The Search For Immortality

The Search For Immortality


When I was in Lake George, a lot of people are concerned with their health so they eat healthy foods. They do not want to eat unhealthy foods. I have been meeting a lot of people like that. Even me, I pick my foods for muscle strength or strength training. Eating healthy, being healthy, extending your life, and search for immortality is a fast paced growing business. Humanity is becoming more health conscious. I am searching for ways to live 1000 years and I did post this in my “path of enlightenment” page. Here are some things I found out for people to extend their life. Before I talk about the foods, I will talk about spirituality first. This is half spirituality and half nutrition.

BTW I am one of the best people to talk about this because I am searching for ways for ways to be healthy, stay fit and young, I experienced a lot of things that works, I studied a lot of people and how they approach this situation as well. Plus, it seems I am getting younger and healthier every year. Someone said I look 28 last week. I was actually disappointed because people say I look 24 hahahaha. However, I did not shave, and I had caveman beard so it is all good hahaha.


Finding Your Purpose

The theory is that you are here on Earth for expansion. You came here with a purpose in mind. You came here to experience something. It can be anything. It can be to experience your 51st birthday, it can be to be with someone, it can be to know what courage is, validation for your creation, feeling of enthusiasm, caring for animals, it can be something unpleasant as well and so on. It can be a feeling, it can be a destiny, it can be an action, and so on. It is usually your feelings rather than something you need to do. You get special training for your purpose. You have talents that other people do not have. Everyone and everything on Earth and afterlife is helping you get to your purpose. It is because everyone loves you.


Your Purpose Makes You Happy

Doing what you came here to do will always make you happy. It is the reason why you are here. My purpose must have something to do with photography. If you look at my pictures, I always look solemn or serious when I look at the landscape. When other people take a picture of me, I am always smiling. There is a big smile whenever I am hiking or taking pictures. Happiness will make you live longer. This has been proven already. Happiness is one of the keys to longevity.


The Theory Of The Heart Space

Your heart guides you towards your purpose. This is called the emotional guiding system. It guides you towards fulfilling your dreams, desires, and the reason you are here on Earth. The theory of the heart space is that if you always follow your heart then you will always will be where you are expected to be. You are always where you are meant to be. You have nothing to fear from war, famine, diseases, or any external forces that can injure your body. Listening to your heart is often difficult because there are so many noises. One of the ways to know that you are in your heart space is if you are happy. You are playful and you are enjoying your time.


Sickness and Cancer

Sickness and terminal diseases are often associated with your purpose in terms of Spirituality. You came here with a purpose but you also have free will. You can do whatever you want. If your purpose is to be a great father but you are putting all of your effort into your work or into some other things then your soul will kill your body. Your soul will give your body a lot of health problems, a lot of sicknesses, and diseases. When you get a terminal disease like cancer, your soul has had enough. Your soul wants to experience something but you refuse to do it. When you get a terminal disease, you are at a crossroad. Your soul is telling you that you either do your purpose or I will kill your body and start over. If you survive, more often your life changes. You make different choices. You have less fear. You are going to end up doing what you always wanted to do like a bucket list.

One great sign that you are doing your purpose is if you are never getting sick. If you are not getting allergies or any type of sickness. 4 years ago, I get a lot of allergies. I cannot even get out of bed sometimes. It happens like 6 times a year. Now, I am healthy like very very healthy. I do not get sick. I am most likely doing my purpose. It may sound cliche but I am so happy with my time lol. The only sickness or the common one that you will get is cold. It is how your soul or angels or God is telling you to rest because you have been working so hard doing what you came here to do.


Exercises, Being Fit, Diet and Your Purpose

Your purpose will dictate how you will live your life. If you are doing your purpose, you will eat foods that will help you do your purpose more. Your activities, exercises and etc will all revolve around your purpose. It is because your purpose makes you happy. It makes you feel content and satisfied. It is the reason you are here. If you are not doing your purpose, this will lead to weight issues, self loathing, self pity and so on.


Weight Issues

Weight issues in spirituality come from your Chakra system. Your heart is guiding you to your purpose however due to fear, you made a conscious decision to not go there. Maybe you are more concerned about money, or more concerned about work, or more concerned about your love life that you chose one of those paths instead of following your heart. Whenever you do not follow your heart, this causes emotional pain. Since you made a conscious decision not to follow your heart, you will teach yourself how to live with this pain since you know this pain will keep occurring. The best way is to close off some parts of your chakra system to not feel pain. It can be your root chakra, sacral chakra, heart chakra and so on. When you block one of your chakras, it leads to aging, weight issues, unhealthiness and so on. The flow of energy is not normal anymore because you purposely blocked it to prevent emotional pain because you think that your purpose is not logical enough or you are not worthy to have your purpose.

You have a purpose but because of your limiting beliefs or fear like you I cannot do this, I cannot do that, or whatever BS story you rationalize to yourself, you closed off your chakra centers. This will lead to a lot of health problems.


The Path Of Fear And Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are meant to destroy. Hate, anger, fear and etc. are all meant to destroy. They are not meant to build. Being in the negative will kill your body. It destroys your body. It cannot build. If you hate your ex, hate someone, insecure of someone and etc. then you are slowly dying. This can lead to a lot of health problems as well. Just like happiness can extend your life which is a positive emotion, negative emotions can destroy your life. If you are experiencing negativity in your life, you can let it pass. You do not need to resist it. You just need to be mindful of it. Choose the path of love which means that you are always loved. Also fearing death will actually cause you to die faster. You are going to attract it. Be mindful of your thoughts.


Eating Meat VS Eating Greens

A lot of people that believe in Chakras, spirituality, meditation, and etc. are vegans. This question always comes up. Should humanity eat meat or should we only eat greens. The answer is that it is up to individual. If a person wants to eat meat then that person can eat meat. If a person wants to be vegan, then that person should be vegan. Judgment is the path of fear. Judgment is just a reflection or a mirror of things you hate about yourself. I talked about this. So judging people because they eat meat does not make sense at least in spirituality.



A lot of people that believe in Chakras, spirituality, meditation, and etc. do not believe in Time. To be more precise, they do not believe in linear time. The theory is that everything is happening all at once. The past, present and future are happening all at once. This means that past, present and future are all illusions and the only thing that is real is the present moment or what is referred to as the “NOW”. Science is actually starting to move into this direction. Here is one short documentary. The idea is that time does not exists. Time is only an illusion and that the past, present and future are happening at the same time.

What does this mean for us in terms of extending our life. The theory is that time happens differently for everyone. One minute of my time, can be an hour of yours. Some will age faster than others. The only way to age a lot less is to do your purpose. Time barely has an effect on you when you are doing your purpose.


Why You Need To Die

Your body is here because your soul wants to experience something. Once you are bored with that purpose, your soul wants to experience other purposes. Unfortunately, it cannot experience another purpose because you have accumulated a lot of fear based beliefs in your time on Earth. Let’s say your purpose is to become a great father to your son. You fulfilled that purpose amazingly well. Now your soul wants to experience a new purpose which is validation for creation like art or music or photography and etc. However, you have accumulated all of these fear based beliefs for example “you cannot create this”, or “you cannot become this person”, “you do not have talent”, and etc. You created all of these limiting beliefs that are based on fear. It is because of these beliefs that you need to die. It is better to start over from nothing than to continue with a big handicap. You have all these baggage and they need to be washed away. One of the best ways to do that is for your body to die.

These beliefs are all illusions. When I was young, I could not write at all. My sister laughed at me because I could not understand Pride and Prejudice because the language back in those times are a little different. Now I can write easily. This is proof that you can have any talent you want when it is time for you to have them. If you do not have it now, it is because you do not need it for your purpose and it will not serve you at all. There will be a time for you to have it if it is meant to be. So you do not need to have limiting beliefs.



Thoughts Create Reality

So lets start to actually talk about things we can do everyday to be younger, be healthier and to actually help our bodies. The theory is that our thoughts create reality. I am sure that you have all heard of the Crystallized Water Experiment by Dr. Emoto. Here is a summary in youtube. Our thoughts, emotions and intent can change reality. This is even more true for Quantum Physics. In Quantum Physics, it is believed that you are the observer. Nothing happens without the observer. When a tree falls down the forest, does it make a sound when no one is there? In quantum physics, there will be no tree because there will is no one there to observe. Here is a brief youtube explanation.

So what does this have to do with our health? Every time we eat, we have food that we put into our bodies. The theory is that we can change the vibration of how the food affects our bodies. We can make this food into something far far more beneficial than it actually is. The theory even states that if you swallow poison, it can even make you healthier if you truly believe that it will do so. It will change into something that you want based on your beliefs.

Whenever I eat, I express gratitude for my food. You can do this with a prayer, a simple thank you, or even doing it in your mind. Your thoughts create reality. Being grateful will change the vibration and structure of the food just like the water in the experiment. Once you are grateful, you give the intent of what the food will do. I often imagine that my foods will make me younger, make me stronger, help give me more muscles and so on. So every time you eat, be grateful. Say thanks and then imagine your intent or what the food will do to your body.


Foods That Will Let You Become Healthier

I am like this guy when I am hiking or doing photography. I am in that high vibration because I am doing my purpose. Anyway, so what foods should we eat? The main ones that people in this community consume to become very healthy are kale, watercress, spirulina and spinach. These are the main foods pack with nutritious stuff. Your body is the temple of your soul. It is like a temple lol or church. Your church of your soul is your body. The healthier and cleaner your body becomes, the happier your soul becomes. When your soul is happy, your body shines. You become a beacon of light. I am Filipino so we eat spinach all the time which is one of the main foods that keeps me healthy. I agree with this person a lot. You should eat a lot of kale and green foods.


Supplements – Shortcuts To Becoming Healthy

I should not call it shortcuts but supplements work well for me. I do not have time to buy Kale all the time. I just cannot eat the same thing over and over. I take a couple of supplements everyday. Some are not supplements but they feel like it or the way I use them. My routine is working well for me and I seem to be getting younger according to other people. Consult your doctor first before trying these supplements. You will not hold me accountable if you get severe reactions to these supplements. You are accountable for your body and talk to your Doctor first. I can only speak for my body and my experiences. These links are affiliate links by the way.


Lemon Juice – Where I live is near this market with very cheap lemons. I just buy some. I drink them with my supplements rather than just water. Lemon is really good for your body. I need vitamin C and this works well for me.

Cacao Powder – I take one overflowing tablespoon of this every morning. This one is full of antioxidants. 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries. Who needs an excuse to eat chocolate, right? I actually do not like chocolate lol. I just put some milk and eat this stuff.

Spirulina Tablets – I do not know where to buy spirulina so I just got these tablets. I take around 2-3 tablets everyday. The recommended dose is 6, I am not sure though. Once this bottle is gone, I think I will just get the powder. So these supplements are never as good as the original form. However, they still give lots of benefits so I still take them.

Multi-Vitamin For Men – I think they change the formula of this. A lot of people reported that the formula a few years ago was a lot better. I do feel that this is not the same multi-vitamin that I take before but it is still good. I take one of these everyday. I think the recommended dose is 3 tablets per day but I only take 1.

Vitamin K2 – I take one tablet everyday of this. I was actually just going to test this. It is actually good. I like it. It is good for your arteries. I eat a lot of meat and fried foods. I am pretty sure that this one helps a lot for my body.

NAC 600 MG – I wanted to take glutathione because I saw Dr. Oz talk about it. Glutathione is also huge in the Philippines. Glutathione is a great supplement to combat cancer. Instead of glutathione, I bought this one. A lot of reviewers say that this is better. I take one table once in a while. This one keeps the liver healthy. This has a lot of benefits. A couple of website says that hospitals always have this for acetaminophen poisoning. This is a precursor for glutathione. Lots of websites give this a good review so I decided to try it. Anti- cancer, used in hospitals and alternative medicine. It is hard to go wrong.


Supplements that other people are taking

There are other supplements that people take the I am interested in.

Super Greens – I think if I ran out of spirulina, I will just buy this one instead. A lot of people recommend it.

Wheat Grass – I can only get this in NYC. They sell this as a shot. This is my new vodka shot hahaha. Instead of alcohol, I get wheat grass shots lol. This is good stuff. This is very expensive in powder form and it is not as good or as beneficial when compared to its original form. If I am near a juice bar, I take a shot of this. Healthy stuff.



Ok, I think that is enough for immortality or being healthy. If I find more information regarding this subject then I will share it. This is really just an overview on what is out there. If I find the fountain of youth then I will share the information of course. I think, although I am not sure lol.


Share your thoughts. It helps me and other people a lot.