or you have been bullied or whatever, it is still your decision to give up, to get discouraged, not stand up for yourself and it still your decision to carry all that hatred and fear instead of your experiences empowering you. Instead of choosing to let these negative experiences empower you, somewhere along the lines you chose to play the victim over and over. Anyway, who you are right now is nothing more than an accumulation of your past decisions. Whether you did something, you did not do anything, or you stood still. The way you talk, walk, your aura, your beliefs and views about your OWN life says a lot about you. The way you treat yourself and others says a lot about you.

This is one of the reasons why successful men and women are attractive. They love themselves enough that they are willing to study hard, work hard, try a lot of things, make risks, make decisions, make things happen, and have willingness to fail just to succeed or get the life that they have right now. They have a high standard of themselves when it comes to the life that they want. They love themselves enough that they are willing to work hard to be successful. One thing to keep in mind with this is that even though successful women and men are attractive, it is not the most important or most attractive quality. I’ve seen a lot of guys that are millionaires and I am taking advice from them to become one. But they are having problems getting the girl that they want. If I have a girl that is a good friend of mine, I will not encourage her to go out with these millionaires because I know she will not be happy with these guys. If a girl is having problems financially, and she is really having a tough life because of it then I will recommend these guys. Other than that, I will not because she will not fall in love with any of these guys. She will not be happy with her life.

Cars, houses, clothes and any material thing, they are attractive but they are also fleeting and temporary. You need to have the right attitude to back them up or else they have no value.

Your Actions Define Who You Are And What Kind Of Relationship You Will Have With Her

Let’s look at Batman. They have a good quote. It is not who you are underneath but what you do that defines you. Or something like that. Here is a clip. So even if you say that you love her or you feel so much emotion that you think you love her, it does not matter compared to the actions that you make. Your actions define who you are. Your emotions, your idea of love, and etc. are just in phase 1. Even your words that you tell to her and to YOURSELF are just in phase 1. They are just ideas and thoughts. Phase 2 is where the action and action speaks louder than words. Action defines who you are. Your decisions define a lot about you. She will know this instinctively whether you will be a good match for her or not based on your decisions. You two cannot go to phase 3 or her idea of a comfortable loving life without phase 2. So every time you make a decision to love yourself, she will love you more. Every time you make a decision that shows you do not love yourself, she will be less attracted to you. If you keep messing up, even if you two are in a relationship or married, she will not make love with you. I am writing these articles so that men will be able to recognize these decisions so you can correct your own mistakes. These decisions will become more clear in the next upcoming articles.

Physical Beauty

I did not talk about this but I’ll just mention it. Physical beauty says a lot about your standard of health. As men, you do not need to be very very attractive. You just need to be 51%, what this means is that you just need to pass and she does not think you are ugly in order for you to have a chance with her. Physical beauty will get your foot in the door. Physical beauty will get you opportunities. Things are easier since you get dates. You get a lot of opportunities with different women. HOWEVER, when you want a relationship with a girl, if you fail mentally and emotionally but pass physically, she will still lose a lot of attraction. Your foot may get you into the door but your foot is most likely going to get chopped off when that door closes on you if you do not have the mental and emotional strength to make the right decisions.

How I Communicate Phase 1

I am most likely doing this correct. Like I said, I’ve been learning this for only the past year or two. So I do not have every answer yet but I just have enough to make sense of a lot of things.

My vision is simple. I want a romantic relationship with a girl, full of love, acceptance, security and romance. I want to focus more on making money so that it will be easier for us to create this kind of relationship. When our survival, needs, housing, food, clothes, and etc. are met then we can focus more on loving each other or I can focus more on giving her love. This is Maslow. I talked about that guy before.

It is a simple vision, but my actions make it true that I am serious about it. For example, I do not go on dates or have a relationship until I am ready. I work hard to love my life, love my days, and work hard for a better future. I do a lot more actions but they will not make sense until the next couple of articles. These are all decisions that prove that I love myself and I want the best for myself. When you can love yourself, you can show that love to someone else. If I am capable of loving myself and giving myself a great life, then it shows that I am capable of giving the same love to a girl. Actions speak for itself. It shows or communicates to her that you are capable of loving her with the loving actions that you give to yourself.


This article is very hard. It is mostly ideas and I cannot give a lot of examples. If you disagree, it does not matter. At the end, you are reading this because you are searching for knowledge most likely because your beliefs are not working out well for you. Mine is working rather well 🙂 The next articles should be easier and they are not new ideas as well. Everyone knows about them but most people just do not see how important they are. The best way to see right now whether these concepts are true is to look at the girls you like, and the girls that you do not like. You will see that you are more attracted to women that love themselves a lot also.


Let’s Recap

  1. This article is for guys only which is why it is tagged “Being A Man”. Women will most likely have a different way and this will be more apparent in the next articles.
  2. The guy who will love her the most will get her.
  3. The decisions that you make says a lot about what kind of relationship you will have with her.
  4. Who you are says a lot about the relationship you will have with her because who you are is just an accumulation of the decisions you made in the past.
  5. If you make the wrong decision, she loses attraction but she will forget about it in time. She can forget about it also if you make the right decisions. So making the wrong decision will put you in a penalty box and only time will get you out or making the right decision will get you out also.
  6. In a world of instant gratification, you have to practice delayed gratification. Some of the right decisions will not give instant results and some will give negative results but you need to have trust that it will be positive in the end.
  7. Read this article 20 times so it will be imprinted in your head.
  8. Lastly, love as many people as you can and forgive as many people as you can. When you do this, it shows that you are capable of so much love.



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